How to Save a Poisoned Dog

On Monday morning, right before the last in laws depart from our house, one of their children saw our dog’s hind legs was shivering uncontrollably. He looked very sick too. We suspected that he ate the poisoned left at the fish pond by one of my brother in laws for the monitor lizard. The monitor lizards have been feasting on our Tilapias.

So, how to save the poisoned dog from dying? MIL said not to give him water as that will expedite his death. Then I remembered what my father did to our dog who accidentally ate poisoned bread. He forced feed the dog with lots of coconut water. To this day, the dog is still alive and healthy.

Told my MIL about it and she made the poisoned dog drink coconut water from 2 coconuts. A few hours later, the dog was up and walking about and to this day, he is still alive. :D The coconut water saved the dog.

Why coconut water? Well, do you know that coconut water has the anti-toxin properties? And it helps to boost your immune system too. Don’t believe me, go Google about the benefit of coconut water.

Here’s a list that I got my search on Coconut Water Health Benefits.

* helps promote weight loss
* boost your immune system
* fight viruses
* boost poor circulation
* aids digestion by removing toxins
* boost thyroid health
* keep body at proper temperature
* carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
* help break up kidney stones
* great for liver problems such as hepatitis
* reduce urinary problems
* helps eliminate swelling in hands and feet
* good for burns
* good for hangovers

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2 Responses

  1. Che-Cheh Says:

    Thanks for the info. I will remember that. Didn’t know coconut water has so many benefits.

  2. chinnee Says:

    can use the same method to human when we get food poisoning or not?