Kids Make Birthday Cake

Last week, we celebrated my youngest son 2nd birthday. Yup! My cutie pie finally turn 2yo! And he is still not talking yet. But he is picking up fast. It is like all of a sudden, he decided that he wants to talk so he has been echoing us very often now. On his birthday, we did not hold any birthday party for him but we had fun making and decorating his birthday cake. This is the first time I make buttercream frosting on my own. ;)


My 3 older kids helped me with the batter.


Then decorating them.

cute birthday cake

Here is the end result. Not bad huh?


Here is my 2yo pretending to be in awe at his birthday cake. ;)

Next month, there will be another cake to make and decorate. My eldest will turn 8yo next month and she wants us to bake a chocolate cake with chocolate topping and decorations; all chocolate. :D

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2 Responses

  1. smallkucing Says:

    what you mean not bad? It’s wonderful la…Happy Belated Birthday to you

  2. chinnee Says:

    wah..miche, i have been making buttercream and until now still cannot sapu on cake that smooth. how to do that ah?