Slept Whole Day

Due to a severe gastric attack, I slept the whole day yesterday. I am really amazed at myself that I can actually sleep and sleep and sleep. Only to wake up to quickly sew a simple wristlet for my SIL, PM, PU, have a sip of water and breastfeed my 19mo to sleep. If I have dark under eye circles, I am sure they are all gone by now. :) Today, I can’t even take a short nap. Not sleepy at all. Way too much rest, yesterday.

Roof Repair

We finally have the green light to start repairing our kitchen roof. Hubby’s siblings have agreed to contribute to the cost of the repair but we will be paying more coz we are staying here. Initially we wanted to do some extension to the wet kitchen so that we can shift the dry kitchen to the wet kitchen so that we can convert that dry kitchen to another bedroom. Yup! 7 rooms in the house is still not enough for all of us! But after the contractor re-quote us, we need additional 2k for the extension which we do not have. :(

If I have the 2k, I would buy gold already! hehehe. Beginning of this week the gold price dropped slightly compared to the week before. I was looking high and low for some extra cash so that I can grab this opportunity to invest in gold. Thanks to my children’s savings, I managed to buy some gold when the price is low. Just a day after buying, the gold price increased by RM2/g. I make profit already if I sell. ;) But then, the investment is for the future; for their higher education fees.

A Clew of Worms Committed Suicide

This afternoon a clew of worms committed suicide in my aromatherapy diffuser!

Before taking our afternoon nap, I placed the ceramic aromatherapy diffuser at the sink in our bedroom. I was using the Rose Buds fragrance oil. My eldest girl commented that the smell “taste” yummy and makes her want to eat it! :lol:

I was awaken by the smell of something burning and I was so shock to see that my ceramic aromatherapy diffuser caught fire. There were flames coming out from the candle hole. It is impossible for it to catch fire coz there is nothing flammable at the sink.

I tried blowing the fire out but to no avail so I used water to put off the fire. Out flow the water with black particles. I splashed more water and more black particles came out from the hole. I suspected that an insert committed suicide in there but after getting my eldest girl to switch on the room light, I got a shock to discover out that the black particles was a clew of burnt worms!

How did they ended up in my diffuser? Did they crawl all the way up from the sink hole? Actually, for the past few weeks, we came across this clew of worms a few times; plus today, 5 times already! I wonder which insert brought them into our house!

Hubby suggested that I burn the same fragrance oil again tomorrow. More might crawl up the sink hole! I might do it but this time, I cannot nap. Must investigate how all this happened.

Moon Bag cum Bible Bag

moon bag

This is the Moon bag that I sewn for my 6yo kindy teacher. Unfortunately, my 6yo did not get the opportunity to give the Moon bag to her teacher personally because she did not go to school on the last day of school. This mommy of hers woke up at 8am! Since they are late for school, they refused to go to school!

I went to school though because I promised to help my sister register for her son and daughter to the same primary school as my children. I also need to pay for the school holiday workbook for my 7yo and get the booklist for Year 1 next year. So, I handed the bag to my 6yo kindy teacher. :)

bible bag

This Moon bag not only serve as a shopping bag where you can throw in your purse, cellphone, keys and whatnot. I see that it is perfect to carry a bible too! That’s my 6yo posing with the Moon bag with a bible in it. :)

What am I up to now…

…sewing a Moon bag for my 6yo kindy teacher as a farewell gift. Will post up the picture, once I am done with it. ;)

Purple Boots RIP

With the maid around, I don’t have to hang and collect my laundry anymore. It means that my purple boots does not serve me anymore. My children wanted to convert my boots to rain boots since it has been raining for the pass few days. But I did not allow them coz I do not want them to fall sick due to playing in the rain. School holiday is just around the corner and I do not want this house to turn into a mini hospital.

Resume Sewing

I have stopped sewing for more than 2 weeks due to my girl’s school examination. Now that she has brought back her Report Card, I have nothing else to look forward to except to start sewing again and see the end result of my sewing. Her exam result percentage is lower than mid term (not much revision was done this time around) but her position in class is up by one placement. I guess the exam was tougher for everyone too.

I still have a few not so urgent pending orders. I still have a few bags unsold which I have already put up in Mudah. Check it out here: I hope there will be buyer soon coz I need some cash to buy hubby a birthday present.

I still need to sew a blanky, a nursing cover and more cloth pad for myself. Due to laziness to sew the buttons on the cloth pad, I bought a set of panty liners from Mamapatch! Her flannel material is of better quality than mine (wash many time also tak berbulu) since I need to use panty liners every day unlike cloth pad; only once a month.

I better go cut up some materials now. ;)

Simple Bread Pudding Recipe

Thanks to a blogger mommy, I tried baking something new last Sunday. Unfortunately, I am the only person in the house who enjoyed it. :(

I made bread pudding with longan. It is so simple to make a bread pudding.

Get 6 slices of bread and butter them. Cut them up into 4 parts. Any shape that you like. Arrange them nicely in the baking tray. Then go whisk 2 eggs with 200ml of milk, 2-3 tbsp of sugar and 1 tsp of Vanilla essence. Pour them onto the bread and let it soak for a while. Sprinkle some sugar on it. Top it up with your favorite fruit, cheese or raisins. Bake at 200′C for 20-30mins. You can eat them warm or cold. :)

When Can I Run Again

I have asked the same question repeatedly for the past 7 years. “When can I run again?” I miss those days when I can run from one end to the other end of the Klebang Beach. Not jog but run! Every since I had to undergo D&C after my first pregnancy, I could never run again without hurting my right lower abdomen. I think muscle has been injured during the procedure. Since I can’t run, minding 4 children and a household is the fat burners that work for me. ;) Now with the maid around, I think I am going to put on weight sooner or later. ;)

Flowers for Me

I am not a flower person. Hubby can never forget how I scolded him for wasting his money to buy me an expensive bouquet of flowers on our marriage registration day. hahaha. Why do you need to bring flower on the ROM day? We need to sign papers you know. Not to pose here and there at the marriage registrar office. Later I found out that the registrar who was also our church member told hubby to buy flowers for me! At least, tell me lar right? :P

But I don’t mind receiving flowers once in a blue moon. I still remember how my hubby (my then boyfriend) surprised me with a bouquet of roses while I was working at a jewelry shop at MP. I still have 3 stalk of roses (dried up) which hubby gave me after his trip to Cameron Highland more than a decade ago. My blogger mommies made my day by sending flowers online on my birthday.

I hope I will get a bouquet of flowers this coming birthday. It has been a long, long time since I receive any (excluding those wild flowers that my children pick for me when they play outdoor. hehe).

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