Dodol in the Making

Even though it has been raining since early this morning, it did not hinder the men of this house to make (kacau) Dodol.

dodol making

They did the kacau-ing under the rambutan trees covered with a canvas tent. To me, it kinda good that it is raining now. No sweats dropping into the dodol this year. :lol:

durian dodol

Too bad, I can’t eat the dodol because it contains coconut milk which is a no-no for breastfeeding mommy; baby can get colic you know; too much wind. Maybe I’ll just try a pinch of it. If not “kempunan” nanti. :D

Grandchildren’s Names

To date, my MIL has 29 grandchildren from 9 children and more to come! As for my parents, they have 12 now (only 4 of us) and more to come too. ;) Here are the names of their grandchildren in no particular order.

1. Valerie
2. Vanessa
3. Juliet
4. Cassandra
5. Hilda
6. Gregory
7. Yohannes
8. Benjamin
9. Jeremy
10. Samantha
11. Nathaniel
12. Elizabeth
13. Felicia
14. Melissa
15. Emma
16. Elliot
17. Jian Sen
18. Jian En
19. Jian Yong
20. Jian Yi
21. Yu Chen
22. Phoebe
23. Shawn
24. Shannelle
25. Annabelle
26. Clarissa
27. Barnabas
28. Ezra
29. Rebekah
30. Shavina
31. Shania
32. Sharvin
33. Dylan
34. Quieen
35. Daryl
36. Melody

Can you imagine that 22 of them will be under one roof this CNY plus their parents! Oldest at 18yo and youngest is my newborn. Havoc! hahaha.

Baby Rebekah’s Birth Story

Her due date according to Due Date Calculator by BabyCentre and also ultrasound at 12 weeks is 11.01.11. Oh! We really hope that she will be born on that special date. But the government clinic where I go for my monthly check up gave me another due date that is on the 15.01.11. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea how they calculate my due date. It could be that I was not sure whether my last period was dated on the 6th or on the 8th so I gave the later.

Anyway, she decided to come out on the 13th! It was kinda good that she chose that day because the labor ward was kinda empty. I was the last person to give birth during that hour so I got all the attention. During labor, I was attended by 4 midwives! Because everyone was so free. hehehe.

Let’s start from the very beginning…

11.01.11 – Hubby was very anxious the whole day coz nothing is happening to me. No sign of labor at all. He was home the whole day too doing nothing except asking me, “any pain yet?” “why not we just go to the hospital?” Hello! I’m going to give birth in a GH. No labor sign, they’ll kick me out. Lots of expecting mothers who are really in labor need the labor room.

12.01.11 – Still no sign of labor. Carry my day as usual. Get children ready for school, send them, fetch them and make sure they finished their homework. Somehow, I did not manage to breastfeed my 4th child at all today. I got the feeling that this baby gonna come tomorrow.

13.01.11 – The moment the clock strikes 12, I started to feel a very mild contraction; just like period cramp when I was about to sleep. I was contemplating whether to sleep it off or check myself in. The contraction interval was half an hour apart. I tried to sleep but every contraction woke me up. Since this is No.5 already and we are worried that this baby might come out faster and easier than the rest, we left home to GH at around 2am.

2.25am – We arrived safely at the Labor Ward and I was told to change into the pink maternity gown. I don’t like wearing them; they are so huge especially the sarong.

2.45am – They need 1 hour to monitor the fetal heartbeat. New procedure I heard; they need the fetal heartbeat chart to prove that I came with an alive baby in my tummy. But then, if you come in pain; like very very painful, the doctor will check whether your OS has opened or not. Since I hardly show any sign of being in pain, they strap my tummy and left me alone listening to my baby’s heartbeat.

