What Stretch Marks

After being pregnant 4 times, I couldn’t be bothered looking at my fade stretch marks or even worrying about how to get rid of them. I have so many other things in life to worry about that those ugly white lines on my tummy. No one is looking at those ugly stretch marks except hubby, I and my children who does not even know what is a stretch mark. Furthermore, I have no time and will never wear a bikini that would show off my sexy, flabby and stretch marks filled body. :lol:

Helpful In-laws

Praised God that I have such helpful in laws. :D

One of my many in laws came back last weekend for Wesak Day. They stayed one night only but my children were blessed to have their cousin sister to play with. I was blessed too to have a helper around. My bro-in-law helped to rake the piling leaves behind the house and my sis-in-law helped me babysit my 13mo and she folded all my piling clothes too while I was out shopping for cake mix for the children to bake (play). She even helped to wash all my dirty dishes!

Thanks to them, I have extra time to write apidexin reviews and helped my eldest do her Maths revision.

Profit is High

If what we see is what we get, how easier life would be for us. I think I would be buying gold coins every month to increase my wealth. Unfortunately that is not the reality for us. On the worksheet, the profits do look high because they are gross profits. Hubby only put the basic expenses in his worksheet. We still have business loan to pay, maintenance cost etc. At the end of the day, we do not have extras for saving.


I just type a quite a lengthy post about my blogs being suspended again and when I click publish. It went missing and not published! Not saved either!

Aiyoh! Lagi make me frustrated.

I go make some unhealthy fat lar. I wanna cool myself down with tub of chocolate caramel ice-cream.

Putting On Weight The Healthy Way

It is a very rare occasion to hear us ladies whine about how to put on weight. Most of the time you will hear we whine and morn about being fat and how to shed of the excess baggage that comes after giving birth and whether alli diet pill works or not.

To me the best way to put on weight is by minimizing our daily stress first. How to? Get a maid! (got maid can be stressful too) hahahaha. Stay cool and close one eye if possible and don’t invite anyone to your house unless they wanna come to help you out. :P

Next, take good quality supplement religiously. I have been doing that for a few days and I am seeing some flesh emerging from my skin!

Next, you must make time to eat at a consistent time (telling this to myself coz i often skip meal when i am busy). Eat small, eat often like every 3-4 hours daily.

If you are breastfeeding, try to reduce it. My baby is already 13mo and he loves formula milk so I have an excuse to cut his Mommy’s milk intake to before sleeping time only. Just let him nurse for comfort. In this way, I’ll have more nutrition for myself. ;)

So far, these are the steps that I am taking to gain some healthy weight. What about you?

Safe Diet Pills for Breastfeeding Mom

I wonder whether there are safe diet pills for breastfeeding mom. I know a few of my friends who are fully breastfeeding their baby is still trying very hard to get their pre-pregnancy weight. Life must be easy for them. Got maid to help them cook and do housework. All they need to do is eat, rest and feed their own baby. I did jokingly tell them that they might wanna trade places with me. I can guarantee that they will loose their extra weight in no time!

Make Up on My Face

I like to apply make up on my face. I used to apply make up on my face. I long to be able to apply make up on my face. I apply make up on my face to cover up my acne scars. I guess that is the main reason I applied make up on my face; to patch the wholes on my face. :P

I may not graduate from Florida Cosmetology School but I can make up myself and others fairly well. *ahem* Didn’t I tell you that I have artistic hands? That is why my girls are very good at drawings and colouring. They got my genes too. :P

No lar, I guess, if you are willing to learn, you can learn anything and be good in anything.

Time Out – When The Magic Wand Does Not Work

I finally tried the time out when the magic wand and nagging does not work on my nieces. I was not feeling well, my throat went soar from scolding them and I am not in the mood to wave my “magic wand” so I tried the time out. It was sure a headache relief! The house was in peace for that half an hour.

time out

This is the 5yo. The 3yo is at another corner. :P

I am not sure whether they will repeat their nuisance again but you know, kids are very forgetful one. Does not matter, I will remind them again and send them to their time out corner. Hmmm…I wonder whether it will work with my children. Must try! Must try!

6 Milk Bottles

How can I proceed with starting a webstore selling clothing or sell textbooks online when every day I have 6 bottles of milk to prepare?

6 btls

Yup! I got a handful here. But at least I can imagine how my life would be if/when I have 6 children of my own. By then, I think it will be much easier than now coz my 2 girls will be older and can help me out.

I have started delegating my job (sometimes) to Belle and Clarissa like sweeping the floor, folding bajus, picking up toys from the floor and feeding the younger ones.

Do you think I am out of my mind to want to have 6 children? Must maximize the space in the MPV (if we ever buy one/can afford to buy one). :P

Oh ya! Now you know why my 13mo baby loves drinking from the bottle because every one else is doing the same, even my 7yo! :P So, must join in the fun mah. ;)

How To Afford Many Children

Many of us loves children but do not want to have many of them because of finance. Is it that expensive to raise many children? It all depends on what you want to provide for them. Some parents have started investing in gold even before their child is born. They buy gold coins every month from the day the child is conceived. We do invest in gold but as and when we have the extras. So far, many months no extras. :(

We must also trust God to provide for our children’s need. I know all of us wants to give the best to our children but the best does not come in a form of private colleges or university or overseas education. To us, the best that we can give to our children is the life of Christ and raising them up to fear God then comes the education. If they have good characters, whether they are local graduate or overseas graduate, they will be loved by many.

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