No Cats Allowed

My children has been asking me for a pet cat. Not that I never like cat before. I grew up with 8 cats at one time. A few incidents after I grew older makes me dislike them. As I grew older, I just don’t like the feeling when the cat brushes my legs; it felt so ticklish. When I was in campus, a cat jump on my lap while I was eating my lunch. After I got married, a kitten pooed on the mattress; twice! I hate the stinking cat poo smell.

They stopped asking for a pet cat now because their grandfather rears one now to help him get rid of the rats in their house. So, when my children ask for a pet cat, I told them that they can go to their grandparent’s house to play with it but no bringing the cat home. At the same time, their pet dog is pregnant now. In a month time, there will be lots of puppies at home and that will keep their mind of cats. :D I don’t mind having puppies at home because they can live and poo outdoor.

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