3.45am – After they got the reading then only the doctor inserted his thin and slender fingers (he is a skinny Indian male doctor) into you know what to check whether I have dilated or not. Opened already by 4cm. The nurse gave me enema then asked me to go clear my bowel. Then go get my stuff from the bag; baby’s clothing, diaper and pads. Then a nurse wheeled me off to Labor Room No.7. I can still walk but they insisted that I sit on the wheelchair. I think they do not want me to wander off peeping into other labor rooms. You think I want to see meh? Hear also I don’t want. Make myself even more terrified.

4.00am – A young Chinese doctor came in to clear my bladder. Thank God he was gentle and I hardly feel any pain. Then he broke my water bag to expedite the dilation of the OS. Then they called my hubby in to give me comfort when the real contraction pain starts to come.

5.00am – Started to feel some real contraction but the interval is like 20 minutes apart. OS opened by 6cm.

5.25am – The contraction is more intense but still bearable. Only need hubby’s hand to squeeze when the contraction come; 15mins interval. OS opened by 7cm already. The midwife told me to try to push whenever the contraction come to make the OS opens bigger. Then she left.

6.00am – Contraction gets more intense. I squeezed the metal railing beside my bed instead of hubby’s hand; don’t wanna his hand to turn blue black. hehehehe.

6.15am – After 3 rounds of squeezing the railing, I don’t want to bear the contraction pain anymore. Told hubby to call the midwife telling her that I wanna try to give birth. They came; 4 of them. Hubby was no where beside me coz one of the midwives were quite big size and hubby was made to stand behind her. Hubby was not able to get the full view of the birth process.

6.25am – A pale baby girl was born into this world after one continuous push. It was easy, fast and painless when she came out even though her head is 2cm bigger than her other siblings. I love the warm feeling when she slides out from my down under. This is the first time I did not cry after giving birth. :D

I really thank God for answering all our prayers. Fast and painless childbirth, perfectly healthy baby and extra ordinary strength to push the baby out. I also got a baby just like how I prayed that she will look like.

A few funny incident in the labor room and maternity ward which got to do with my Malay looking hubby. :D

1. When he entered the labor room, one of the nurses asked another nurse whether hubby is entering the correct room.

2. After I gave birth to our baby girl, one of the nurses/midwives showed hubby the toilet telling him that he can take his “air sembahyang” there to “Azan” his newborn. Hubby did not hear the nurse clearly and blur blur opened the toilet door thinking that the nurse asked him to help take something from there. After hubby left, all of them had a good laugh. :D

3. Before they send me to the maternity ward, we stopped at the registration counter at the labor ward to take my belongings. As hubby was carrying my bag out, the nurse at the counter asked; “Betul ke suami dia ni?” :lol:

4. At the maternity ward, one of the patients (Malay) did not believe when another patient (Malay) who has had a chat with me told her that my hubby look exactly like a Malay. When hubby came to visit, she came to take a closer look at hubby! :)

Anyway, this is not new to us. It happened each time I give birth there. They always got a surprised when they call out a Chinese name and a Malay man appeared. :lol:


Here’s a link to the birth story of my other 4 children : The Birth Story of My Children.

And photos of my last 3. As for my 2 older girls, have not buy digital camera yet. :P


Is Breastfeeding Possible During Pregnancy

I am still breastfeeding when I discovered that I am pregnant with my 5th child. So, mommies out there, breastfeeding does not prevent you from getting pregnant!

The first question that came to my mind was, can I continue to breastfeed my 4th child who is just 1yo then? I asked other breastfeeding mommies. Most of them gradually wean their baby within the first trimester. My mom thinks that I might risk the baby in my tummy health. Church members shared that baby will come out tiny and smaller than normal newborn baby and their growth spurt will be slower than normal baby. The nurses at the clinic advised me to wean before if I started feeling contraction when I breastfeed. They worried that I’ll have a premature baby.

Since I have set my mind to breastfeed my 4th child till he is 24mo, I did some research online and most articles mentioned that breastfeeding during pregnancy is possible. Listen to you body, eat more nutritious food and drink lots of water. I did just that and leave the rest to God. I persistently prayed that God will blessed me with a perfect and healthy baby without any handicap.

