Tau Sar Pau or Steamed Bun with Red Bean Paste

Now is Tau Sar Pau phase! Hot steamy buns with sweet, creamy and smooth bean paste filling. We have been making Tau Sar Pau since last week. And we still have not get enough of it. Looks like we will be making steamed buns until we got bored eating them.

tau sar paured bean paste filling

Last night, we allowed our children to play with the pau dough. They had so much fun rolling, pulling and twisting the pau dough. And here is the result of their effort of making steamed bun. This time we have 2 types of steamed buns; one with the red bean paste and another with sausages.

steamed buns

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2 Responses

  1. sue Says:

    Wow… those paus really look fluffy wor, and I would go for the sausage ones as I don’t really fancy tau sar. Is the dough easy to do?

  2. chinnee Says:

    miche, qiqi loves tau sar pau and we drive out to buy at least twice night every week. can share the recipe?