Mar 25

I mentioned that we have more than one suitor right? After getting what they wanted, they have been sticking around to the extend of sleeping over at our place; at our car porch and stealing our dog’s food.

To date, there are 4 of them! Shooing them does not work. So hubby made a few catapult slingshot to scare away these stray dogs.

Catapult Slings

Hubby made one each of our 3 older children. The first catapult slingshot were bought though.

Catapult Slings

The children had fun playing with their new toys yesterday. So does their daddy. ;)

Mar 24
About Making Babies
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We have a bitch at home. For the past few days we more than one “suitor” coming to try their luck in getting “into” her. They got no manners one; they did “it” in the presence of my children! I had a hard time answering my eldest with regards to that.

“Mommy, why did the bigger dog climb on top of Julee?”
“Why did the dog stick his konek into Julee’s bontot?”
“Mommy, it got stuck for a while but thank goodness it came out after a while.”

Time to explain to her about the bird and the bees. On that day, she learned new words like sex, mating, sperm, egg, ovum and making babies. She is very excited to know that her dog will be having babies soon.

Then came another question…“Which dog will be the babies’ daddy?” That took me by surprise, “Huh???” She then told me that there are 2 dogs that climb over Julee and got stuck for a while. Then she figured out by herself that the daddy must be the first dog because his sperm went to find the egg first. *smart girl* (but not necessary though) :P

After that came question like, Why is her tummy still flat? Is she pregnant yet? How long will she be pregnant? When will the babies come out? How does dog give birth? I told her to Google about it then print to read. At the same time, I went to Youtube to search on video about dog giving birth and let her watch. This is the video that she watched.

Mar 23

During the day, my newborn hardly can sleep by herself for more than half an hour unless she is in my arm or sleeping next to her. And she prefers to be carried upright and must walk around while carrying her. She will cry if you sit down. Since I need to cook fried rice for my other 4 children, I tried putting her in this kangaroo pouch position.


2 Months Old in a Sling

She does not look happy in it though. Not because she is uncomfortable but she is sleepy. Just a few second after I snap the above photo, she dozed off!


Baby Sleeping in a Kangaroo Pouch

Then I start my cooking. She slept in the sling in the kangaroo pouch position for more than half an hour! Must be very comfy in it but I prefer not to let her sleep in this position often because she is too young to be seated upright; not good for her backbone.

Mar 17

Why they are super duper cute felt hairclips? Because they are handmade by yours truly. :D

I never plan to make any hairclips or even continue my sewing after giving birth to my fifth child. I know my time will be occupied by my 2 babies. When I am not nursing my youngest, I need to give my attention to my 2nd youngest so that he will not feel neglected. And I have 3 others that crave for my attention too.

Amazingly, I found time to make these super duper cute hairclips.

felt hairclip

My first attempt in making felt hairclips. I used my leftover material from Mr Plattie.

flower felt

After shopping for more colourful felt.

bunny felt

My girl wants something cuter. Here comes the bunny.

animals felt

More cute animal felt hairclips. They are all for my niece in Kuching.

They are flying with my mom there today. ;)

pencil case

This probably is my last batch of felt hairclips.

A bigger pencil case for my eldest daughter and cute puppy hairclips for my daughters and another niece.

It all began when my sister showed me on FB the felt hairclips done by her friend who are selling them. Looking at them, they does not look that difficult to sew. So I told my sister that I’ll try to make some for her daughter. I had so much fun making them but only when my newborn is asleep and my 23mo is being occupied by his older siblings. The 2nd batch of felt hairclips took me 2 weeks to complete! Maybe when my newborn is not so newborn anymore and more independent like she can cruise in the walker and chase her kor kors and jie jies, I’ll make more to sell. ;)

Mar 14
Baby Tortoise
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Hubby went to the trench again in an attempt to at least catch a fish. He even bought a fish net this time. Well, a leech bite his foot again! Confirm that he got lots of dirty blood. :lol:

This time, no fish but he caught a baby tortoise which has become our children’s pet.

baby tortoise

Mar 12

My host has not been replying my emails, text messages and call with regards to the suspension of my blog at I am really saddened by his silence. He used to be a very nice and helpful online friend but why the sudden change in attitude, I wonder. You can never be too busy to reply a text message or pick up the phone and tell me “Sorry, I have no money to pay the host to get them to unsuspended the domain. I need money to pay for my loan kah, my kids are hospitalised and I am short of cash etc.”

At least tell me what’s going on. Don’t give me hope that I get to see my blog which I wrote about my children’s milestones. At least I can mourn for the death of my blog and all the memories that I have blogged.

Does anyone know how to get back all my post on a suspended blog?

Mar 5
Saturday Mudness
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Read all about it here :

Instead of bringing home fish, hubby brought home a leech!


Thank God the leech chose hubby’s foot and not the children! Can you imagine the madness if the leech decided to choose my children feet? I think I will scream louder than them. :lol:

Mar 5
Breastfeeding in Comfort
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Sometimes breastfeeding a newborn and a toddler can be very backbreaking even when I nurse them lying down. And especially when I am not sleepy. If I am sleepy, I will doze off while they nurse and I don’t feel the tiredness of leaning sideways for a long period of time.

I wish I can afford to buy the reclining loveseat sofa. I am imagining myself nursing both my babies on the loveseat while watching my favorite channel on Astro; TLC.

Mar 3
ISO 9001:2000 Certified Hospital
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The nurses in my time and my mom’s time are very different. They have transformed from a monster nurses to angel nurses. Thanks to the ISO certification with one of their policies of being patient friendly. If any of the patients issued an official complaint/s, SIRIM will cancel their ISO certification. All their handwork will go down the drain.

Every single thing that they do must be documented. There’s pros and cons having a ISO certification. The customers will be satisfied if the organization really follow the procedures but the administrative staffs are not happy with lost of paper works. ;)