Clutch Handbag


The above was my latest creation; Clutch Handbag. I sew it using my leftover materials from my Reversible Bags fabrics. For this Clutch Handbag, I was not guide by any online tutorial. Just imagine and sew! Not bad eh. ;) Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the outcome but have no time to create a better one coz my eyes fell in love with another type of handbag! I am in the process of sewing the another handbag. Will surely blog about it once it is done. :)

Online Spending

Spending money online can be very additive coz you don’t see the money going out from you purse. I started with buying clothes, then magazines and textbooks for my girl and my recent online purchase was fabric! Since the exchange rate from USD to MYR is so low, might as well I spend my USD online. :P Anyway, money out, money must come in. I should try selling my handmade bags on Etsy eh. ;)

Water Filter Supplier in Melaka

My youngest BIL is a water filter supplier. Besides water filter, he also supply alkaline water, RO water and distilled water. Oh ya! I am supposed to blog for him about his latest product that is the Alkaline Energy Water Flask. Just pour in water into the flask and within minutes you will get Alkaline Water. Unfortunately, I have forgotten how much is the selling price. Will blog about it once I got the price from him. ;)

Yes! We Can Invest in Gold Again

After a few months of not having extra income, we can finally breathe now after hubby finally finished paying the business loan. Our next plan is to get an MPV. However, we do not plan to go into another debt. We want financial freedom. So, how to buy an MPV without borrowing? We shall continue our gold investment for the next 2 years. Hopefully the price of the gold bullion increases so much than we can afford to buy an MPV with cash. Oh ya! We are not taking about a new MPV here. We do not have that much extra money to buy gold. :P

Matthew 7:7

Hubby told me this story while we were having breakfast this morning.

“A young man in his 20’s went to work one day. He has to take the LRT and as usual the train was packed. As he entered the train he saw a beautiful, sexy, young woman with round voluptuous breast. He couldn’t get his eyes from her especially her boobs. As more people get into the train, the young man had to move until he is next to the young woman. He was excited of being able to stand near the young woman and being able to steal glances at her cleavage.

Suddenly, the train made a sudden brake and the young man’s arm accidentally brushes against the young woman’s boob. Before he could even apologise, the beautiful sexy, young, woman said to him sternly; Matthew 7:7! He was puzzled coz he knew nothing about the bible verse. Upon reaching his office, he quickly Google search on Matthew 7:7.”

Malaysian Jamie Oliver on TV3

During a wedding hubby and I attended last Sunday, we were seated with strangers. We were unhappy about our sitting arrangement in the first place coz we were really hoping to be seated with our long time no see friends.

At the end of the wedding we were glad to have met such an interesting and fun family. There were 8 of them. Father, Mother, 3 sons, a daughter, a daughter in law and a grandson who is hardly 1mo! They are of mix parentage; look more Mat Salleh to us. The boys are so handsome! Thank God I am happily married. :lol: The one that has a baby got married at 19yo and he is the most handsome. ;) This family is running a Homestay in Alor Gajah.

Anyway, all the boys can cook and the eldest son; the most Mat Salleh looking, will be cooking on TV3 starting this Sunday at 5.00pm, Jamie Oliver style. Be sure to watch him ya. I mean the show. kekekeke.

Learning about Fabric from ShopWiki

Most of you that have been following this blog would know that I am so into sewing right now. I do sell them if there is a request for them. Unfortunately, living in Malacca has some disadvantages when it comes to getting fabrics. We do not have much option here. I’ve been to Kamdar, Nagoya, Astana Moda and Textile Shops at Bunga Raya. No more nice and interesting fabric from them. Have not been to the textile shop at MITC though; will go there when I have some cash. :P

My next option is to buy imported fabric online. But then the cost of my handmade bags will surely go up because one meter of fabric can be as expensive as RM50 and above. Will you buy my bag if I sell them at RM50 each? Anyway, I am not looking into that yet. I dare not take the risk. :P Furthermore I don’t know much about fabric and worried that I will buy the wrong one.

As I was browsing ShopWiki Buying Guide, I discovered that they do provide information about almost everything that is selling at ShopWiki. I learned a thing or two about fabric from ShopWiki. Btw, ShopWiki is expanding and they have gone to Australia recently. I wonder whether they will come to Asia soon.

Me and My Boots

Most ladies that I know of have boots. I also want. Peer pressure mah. :P But I must buy boots that is practical for a stay-at-home-mom like me. Something that I can wear almost EVERYDAY. If possible, a few times a day. ;) After looking at the cash in my purse and considering the practically of the boots, I finally decided to buy a VERY cool boots, no other mommy has worn before. As far as I know of lar. :P

purple boots

Tadaa!!! I have a Purple Boots! :D

Don’t laugh arh! These boots are very practical you know. It protects my legs from the grasses at the laundry area. No more scratching my feet until bleeding each time after hanging and picking up my bajus. No matter how I wash my legs after that, the itchiness won’t go away. It stays on my legs for a very long time until my wound healed. Bila gatal, garuk bukan main sedap lagi; sampeh melecet pun tak perasan. Then bila dah melecet, dapat garuk kat keliling the melecet area pun jadi. That is how itchy my legs are due to having contact with the grasses. I reckon that I am allergic to the grasses there. :(

When maid is around, itchiness also gone coz I don’t have to hang or collect my bajus. hehe. Now, the maid is gone for good. I better do something about it; if not, there goes my sexy, smooth legs. :P

Time to Repair Toyota Corolla Again

There are pros and cons in owning an old cars. The pros are, I do not have to pay for installment every month and the road tax and insurance are cheap too. If there is a dent or scratches on my cars, my heart don’t feel the pain. No heartache also driving when on an old, muddy kampung roads.

The cons; from time to time, it has to enter the workshop for maintenance repair like changing the water pump, flushing the radiator, changing radiator, air-cond leakage etc. One time repair, it will at least cost about 300 bucks but then it is way better than forking out 300 bucks and more every month paying for a new car. :P Thank God I am an owner to a Toyota Corolla in which its spare parts are easily obtainable.

Another con is my old cars can’t bring us far from our hometown. The furthers they can go is to PD. Due to that we have been to PD for holiday a few times and will be going there again during the school holidays. ;) Ya…just to enjoy the beach, the swimming pool, the hotel room and to spend time as a family.

Oh ya! Nowadays it is so easy to get repair cost estimation online especially if you live in US. For instance Chicago auto repair which can be accessed from

Fulltime Staff Employed

Finally we decided to employ a fulltime staff coz hubby wants to commit himself to more mission works. The staff is one of our regular customers. He works in a CC before this but resigned due to the long working hours; 24/7! Whatever it is, I just hope that he is going to be an honest person; not stealing and no lying. Our previous staffs were dishonest. Whenever hubby was not able to be at the CC, the sales dropped tremendously. Reason given by them, “No Customer.” We can’t do much about it coz not everything sold in our CC can be stock checked. I also hope that he will stay long coz hubby is paying him quite high compared to before. He can even afford to further his studies to cosmetology schools in Wichita if he knows how to save. We shall just wait and see.

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