Praise God, I started to feel some contraction during breastfeeding 2 days before I give birth. Just a day before I give birth, I did not breastfeed my 21mo baby and the real contraction came a day after that. I gave birth to a perfect and healthy baby girl weighing at 3.1kg. She is heavier than her sisters at birth!

Since my breastmilk supplier is already there, she does not have to work hard to suck the milk out from my boobs like her other siblings! She is so blessed. :D

Red Wine Gives Gas

On hubby’s last birthday, I bought red wine as his birthday gift. After drinking about 3 days; a small glass each night, hubby noticed that his tummy is bloated. He suspected that the red wine is the cause of it. So, he stopped drinking it. I can’t try it to see whether I will get the same effect because I was pregnant then.

Since I have already given birth, I drank some yesterday. Less than half an hour after that, I started releasing gas; I farted many times last night! My body managed to expel the gas because I took Chinese Medicine So Ho Wan prior before that which works to expel wind/gas after giving birth.

So, that confirms hubby’s theory that red wine gives gas.

But we like the taste of the Carlo Rissi red wine; it tastes sweet and fruity. So how? Pop in the So Ho Wan before drinking the red wine and then we shall have farting competition; see who can fart the loudest! :lol:


Day 1 – Fresh from the “oven” 2 hours old
baby rebekah

Day 2 – Hubby bathing his baby princess.
baby bathing

Day 3 – She has the features I prayed for! Thank You, Lord. hehehe.
day 3

Day 5 – Her umbilical cord dropped in morning.
Her days sleeping on her tummy begins today.
day 5

Her birth story will follow soon. ;)

Weather Gone Haywire

The weather has gone crazy. Normally the month before Chinese New Year, it will be very hot, windy and dry but not this year. It has been raining almost every day and some places are flooded due to continuous rain.

I love it when it rains during the night or early in the morning. It is so nice to sleep in especially if you have a heated blanket. The other day, I continued sleeping after sending my 3 kids to school only to wake up when clock strikes 12noon! And I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated. Thanks to the cold weather.

But no thanks to rainy days when I have laundry to dry especially my baby’s cloth diapers’ inserts. The urine smell does not go away without the sun. Last night, I ended up changing him to disposable diaper because I can’t stand the smell of the urine on his inserts.

Maintenance Fee and Insurance for Apartments

I just received statement from my apartments. Meaning, we need to send over our cash to them for maintenance fee and also to the home owners insurance companies for the fire insurance.

I don’t like end of the year and beginning of the year lar. Money always flows out more than money flowing in. :( Birthdays, Christmas, Insurance, Maintenance Fee, Kindy Books, School uniforms and shoes, and last but not least Chinese New Year.

When I was still working, at least I have one month bonus to bear some of those expenses. Now that I am a SAHM, everything has to depend on the business income. Business income for year end is often low and we are praying that January income would be able to “help” us out with all those expenses.

Shaping Up for A Cheong Sam

In FB, a few mommies have started working out and shaping up so that they can fit into a Cheong Sam for this Chinese New Year. It is a very tough job especially for us who bloated to the max during pregnancy. It feels like forever or never to get back the pre-pregnancy weight and shape. Some of us will try taking the short cut by popping in diet pills but what is three best diet pill on the market you may ask. I also dunno! :P Another easy way to fit into a Cheong Sam…go make another one lar and try getting those with stretchable fabric. :P

Kuih Bakul, Kuih Belanda and Kuih Ros

The Year of the Rabbit is coming soon. I am sure most of you are busy preparing CNY cookies, doing spring cleaning and upgrading your home to welcome this Chinese New Year.

As for us, we have renovated our kitchen to make it more spacious and neater. We are planning to build another pangkin too. MIL, SIL and maid made some Kuih Bakul, Kuih Belanda and next in the line is Kuih Ros.

I tasted the Kuih Bakul and now munching on the rejected Kuih Belanda as I am typing this. :)

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