How To Embarrass Your Parents

There are many ways to embarrass your parents, with or without their presence. Just Google it. This is what my girls (8yo n 7yo) did to embarrass us. It happened on Monday at her school canteen.

It is recess time. My 7yo daughter do not feel like eating. Obviously she did not bring along her purse with her to the canteen. So she told her sister that she does not want to eat and does not have any money with her to buy food. My 8yo insisted that everyone must eat during recess time. So she brought her 7yo sister to see one of the teachers and told her that my 7yo does not have money to buy food. So, the teacher told the canteen lady to let my 7yo eat on credit! Isn’t that embarrassing to the parents? I wonder what went on the teacher’s mind. That I did not give pocket money to my 7yo? That I am too poor to provide pocket money for both my girls?

Here’s the conversation we had in the car on the way back from school.

Me: What did you eat in school just now?
8yo: Chicken Rice
Me: Clarissa?
8yo: She told me she does not have money.
Me: Cannot be. I gave her some money. (reach for the purse in her school back to check. confirm, there’s money in it)
7yo: I don’t want to eat but Jie Jie forced me to eat.
8yo: Yalar, it recess time. Everyone must eat.
Me: So, you shared your Chicken Rice with your sister?
8yo: No. I brought her to see the teacher. The teacher say something to the canteen lady and Clarissa must pay tomorrow.
Me : LOL!

My 8yo meant well. She has no intention of embarrassing us. My 8yo is just like her daddy. When it is meal time, whether you are hungry or not, you have to eat, whether you feel like eating or not. My 7yo is just like me. We only eat when we feel hungry and sometimes, we just don’t feel like eating.

Obsessed with Body Shaping

One of my mommy blogger friends is obsessed with body shaping. I am not so sure whether she takes any diet pills to help her slim down after her 4th child but she did mention in FB that she heads the gym 4 times a week. Her tummy is so flat now and looks flawless too! She is aiming to get a body age of 10 years younger than her actual age.; she got 5 more years to go. Hmm…10 years younger. That would be at 27yo for me. My tummy wasn’t that flat when I was at 27yo. The flattest was when I was 17yo and after I got my 4th child. :D

Anyway, what happened to all the stretch marks??? I did get back my flat tummy after giving birth to my 4th child but the ugly stretch marks stayed. Must ask her on that. :)

As for me now, I can’t be obsessed with body shaping now because I am still breastfeeding, not one but 2 babies! Both mine but not twins; tandem nursing. ;) Maybe I should start doing some stretching and sit ups while waiting for the eldest to wean off my boobs. ;)

Step Stools for Children

I can’t wait for my 2nd and 3rd child to grow tall enough to reach the switches. Life would be slightly easier for me. They can switch on the lights, the fan and also the TV switches all by themselves without needing to scream for mommy to help especially when I am occupied with my newborn, sewing or on the net. ;) Sometimes they would use chair as their step stool but at times, they just want to bother mommy! Argghhhh! I know, I know, they just want my attention. ;) Maybe I should buy step stools for children to be placed at all the strategic places; bedroom, bathroom, toilet and TV room. Then they have no reason to bother me. :lol:

The Best Liquid to Drink When You Are Sick

What is the best liquid to drink when you are sick? Not water, not juices and not isotonic drink. The best liquid to drink when you are sick is BREAST MILK! :lol: Everyone knows that breast milk helps to strengthen our babies’ immune system. I read somewhere recently that an old man that was very sick got his health improved after drinking breast milk (not straight from the source ok! :P ).

And you know what, my 2yo knows which is the best liquid for him to drink when he was having fever just few days ago. He refused to drink water, does not want 100Plus either which he will drink even when we prevent him from drinking when he is healthy, does not want barley drink either and definitely no formula milk for him. All he wanted was my breast milk. He clings to them almost the whole day. Amazingly his temperature return back to normal the next day.

I still have not tried giving my breast milk to my older children when they fall sick. I must try one day and I will let you know whether it really work on them. ;)

No Cats Allowed

My children has been asking me for a pet cat. Not that I never like cat before. I grew up with 8 cats at one time. A few incidents after I grew older makes me dislike them. As I grew older, I just don’t like the feeling when the cat brushes my legs; it felt so ticklish. When I was in campus, a cat jump on my lap while I was eating my lunch. After I got married, a kitten pooed on the mattress; twice! I hate the stinking cat poo smell.

