Box Pencil Case with Zipper

box pencil case

This is the box pencil case that I sewn for my girls two weeks ago using the imported Japanese Cotton Canvas fabric.

In the first attempt to sew the pencil case, I followed 100% the tutorial’s instruction. And this is how the inner part of the pencil case looks like.

messy inner

The seam is not hidden! There must be a way to hide the seam. After talking to my mom (she attended sewing class when she was a teenager), I managed to figure out how to hide the seam. So I sew another pencil case.

neat inner

Look at the seaming line. It is so neat now right? :D

If you would like to own one of these box pencil case with zipper, drop me a comment. Limited edition though; only 3 available. ;)

Back in University Nightmare

To my husband, dreaming about going back to university to study is a nightmare to him. It is the total opposite for me, I would love to dream about going back to USM to study and have fun. As much as hubby does not like to study, he is currently taking his 2nd degree. It is an accredited online degree which he can take his own sweet time to complete it.

Recently, we just discovered that hubby is not the weird one. One of our friends is also experiencing the same nightmare like hubby and both of them are still studying up till today! Well, as long as they are not in the institution, they are find with it. It seems that lack of finance is the one that makes their live very challenging then.

Minimal Withdrawal Symptom with Rapid Detox

Those that chose to come clean after many years slaving themselves to drugs would often have to suffer many days of withdrawal symptoms. Those who do not have strong will power often failed to break free from their addiction. But now, thank to R&D, scientist have found a way to minimize the withdrawal symptom with rapid detox.

With rapid detox, 8 days of quitting opiate addiction process is being reduced into a few hours. You will sleep through their advance rapid detox process after drug addiction treatment and then wake up feeling as if those few hours of sleeping are equal to doing 8 days of “cold-turkey” quitting and suffering on your own.

One Mini Wristlet Sold

Praise the Lord! I got my capital back from buying the Japanese Cotton Canvas – Magpie and Plum Blossom. One of hubby’s niece bought the limited edition mini wristlet; I could only sew 2 wristlets with that Fat Quarter. She also bought a pencil case from me which I under quote; not enough to buy me some diet pills! But nevermind lar, relative sake, no profit also nevermind. :) Oh ya! I have not blog about the box pencil case that I sewn. ;) Will do it soon.

Satelite TV is Back in Our Home

After 3 years living without any LocalTV-Satellite, it is now back in our home. :D I canceled it last time because I hardly have time to watch TV due to my clingy son and hubby was busy with his newly found business. Furthermore, we started living on single income and we have to reduce expenses that is unnecessary.

Thanks to God’s blessing on hubby’s business and also thanks to the TV antenna that is not working, we subscribed to Direct TV again. I was not so keen to have it back into our home because I do not want my children to be glued to the idiot box but we pitied MIL because when she is free, she just sit in the hall and stare at the idiot box.

So for her sake, we visited and bring satellite tv into our home again. Thank God that my children did not glue themselves to the idiot box because they are so used not to watch TV at home. A few times, they insisted that I bring them to their Mama’s house so that they can watch Disney Chanel!

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Factory Closed

The moment my No.4 turns 16mo, my milk production stops. How did I know? Latching onto it is not sufficient to quench his thirst at night, he sucks longer and harder and when I squeeze my boobs, no more milk comes out. :( Since that day, I have to walk out of my room to prepare formula milk for him. In the beginning it is tiring but after a month, I got used to it.

After more than a month, he is still latching for comfort when he wants to sleep. I wonder when will he finally let go.

Mini Wristlet using Japanese Cotton Canvas

mini wristlet

I braved myself to cut the imported Japanese cotton canvas. The fabric is expensive and very nice. I was so worried that I cut it wrongly and it will go to waste. I only have a quarter yard of the above Magpie and Plum Blossom fabric.

Thank God that the wristlet turned out fine. This mini wristlet has an owner already though; my sister. And I can only make another one using the same fabric. Not sure whether I want to sew another wristlet or make something else. Or maybe I should just sew another one for sale then can pulang my modal of buying the fabric. hehehe. :P

Sue them for Side Effects of Severe Acne Treatment

To those who suffers severe acne problem, some dermatologist will suggest Accutane. Accutane is usually given after other acne medicines or antibiotics have been tried without successful treatment of symptoms. Overdose of Accutane can cause injury such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis. Please follow the amount prescribe by your doctor exactly. But if you still experience any of the side effects, and your doctor do not want to take responsibility of, you can discussed with Accutane Lawsuit attorney about it. At O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath, their attorneys understand that your injuries may not be your fault. They are also an expert in Trasylol lawsuit.

Breastmilk is the Best Medicine for Sick Babies

Do you know that when baby falls sick, all they want is to latch to their mommy’s boobs? This is because they know that breast-milk is the best for them. My sister just whine that she is very tired because her sick baby does not want to drink formula milk and is latching to her most of the time. As a mother, these are one of the sacrifices that we have to make.

Pretty Like Mommy

I never consider myself pretty coz I look like my dad! I am more of a handsome person than pretty! :P Maybe this could be one of the reasons I was a tomboy! Apart from that I have too many “craters” on my face coz I can’t afford adult acne treatment when the breakouts happen.

I am so happy that my 2nd girl told me this, “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be pretty like you.” She is just being nice, right? Well, she has not seen the world yet. :P This girl of mine loves to dress up, wear accesories and make up. Just yesterday, she asked me whether she can “paint” her hair like Rapunzel or Barbie when she grows up! She wants blonde hair. *pengsan*

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