Birthday Planning

This is the 2nd time I am planning for an actual birthday party. I am very excited and kuncheong too. I worried that there would not be enough food like the 1st birthday party (malu, malu). So, to be on the safe side, I will be serving Satay Celup and Steamboat (if not enough, drive to the nearest supermarket and buy some more frozen seafood. hehe) and some side dishes for the children. ;)

Who’s birthday will this be? It will be my eldest girl’s 7th birthday. I promised her 2 years ago when we had birthday party for Clarissa that I will have a birthday party for her when she is 7yo. Psst…I did promised her that she can have pet hamsters when she is 7yo. She forgotten about it! Don’t tell arh. Hamsters are expensive and smelly too. :P

I guess, all my children will have one birthday party when they are 7yo, to be fair. ;) Subsequent birthdays will be just us and a birthday cake until they turn Sweet 16. :P

If there is no maid

I still remember 3 years ago when we have not employed any maids, hubby suggested to place security cameras around the house to monitor MIL when no one is at home. They are worried that MIL will fall when she does work around the house especially when she climbs the starfruit trees to wrap the fruits.

Eh! Dear, you not worried about your sexy wife being all alone at home with a baby and a Bangla worker working at the farm arh? :P

Squirrels Feasted on Our Durians

This year we are no so blessed with lots for durian. The only durian tree that has been faithfully giving us its fruit every year is producing only 4 durians. Surprisingly, there are new durian buds growing. I hope it will stay up there and grow big.

From the 4 durians, we are left with only 1. The other 3 have been eaten by the squirrels. :(


As I was typing this the 3rd ones has dropped to the grown too. Now we are left with only one.

wrapped durian

Asked the Bangla who works at the farm to wrap it so that we can at least have one durian to enjoy.

Loosing and Gaining Weight is So Easy

How you wish you could say the same right? ;)

Being blessed with a high metabolism rate and 4 children, I have no problem loosing weight. People that have not meet me for years asked whether I take any weight loss products. I showed them my 4 children, they smile. They are my weight loss product. :lol:

Gaining weight is also easy for me. Just eat a lot and do nothing. Sure gain weight again. Unfortunately I do not have the privilege to “do nothing”. Eat a lot no problem. Also do when I have the appetite. ;)

Growing Old Gracefully

I hope and pray I will grow old gracefully without any sickness. Not only that I who has to suffer the pain but being sick and bedridden will definitely trouble the people around us. My late grandmother suffered from stroke for 10 years before she passed away. She was bedridden for a few years. As she became more sick, she became heavier too to the extend that we have no choice but to wear her adult diapers which my aunt bought from the home medical supplies shop. She complained of the discomfort of wearing adult diapers. Sometimes, we help her by not wearing it for her. We would help her PU and PM in the flat urine container. She suffered a lot. :(

6 Buns

I like watching CSI; especially CSI Miami. Most of the girls the in series are very pretty and sexy. Most of all the men have nice abs and buns. When I watch CSI Miami with hubby, I will go, “Dear, dear, see, see (pointing to the 6 buns). When are you going to get back your 6 buns?” *giggles* You know, you can get help from but make sure you exercise too lar. That is a problem to hubby; exercising. Due to his work, he has no time to exercise. He always tell me “Wait till I get a full time staff.” Ok, I shall wait. Meantime, I have to make do with his beer belly and watch more CSI Miami to satisfy my craving for 6 buns. LOL.

Colon Cancer

One of my aunts died of colon cancer. She was the first among my dad’s siblings to return to her Creator. It is scary to know that maybe people died of cancer these days and to know one of them came from our family is scarier. That is the reason, I am watching the food that I take and the food my children take. Sometimes, we can’t help it but to eat “unclean” food. When my children are old enough, I want them to do some kind of colon cleansing like coffee enema which I did before. There are a lot of colon cleanser reviews on different kind of colon cleansing products. Which one to use is depending on your budget actually. I go for coffee enema because it is one of the cheapest. ;)

Rainy Season is Here

I love the rain because it keeps me awake and fresh. Most of you would love to snuggle with your pillows and bolster when it is raining but not me. I can’t sleep when it is cold; my mind is too awake to shut down. I wonder whether I can fall asleep in front of the electric fireplace when it rains. Anyway, as a mother, I do not like the rain when I have lots of dirty clothes to wash. Oh ya! I just remember that my sister have a dryer which she did not use. Time to make full use of it. ;)

Ligthning Strike Again!

This time, the lightning got our LCD Monitor! :(

The internet line is also down. :(

So, no update until the TMnet technician fix the port. Maybe Monday, maybe Tuesday. :(

Challenges in Breastfeeding – One Year!

I did it for the very first time. :D I fully breastfed my 4th baby for one whole year. I really can’t imagine that I can produce enough milk for him. *wipe tears*

I didn’t have much support from my own mom coz she is more concern of her own baby’s health (that’s me – ahem). I may be weaker and thinner but I have one healthy baby in my arms. That is more important. ;)

Thanks for all the support from all my mommy blogger friends who have encouraged me to run this race and I have not finished my breastfeeding race yet; still have one more year to go. Pray that my weight won’t drop to 40kg by then! :P

So far, so good, I am still producing enough milk for my baby. There were hiccups too when I fall sick and during menses time. My milk production reduced. Thank God my baby is on solid so I supplemented him with more solid and soymilk.

To those who are going to reach the one year mark, please don’t stop. Come join me to finish this race. ;)

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