They stopped asking for a pet cat now because their grandfather rears one now to help him get rid of the rats in their house. So, when my children ask for a pet cat, I told them that they can go to their grandparent’s house to play with it but no bringing the cat home. At the same time, their pet dog is pregnant now. In a month time, there will be lots of puppies at home and that will keep their mind of cats. :D I don’t mind having puppies at home because they can live and poo outdoor.

5 Kids and a Quiet House

My house is awfully quiet when all of my 5 children naps; like right now. ;) And there will be no crying or screaming when my no. 2 is not in the house. Without her there won’t be much laughter too! She is the mischievous one and a cheerful girl.

I thank God that He blessed me with good children. Even when they are sick, they don’t make much fuss about it. Either they will sleep and sleep or play till they sweat it out. Administering paracetamol is not a problem too like most children. They will willingly drink their medicine. The best part is they will listen to me when they are sick. Drink lots of water; they drink. Eat your fruits; they eat. Sorry, no chocolate milk; no fuss. Go rest and sleep; they sleep.

I cannot ask for more. :D

Tau Sar Pau or Steamed Bun with Red Bean Paste

Now is Tau Sar Pau phase! Hot steamy buns with sweet, creamy and smooth bean paste filling. We have been making Tau Sar Pau since last week. And we still have not get enough of it. Looks like we will be making steamed buns until we got bored eating them.

tau sar paured bean paste filling

Last night, we allowed our children to play with the pau dough. They had so much fun rolling, pulling and twisting the pau dough. And here is the result of their effort of making steamed bun. This time we have 2 types of steamed buns; one with the red bean paste and another with sausages.

steamed buns

Kids Make Birthday Cake

Last week, we celebrated my youngest son 2nd birthday. Yup! My cutie pie finally turn 2yo! And he is still not talking yet. But he is picking up fast. It is like all of a sudden, he decided that he wants to talk so he has been echoing us very often now. On his birthday, we did not hold any birthday party for him but we had fun making and decorating his birthday cake. This is the first time I make buttercream frosting on my own. ;)


My 3 older kids helped me with the batter.


Then decorating them.

cute birthday cake

Here is the end result. Not bad huh?


Here is my 2yo pretending to be in awe at his birthday cake. ;)

Next month, there will be another cake to make and decorate. My eldest will turn 8yo next month and she wants us to bake a chocolate cake with chocolate topping and decorations; all chocolate. :D

When Can I Be Rich

When I am driving and an MPV passes by, I often hope that one day, I will drive one too. Not just drive one but own an MPV. As you all know, we are a family of 7 now. Soon, our sedan can no longer fit all of us unless we drive 2 cars when we go out. Knowing our financial status, we can never afford an MPV with the current unpredictable income. I should be grateful with whatever we have and I have made up my mind that we will travel in 2 cars when the children are older. I can drive what; don’t be so pampered lar. :P If we need to travel out of Melaka for a holiday, we will just rent an MPV. It is way cheaper than paying installment of RM1k per month for 7-9 years!

Yesterday, when fetching my 2nd daughter from her piano lesson, my eldest tag along. She took a peek inside the piano teacher’s house. She said, “Wow! Che Che Prisca is so rich, Mommy.” right infront of her and her dad. Yikes! Later in the car, she asked when can we be rich like them. I told her to pray about it. ;) She then told me that she wants to study to become a doctor, earn a lot of money, give to mommy and daddy, buy a big house with swimming pool and a nice car. Kids and their dream.

Hubby on the other hand is quite optimist about this. He believes that one day God will bless us and we can afford to buy an MPV. Let’s wait and pray. I’ll tell you when our prayer has been answered. ;)

New Year for the Dead – Cheng Beng

cheng beng party

Check this out! This is my paternal grandparent’s grave. Last week, my dad and his siblings celebrated Cheng Beng which is also known as the New Year for the Dead. You see the varieties of food that was being offered to them. Even during Chinese New Year we do not have that much food. Those are my grandparent’s favorite food and fruits. Hmmmm…I don’t see any Aiskrim Soda in that dark brown bottle and Cadbury Chocolate this time around. They are my grandma’s favorite. They used to offer that to her every year; I wonder why.

Cheng Beng is also a yearly “party” and family gathering for my dad’s family. Everyone will be at the same place at the same time; not even during CNY. After the prayer, they will feast on those food.



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