And I Thought…

… we have no more BIG expenses to go after paying the TNB bills. I was thinking that if I have extra love from the advertiser this month, I plan to change my eldest girl’s mattress to better quality mattress; the fibre ones because her sister and brother spilled almost a bottle of Minyak Gamat on her mattress and she can’t stand the oily smell. Since that day, she is sleeping at the corner of her queen size bed to avoid the oily spot.

My plan has to be postponed when hubby told me that one of the air-conds in my apartment cannot be used anymore and we need to replace it. An air-cond plus installation will cost us another 1k! Since we are going to spend 1k for an air-cond that we cannot enjoy (it is for my tenant you see), we are going to throw in another 1k to get a new plasma air-cond that comes with air purifying system and auto clean for our room. The air-cond from our room will be sent to my apartment.

My task for this coming week is to hunt for the plasma air-cond and also credit card that offers 0% interest for a minimum of 12 months repayment. You think I got money to pay cash meh? :P

More Than Just Fried Chilli

Finally hubby gets bored with eating the same dish almost everyday that is Ikan Goreng Chilli Garam. When I first stepped into this house, I see Ikan Goreng Chilli Garam almost every other day. According to MIL, her sons like to eat them and they don’t mind eating the same dishes every day!

As age is catching up, his taste bud has changed. Fried chilli does not make him salivate anymore. Dry dishes like fried chilli is hard to swallow for him. Hubby wants different dishes every day if possible. Since the maid is around now, his wish comes true. Not that the maid is a good cook. She is not, unfortunately. :( But now, we have a helper to help us prepare the ingredients. It is because, other dishes other that fried chilli needs more preparation of the ingredients.

So far, we have cooked Chicken Pong Teh and Sek Ark for him and today, I cooked Chicken Kurma. :D Maybe we will do curry fish tomorrow. ;) Soon, he will sure need hoodia gordonii. :lol:

Mommy is Busy Preparing for Exam

I have a few post to write actually. I have also sewn another type of wristlet but my mind is not into blogging right now. Anxious about my 7yo’s final exam. Tomorrow will be the last day of exam. That means today will be the last day of preparing for the exam. :D Left Science and English. That’s pretty easy for my girl. ;)

Anyway, I must jot my pending post down here before I forget.

- “Antique” Enid Blyton’s storybooks.
- Slip in Wristlet.
- Nyonya Pineapple Tart in Bukit Rambai.
- Another 1k to go for TNB.

I hope to vomit them out by next week. :P

Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano Eruption

All happened in one day to the Indonesian. Thank God this time, they did not take many lives compared to the first Tsunami. When we here all this, aren’t you thankful that you live in Malaysia instead? I informed my maid about the earthquake, tsunami and Mt Merapi eruption but even with onecall coupons she can’t call home to check on her family because her phone number is stuck in her bag pack pocket. I told her not to worry coz those natural disaster did not happen anywhere near her home.

Handmade Bags for Ivy and Phoebe


These handmade bags by your truly :) are for my SIL and her 7yo daughter. For the mommy, it is wider and longer and for the daughter, I made it slightly smaller. My own 7yo is using the same bag (different fabric) as tuition bag.

The fabric is very nice eh. One of her friends gave it to her. That friend bought it from Ikea. I checked Ikea’s website, the same fabric is not featured there; maybe out of stock but they do have similar design by other designer. Might get a friend living in KL to buy a meter or two since a few people are asking for this kind of design. ;) I also wanna sew one or two for myself and my daughter. ;)

Holiday for Malaccan Tomorrow

No school tomorrow. No exam too! Yahoo!!! I can sew. :lol: I also don’t have to go out in the afternoon under the hot sun to fetch my girls from school. No need to worry that the eczema on my legs will itch again.

This special holiday is to celebrate the state being accorded developed state status. And according to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, the holiday would apply to both the public and private sectors, with no replacement required. So the Chinapek company must observe this holiday too!

English Speaking People Must Be White

My eldest daughter came up with this theory. English is her mother tongue so she must be an English girl. English girl must be white not tan like her skin. I told her that skin colour does not correlate with our mother tongue. So I showed her a picture an English lady in the indoor tanning lotion reviews. She is white, speaks English but she wants to have tan skin like hers. Now that she can speak Chinese more fluently, she told me that she has become a Chinese girl already.

Hazy Days Ahead of Us

The burning in Indonesia has started. The rich will become richer. The poor will not only stays poor but their health will suffer too due to this burning. The haze is covering our atmosphere and we are actually breathing in particles of carbons; ashes!

My throat is itchy and sore, my girl is sniffing and my hubby is experiencing eye irritation. After going outdoor, I feel that my face is covered with a layer of dust. For sure by tomorrow, I will have breakouts; hope the best acne products can help clear it fast coz I got wedding to attend this weekend. :P

Paid TNB in Full

We decided to pay TNB in full. According to a blogger mommy, we can bring our case against TNB to consumer court but then we just don’t have the time to go through the hassle. Chances of getting our money back is very slim. A nobody like me against a public listed company?! Better take payday advance loan to pay up the bills. Furthermore, it is partly our fault for not monitoring the bill since TNB already provide the online services.

Bag Story Updated

Check out my Bag Story page. I have updated it with 2 more of my handmade bags.

Here’s the glimpse of my latest handmade bags… :)

bikini top

magpie n plum blossom

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