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MIL has left this house to stay with one of the BIL’s since June last year. Today, she is back here for good (i hope). She is almost done with all the follow-up check up after her eye surgery and many rounds of jab to fix her vision. She did come back from time to time but only for the weekend and a few times for 2-3 weeks.

Just now, my 4yo son asked her, “Mak, bila Mak tak mo pergi lagi?” (when are you not leaving anymore?) I guess my children missed their grandma’s presence a lot coz they can get their way with her. :P

It was a very challenging one year for me as they (MIL and her maid) left us when my 4th child is only 2 months old. I ran the household all by myself without any helper; not even from hubby coz he has his business commitment. From time to time I took refuge at my mom’s. Thank God that my mom stays nearby.

The peak of being a “single mother” of 4 came when my mom left us for 3 weeks when she has to attend to my sister who is going to give birth any time. I was not only a “single mother” of 4 but 6 children; had to babysit my brother’s daughters whom my mom babysits.

Thank God for giving me this opportunity. Today, I see all this as opportunities not just challenges. Throughout this one year, I know my ability. I know my strength and weaknesses. I was also given the opportunity to stay slim like never before without any need to watch my diet. ;)

Above all, I thank God for blessing me with the strength; physical and emotional. Hubby commented that through hardship God builds our character. That is so true. I am who I am now because of the hardships and challenges that I have to face in life. :D

I foresee many more challenges to come as God is not done with me yet! I shall welcome them with positive attitude. Well, I will whine but I know that they are for my own good. ;)

Most Profitable Home Based Business

Since I have a helper now, I should use this opportunity to earn some pocket money. What is the most profitable home based business? What am I good at? I like sewing and I can sew pretty well too but living in Melaka, I do not have the resources to make good and quality merchandize. All the good materials can only be obtained in KL or JB. So, I can forget about sewing.

I can blog but I am not a good writer; I can’t crap like the SEO queen. :P

Become a re-seller of clothing, shoes and what not? Too many SAHMs are doing it now. Most of their circle of influence is mine too. Takan mo potong tripkan? Not good. If I sell cloth diapers like Coolababy, you will buy from me or not? Why Coolababy? My baby is using them and they are good. Don’t want to sell something that I know none of it’s quality.

What else can I do? Make Nyonya Pineapple Tarts again? Very fast perishable and very fragile. Can’t survive postage handling.

I’m out of idea. Looks like I have to make do with whatever I can get through my online assignments and hubby’s income. Tak kaya, kaya lar gua. :P

Nurses Everywhere

Nowadays in most family there will be at least one member that is in the medical profession. On my side of the family – My aunt is a Dental Nurse. Her husband is a Dental Lab Technician; he makes denture. My SIL is a Scrub Nurse. My cousin just graduated from a nursing school. On hubby’s side – Two of his sisters are nurses; one in Australia and another in UK. One of his nieces is a nurse in Saudi Arabia; making tonnes of $$$. hahaha. One of his cousins is a principal in a nursing school. We have yet to have a doctor in our family. ;) I am encouraging my own children to go into the medical line too.

So, if you are in the business of selling Nursing Scrubs or Lab Coats, I am sure your business will be doing well. It is because there are so many nurses around and there is still shortage of them. Just take a look at this website www.nursinguniforms.net. They have so many types of nursing uniform and from all kind of brands. I am sure there is a demand for it if not they won’t carry so many varieties of them. So, wanna jump into this business or not?

Holidaying Everyday

I was whining to the hubs about going for a family vacation. “Your brother’s family arh, so syiok lar. Every holiday go vacation. When will our turn come?”

This is his reply…

“We everyday holiday in a kampong in Melaka… big compound with an orchard surrounded by green trees with fish ponds and the breeze blowing at times, with swings to sit on if we want and fruit trees in abundance we can just pluck the rambutans for free and eat durians when it drops .. for free.”

