How To Monitor Electricity Bill Online

This month we were left with a big “angpow” by my tenant, a foreign MMU student; it was a RM2.5k of unpaid electricity bills and RM50 of water bills (thank God the water bill is under the Apartment’s Management control. They cut the water supply after 3 months no payment from the tenant). The deposit with us is definitely insufficient to pay for the bills. :(

I wonder why TNB did not cut the electricity supply when no payment was made within that 3 months and the amount exceeded the deposit amount. I still remember when one of my BILs started living with us, our electricity bills shot up from merely RM50++ per month to almost RM200, TNB immediately increased the deposit amount.

I think arh, TNB purposely do that to certain housing area coz they know most are rented properties. So if the tenant does not pay, the landlord have to pay in order for them to rent it out to another tenant. TNB make money mah. Later I found out that there are other landlord that have to pay way much more than me! Almost 50K! TNB sleeping kah? Read it here:

Due to this incident, I found out that we can actually check our electricity bill online at First you have to sign up for their e-services than you can see your statement for the last 6 months including the place where payment was made. Am sure gonna monitor closely my apartment’s electricity from this month onwards.

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  1. smallkucing Says:

    Thanks for your info. I was worrying about my tenant elec bill too. Thanks to your information, I just registered too. Thank God his payment have been regular.

    Any idea on how to check about the water Bill? Mine is apartment but induividual billing. Not by Management