5 Kids and a Quiet House

My house is awfully quiet when all of my 5 children naps; like right now. ;) And there will be no crying or screaming when my no. 2 is not in the house. Without her there won’t be much laughter too! She is the mischievous one and a cheerful girl.

I thank God that He blessed me with good children. Even when they are sick, they don’t make much fuss about it. Either they will sleep and sleep or play till they sweat it out. Administering paracetamol is not a problem too like most children. They will willingly drink their medicine. The best part is they will listen to me when they are sick. Drink lots of water; they drink. Eat your fruits; they eat. Sorry, no chocolate milk; no fuss. Go rest and sleep; they sleep.

I cannot ask for more. :D

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