This is my reply…

“I wanna cold weather with strawberries to pluck :P

This is his reply…

“Strawberries assam (sour) and the plant got thorns. Hahaha…we are holidaying everyday…hahaha.”

Looks like no sour strawberries and no cold weather holiday for me. :(

Challenges in Breastfeeding – No More Milk

Weaning is not easy whether you want to do it promptly like putting ACV, wasabe, or anything bitter on your nipple before letting your baby latch or take it slow and steady like what I am doing.

I succeeded in reducing my milk production to almost none by only allowing him to latch twice a day; before nap and before bedtime in which I make sure his tummy is full by giving him formula milk just before he latches onto me so that after a few suckles, he will doze off.

I was hoping that when there is no more milk for him to suckle he will give up my boobs or at least suckles them for comfort then back to sleep. But he is not letting me wean him off so easily. He still wakes up at 2.30am, 4.30am and 6.30am for his doze of mommy’s milk and when he gets none, he cries (very loud). :( You see, I normally give him his formula around 11.30pm before we head our pillows. I was hoping that will make him full till at least 5am but no, he still wakes up for mommy’s milk almost every 2 hours.

Last night, I gave in and woke up to prepare formula milk for him at 2.50am after 20 minutes attempt to put him back to sleep with empty boobs. I gave him 4oz only and a bottle of water which he drank and played with the water bottle before going back to sleep. Lo and behold, he woke up at 4.30am again but this time I gave him only water. Surprisingly, he did not refuse it like before; drank it and went back to sleep.

Tonight I wanna try giving him only water when he wakes up every 2 hourly. Must condition his body to sleep through the night. It is time already.

My laptop is acting up

I think my laptop does not like others to touch him except his owner, that’s me. Each time when there are other people using it, will start giving problem. Since then I have reformatted my laptop twice. I think I need to request hubby to reformat it for the third time. It kept showing dunno what error message and the Firefox will just crash out of the blue. If I have the cash, I would love to get another laptop for myself, a Sony VAIO would be nice and donate this laptop to my children to crash. :P

A Gold A Child

I was whining in FB on what to write about gold coins. A friend suggested that I write about if my husband where to give me a gold coin for each child I gave him, I would have lots of gold coin in my purse. :lol:

Hmmm…one gold coin for each child is not sufficient to make my purse full. :P I will only have 4 gold coins in my purse. Hubby need to buy gold coins (plural) like at least 10 gold coins for each child then only I will have a purse that is full of gold coins.

Music to my ears

They left me on Sunday morning and returned last night.

You want to know what is music to my ears today? It is the sounds of my children quarreling, arguing, complaining, screaming, crying and shouting for mommy. All of a sudden, I felt so alive, my home is alive again and I felt complete.

I am sure in a few days time, I can’t wait to get rid of them for a day or two again! :P

Just The 3 of Us

My older 3 went with their Punjabi cousins to Batu Pahat. My Sunday is super duper quiet for the very first time since a very very long time. I hate this empty nest feeling. But I am telling myself to enjoy this “quiet” time as much as possible coz it will only be a day and a half.

I am going to do something that I have not done for a very long time. To go for a stroll at the beach; just hubby and I. Baby? I am going to leave him with my mom. :P Then to an uninterrupted dinner at a food court in Malim Jaya. Felt like eating porridge with lots of chili padi. Yum!

Can I Afford Gold for My Son’s 4th Birthday

Today my sweet little boy turns 4. Since we have already agreed that we won’t have an elaborate birthday celebration until they turn 7 years old, it was just whoever is around birthday party celebration.

I wanted to buy gold coins for his birthday present but my bank account does not permit it yet. :( I’ll compensate when the USD rate increases to more than 3.25. I’ll buy some gold for him. ;)

With the minimal cash that I have, I bought a birthday cake and lots of toys for him from a toy wholesaler shop; they are selling toys 3 times cheaper than the night marker price!

My boy is happy, I am happy.

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