Tailor Gave Up Sewing Mr Plattie’s Fabric Edges

I sent 24 pieces of nicely cut up fabric to make Mr Plattie to the tailor to get the edges sewn. When I went to collect it yesterday, the tailor asked whether I have more of it. No, she did not want more of it but she gave up sewing the edges of Mr Plattie because it has too many curves and it hurts her arm when she sews. :( She is using an electric sewing machine and I am using hand sewing machine. I think, I’d suffer more than her. :P Anyway, I have to look for other tailor or cut a bigger piece and double fold before I start putting Mr Plattie together.

Finding My Passion

When I see one after another SAHM starts their online business, I wanted to be like them too. I want to earn some income so that I can invest in gold bullion, buy more clothing, books and toys for my children. But I do not know what I am capable of. I do not know what is my skill. I can sew but I am not talented enough to design nice product to sell. I do not many readers too to my blogs. If yes, I am sure I can sell clothing like one of the moms.

Hubby told me to find my passion first. What am I passionate about? I really don’t know!

Rainforest Splash Pool

Taking a deep in the Rainforest Splash Pool is the best part during our recent trip to Genting Highland. Hubby said it during our last trip there 2 years ago and he said it again during this trip too. ;) We do not have many above ground pools here with heated water coz there aren’t many cold place in this country.

My children enjoyed their time in the Rainforest Splash Pool as much as we do. My eldest told me that she wants to swim there for one thousand and million times! Unfortunately I did not enjoy it as much as the previous trip because the weather is so cold that each time I stand up, I started sneezing. So I have to stay in the warm water as long as my children are in there. Which means, no playing on the slides for me. :P

Holiday Aftermath

We are back from our holiday. We had a great time up on the hill. Blessed to have hubby 24 hours with us for the 3D2N. It has been quite sometime since we see each other for 24 hours more than a day.

For most, their holiday aftermath is all about getting those extra weight that they have gained. That is not the problem with us coz we stayed somewhere where food is very, very expensive and we have to walk a lot. So, we just had our usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whatever we ate, we burnt them on the same day by walking and climbing up the stairs and sometimes carrying the stroller with baby in it up the stairs!

My holiday aftermath is food poisoning! I think I am being poisoned by the strawberries that I ate! Due to the food poisoning, I had a humongous gastric attack yesterday and still having mild gastric attack till today.

Do you know that you are not supposed the part near the stem & leaves? I wallop everything except the leaves lar. Thank God that my children are spared from this misery. They ate more than me coz that was the fruits of their harvest. ;)

Will update more about our holiday trip after I am completely well again.

Winning Gold Coins

What happened to all the slot machines in First World Hotel? I remembered playing them and winning some when I was there for my honeymoon. ;) No need to enter the casino also can gamble. :P At that time First World Hotel just opened and there was still renovation going on. Bad choice of hotel to spend our honeymoon! :P But what to do…that was the cheapest hotel available and we were on a low budget honeymoon. If I win some gold coins kah at the slot machines, sure can upgrade to a better hotel. Looking forward to our 2nd honeymoon; dunno when. Hope our gold investment will give us much profit then we will go before we turn 50! :lol:

D Day

Finally the day that all of us is waiting for is here. We are leaving Malacca today and spend our weekend up on the hill and hope to have lots of fun even though some of us are still sick. This is one of the reasons hubby does not like to plan for a holiday way ahead.

But then if we don’t book the hotel room earlier, we might not get a room to stay unless we can stay in a friend’s house then anytime can cancel coz no need to pay in advance. :P

Please pray that those of us who are still sniffing and coughing will experience a miracle healing today and please pray for a safe and smooth journey too.

I am not a souvenir person but for this trip, I might buy a door chime back. Why? Coz we do not have one at home mah. :P

Simple and Easy Homemade Soft Toy


Meet Mr Plattie, a small cute little pink platypus.

This is my very first homemade soft toy, sewn by yours truly. :D Just sewn it yesterday after my sewing mood came back. He is now my 4yo son’s pet. He brought him everywhere he went and even slept with him last night. Oh ya! I am requested to sew a blue blanky for Mr Plattie.

The above Mr Plattie wasn’t complete yet coz at the time I took the picture, I forgot to sew a seam around the bill. Here’s a picture of an almost completed Mr Plattie. The bill looks more real now.

real bill

Mr Plattie is resting on my 15mo son’s lap.

I said “almost completed” because I have not given Mr Plattie a proper eyes yet made of either black beads or button. He is currently having a “marker pen” eyes. hehehe.

For the materials, I used Flannel instead of Fleece. Mana mo dapat fleece here. And you won’t believe what I used for the toy stuffing; organic buckwheat! :lol:

I have a request to produce more Mr Plattie but no mood to sew now. I wanna go holiday first. :P

To those who wants to learn to sew Mr Plattie, here’s the url to go http://www.allfreecrafts.com/sewing/platypus.shtml. Once you’ve done it, show me ok. ;)

About Insurance Agent

For a few years already, I have changed my mindset about insurance agent thanks to a church member of mine who is an insurance agent. They are no longer a pest to me. Mwahahahaha. :P I really hate those insurance agent that kept pushing me to buy their term life insurance or even their funeral insurance. Wah! First time meet me; want to talk about my funeral arh???

Now, no thanks to the new insurance agent that was recommended to me by a relative, I have changed my mindset about insurance agent; back to square one. Even though I informed the insurance agent that I will call when I am ready to buy or when I have the means to buy, she kept calling almost every month to follow up and keep on insisting to meet me telling me that she got a new australian life insurance, new health insurance package, new this and new that. Aiyo! Why waste your time and my precious time? When I said, “No money means no money.” Not that the money can appear out of nowhere by just mentioned the word “new” to me.

Our Community is No Longer Safe

Our community is no longer safe unlike 20 years ago. 20 years ago, we can leave the main door open all the time. We see children walking or cycling to school early in the morning when it is still dark. I was one of them and we are totally safe. In my children’s school, there is not even one bicycle parked at the parking space. None of the students walk to school either. All of them are being sent and fetch by their parents/guardian/school van. In some school, there is even security video camera at the main entrance of the school.

As for the community that I am living in there are a few cases of break-ins in broad day light. These robbers are so brave now and desperate, they don’t wait for you to leave your home unattended. When they need the money, they just break into your house without bordering whether you have home surveillance system or not, tie you up and take anything that is valuable then leave. Those houses that have security video camera, their identity can be traced and the police can pursue them after that.

To those that do not install any security system, chances of catching the robbers are very slim. So, please if you can afford it, do consider installing security system in your house and don’t forget to read up about the backup battery and equipment guide.

There are too illegal immigrants in our country now. They will do anything to survive living here. Furthermore, the cost of living here is getting higher each day; even the locals find it hard to survive with just a few hundred bucks a month.

Sewing Mood Swing

Since I started sewing my first cloth pencil case with zipper, I have sewn quite a number of them; mostly for my children. Now each of them have 2 cloth pencil case; one for their colour pencils and another for their other stationary.

Last week a friend recommend that I try sewing this fabric shopping bag. I tried without the lining but failed. The bottom part did not turn out as it is supposed to be. So now the shopping bag is being used by my 2nd girl to keep her oil pastels which she brings to her art class every week. ;)

My next sewing project is to sew a soft toy; this cute little Pink Platypus. But then, dunno what happened to me, each time I take a look at the printout, I put in back down on the table and do something else. No mood to sew anymore lar!

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