Smiling Baby

at 6wosmiling baby

Baby Rebekah at 6 weeks old

Halleluyah! I am blessed with another smiling baby. :D This time she is more generous with her smile compared to her brother. She started smiling back at me at 1mo. If I am not mistaken, Baby Ezra started smiling after 3mo. I am so happy that God answered my prayer. I prayed for another Baby Ezra and God gave me a better girl version of him. God is Good! :D

Anniversary Gift for Hubby

On the February 12, we celebrated our 19th year Dating Anniversary. We did not give each other any anniversary gift though. Maybe next year on our 20th year together. :)

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 10th year of marriage; legally. Earlier I asked hubby to plan something special for us and I will try to surprise him with unique anniversary gifts but he has to work this whole week because his part-time staff is not available to work at the CC this week. Furthermore, my baby is still small and I can’t leave her with my mom while we go out celebrating. I can’t plug out my boobs and leave them with my mom. :P

Anyway, we still have another anniversary to look forward too; our wedding anniversary on May 12. By then, my baby will be 4 months old. I am sure she can survive 3-4 hours without Mommy’s milk. ;)

Car Making Funny Sounds

When driving my old junk, I have no problem when that car makes “music” and all kind of funny sound. As long as the engine is running smoothly, the temperature is cool and air-cond is cool too, we are cool with the funny sounds. Hey! I said my car is an old junk right? What do you expect! :P

However, I am currently driving my husband’s car which is slightly younger than my old junk and it is not common for it to make funny sound. There’s some kind of squeaking sounds like the engine is not fully lubricated but we just can the engine oil recently. Or could it be the brake disc and it is time to change the brake pads.

You know lar we ladies, we know how to drive only but have no idea about car maintenance. Some of us, to pump petrol and air also need hubby to cowtim (help). :P

How To Make More Money

Really, how to make more money? Especially in the month of February that has 28 days only and Chinese New Year too. This year I make more Angpow money because I have 5 children whereby most families have only 2-3 children. But then the “profit” is still not enough to cover for the 2 days lesser in this month of February and also we closed our business for 2.5 days for CNY.

I can’t help much this month with my sewing due to my confinement period. I have no time to write all the assignments given to me. On top of it, my kids’ blog is still suspended and my webhost is no where to be found. :(

I want to make more money but I have no time for it. *sigh*

Let’s Do Threesome!

I am serious! I am planning to do threesome because both of them wants me at the same time. Dei! I’m talking about breastfeeding my babies lar. :P

I am tandem nursing my babies but one at the time. Lately both wants to nurse at the same time. So it has been, either one will be left crying while I nurse one of them (that is when hubby is at work) or hubby has to take one away and distract him/her until we are done.

I just browsed through the images of tandem nursing and I roughly got the idea of nursing both at the same time. The only way of nursing both at the same time is for me to sit down which I don’t really favor; tiring you know. I like to nurse lying down because I do not have to hold my baby and I can doze off too or play games on my mobile phone. ;)

So, threesome or not? Let’s see how things go these few days. ;)

The Downside of Tandem Nursing

I am still breastfeeding my 22mo and at the same time my newborn baby girl too. I enjoyed being able to experience tandem nursing but the downside of tandem nursing is, my body lacks of calcium and I have not been eating enough food that gives calcium and always forget to pop in my daily multivitamin especially the calcium supplement. Due to lack of calcium, one of my molars that has a filling in it has got decay (i think) because it hurts when I chew my food on that molar. I still can’t find the time to visit any dentist yet. :(

The Best Satay Celup in Melaka

I am craving for Satay Celup and N.O., I am not pregnant again. :P I will normally get my Satay Celup from Jalan Ong Kim Wee. I can’t remember the Satay Celup shop name but it is the first shop from your left (you standing facing the Satay Celup shops). So far, that is the best Satay Celup for me. The shop is very pack during weekends and I will definitely stay away from the Satay Celup shop during weekends and school holidays. Some said Capitol serves better Satay Celup but I have not been there for a VERY long time due to distance and parking.

As of now, it is not convenient for me to eat Satay Celup at any Satay Celup shop because I have a newborn who is fully breastfeeding. Can you imagine me eating Satay Celup while carrying my baby? Tak pasal, pasal, she will get to taste the Satay Celup gravy too or even worst, got burnt by the hot gravy. Stroller? Still have not train her to sleep in the stroller but at the Satay Celup shop, the tables are all very close together one. No space for my stroller.

So how to satiate my craving for Satay Celup? Easy only…just have to do some shopping. Buy the Satay Celup paste, some fishball, meatballs, veggies and make my own Satay Celup. Who want to join me? Am thinking to do it this Saturday if hubby is around. ;)

No Exam for Std 1 till Mid Term

In FB, most mommies are talking about their children coming exam. The stress that we have to go through to get them to do revision, only God knows!

Some of the mommies mentioned that their Std 1 do not have to sit for exam this time around. According to the new KSSR, there will be less exams. But I received exam schedule for the whole year and that includes the Std 1. So, just now I asked her class teacher and she told me that there will not be any exam for the Std 1 till mid term which in in May. Phew!

You can’t imagine how relief I felt. A huge burden lifted up. It will be very challenging to get my 2 girls to do their revision and minding a newborn and a toddler at them same time. So now, it is down to one and with my eldest who is in Std 2, she is kinda know what to do. I just have to supervise. :)

How To Get Rid of Whiteheads

Does anyone know how to get rid of whiteheads? I know how to get rid of blackheads. It should be the same right? I can see blackheads on my face but how to see the whiteheads arh? To me all is blackheads and I use egg white to get rid of my blackheads. If I got extra money then I will go to the beauty salon and get the professional to get rid of my blackheads and whiteheads. Talking about whiteheads and blackheads, I sooooo needed a facial spa asap. Anyone can sponsor arh? :lol:

Sideways Expansion

Recently I noticed that my husband is bigger and broader. One of his friends commented the same too. And his tummy bloats too. We are still puzzled about the sideways expansion.

Normally, during my confinement, hubby will put on weight because he will help me finished my confinement food. He will look fat with a more rounded body and face but this time around, his face stays the same but he has broader shoulder now. Maybe it is due to aging eh? The fat goes elsewhere as we grow older.

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