Sinful Breakfast

char tar kuay with chocolate fondue

We had a sinful breakfast today. Char Tar Kuay with Chocolate Fondue. We also had a cup of Hot Lemon Tea to balance it up. If I am not breast feeding, the most I will take is a small bite. So fattening yet so satisfying. Love taste of the warm creamy chocolate on a crispy Char Tar Kuay. Sedap, I tell you.

Exam for 5yo Kindy

Yes! Exam is finally over and the school holiday is here for my Primary school girls. No holiday for my 5yo kindy though. Not only that, come Tuesday, he will have to sit for the mid term exam! His teachers even pasted in his Message book the exam scope. At first I planned to get him to do his revision after I am done coaching his sisters.

While I was going through his books yesterday, I felt so tired mentally. “Nah! Only 5yo what, why do you need to stress up yourself to get him to do revision?” I had enough with my 2 girls and I want a break too from teaching. My 5yo has no interest at all to do revision and I am not going to nag, bribe, reward or even scream at him to do it. He is only 5yo what. It is also no fun to know that his sisters are having holiday and he has to go to school and sit for exam some more!

Anyway, he and his 2nd sister went missing first thing in the morning. They quietly phoned their grandfather to fetch them to his house.

Exam Fever

The daughters having exam, the mother having exam fever! And the daughters are in Primary Two and One. They are ONLY in Primary One and Two. That’s why they need their mother to help and guide them to do revision for the exam. When they are older, they can kaotim by themselves. Correct or not? ;)

The are going to have their BM paper any moment now. I think we have covered all the topics that will be tested. Tomorrow, they will sit for the Chinese paper. Thank God today got Chinese tuition. I asked their tuition teacher to help them with the revision but they can’t do must within 2 hours.

I can’t sleep last night thinking about it. I slept at almost 3am! I think I got under eye dark circles already. I can’t sleep because I kept thinking about preparing additional Chinese exercise for my Primary One but I am not capable to do that coz I am a Banana Mommy remember. I should have bought more than just one exercise book. :(

Being A Banana Mommy

The term “Banana” refers to a person who is “yellow” on the outside but “white” in the inside; just like a banana. Yellow refers to a Chinese and White, the English/American. A Chinese who does not speak his/her native language like Mandarin, Hokkien or Cantonese. Instead he/she speak only English. I am one of them except I am not that yellow, more of brownish yellow. Anyway, I am a Malaysian Chinese who is also a Nyonya; Straits born Chinese who does not speak any Chinese dialect.

Because of my Chinese look, some Chinese people can’t understand why I don’t speak their language. When I was studying in Penang, I got scolded by an old man for not answering him in Hokkien. I met him at a petrol station. I never went back to that petrol station after that incident. I often get ignored when I ordered food when I was in Penang. So I make sure my children does not have to go through the same as me. I enrolled them in Chinese medium school.

Coming from a family who does not speak or read Chinese, my girls and their mommy too have to work extra hard before sitting for an examination. I make sure they memorize the Chinese characters for Science and Maths terms. As for Chinese itself, I leave it to their tuition teacher to help them.

Oh ya! They have to put extra effort in understanding the Malay words also. I am a Nyonya whom first language was Malay but I hardly speak Malay to them. They pick up Malay from their grandparents and maid. hehe.

I am so tired now. Doing revision with 2 children is so tiring. Thank God my 3rd child exam starts a week after my girls.

The Birth of a Dozen Puppies

a dozen puppies

The birth of a dozen puppies that we missed. :( My eldest daughter was disappointed coz she did not get to witness the birth these puppies. She was looking forward to this day since she saw 2 dogs “climbed up” on her dog, Julee. When I woke up this morning at 7.30am, the maid excitedly told me that the dog has given birth to 12 puppies. All my children are excited to have so many cute lil puppies in their own home.

I feel so stress up hearing some of the puppies crying. 12 puppies but only 8 tits. And this Julee dun wanna open her legs wide apart. Macam mana the puppies wanna get to their source of food??? Aiyo! Felt like picking those crying puppies to nurse them myself. Can arh? :lol:

Hubby told the children that some of the puppies will die; be prepared. That’s a sad thing to know. Why must some of them die? I am sure we can help to keep all of them alive. Can we?

Where is the Old Uncle?

Before I gave birth to my 5th child, I often buy breakfast for my girls at this particular restaurant. There is an old uncle who attends me each time I buy fried kuay teow or fried beehoon for my girls. We stopped buying when I stopped sending them to school during my confinement period. Even after I started sending them to school again, my girls have changed their appetite and do not want to eat the food from the restaurant. Out of the blue, my eldest asked for fried kuay teow from that restaurant last week.

At the restaurant, I was looking around for the old uncle. He is no where in sight. The first thing that came to my mind; “Did he died recently?” Then a lady approached me to ask what I wanted. I asked her about the old uncle. I was told that he is very sick now; bedridden due to diabetes. Oh! I thought he went to Heaven already.


We have less one car now. The car that I have claimed to be mine since I am pregnant with my 5th child. Hubby’s car. No, we did not sell it to get an MPV or RV, not even the insurance quote. The car is still in our possession but we can’t drive it on the road coz the road tax and insurance has expired. We are still looking for the lowest car insurance quote. Not many insurance company wants to sell car insurance to an old car and those who sells them are pretty expensive so we are still scouting around to get the lowest insurance premium possible.

The Hardest Gift for Mother’s Day

A few days before Mother’s Day, my 3rd child came back with a Mother’s Day card. Then the rest started asking me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I told them that I do not want any gift from them. I just want a peaceful house on that day. No one can quarrel, fight, scream or cry except for the 2 babies in the house. Only laughter is allowed. I got an instantaneous reply from my eldest girl. “Mommy, that is the hardest Mother’s Day gift. It is impossible. Sure cannot one. Just tell us what do you want. We will use our own money to buy gifts for you.” :lol:

A day before Mother’s Day, my children agreed to take up the challenge to behave, not make me angry and be my arms and legs. Wah! I am gonna have 3 Angels on Mother’s Day. The smaller 2 not counted lar, they still small dunno anything yet.

On Mother’s Day, getting them ready for church was super easy. No one complaint about the clothing that I laid out for them to wear for church. They ate their breakfast without complaining too. They helped carry the water tumbler and bag with no whining. I even sent them to sit together with the other children during service with no objection. They made a bracelet for me and told me that they will remember to say “Thank You” for everything that I do for them.

Almost perfect until after church. The moment they stepped into the car on a hot Sunday afternoon, they lost it and started to fight to sit in middle to get the most air-cond.

Someone commented in my FB status; it is the thought that counts. At least they make an effort to behave well on that day.

Oh! How I wish they will behave like an angel every day.

Toyota Corolla

I have been driving Toyota Corolla a few months after I gave birth to my first child. I have to let go of my new Kancil because I want to save the installment money for her future and the stroller that I got from my uncle is too big to fit into a Kancil. My eldest child is 8 years old now and my Toyota Corolla is still serving me faithfully.

Throughout the 8 years we only need to send for repair less than 8 times. Yup! Not even once a year and the Toyota Corolla that I am driving is older than me! I think I fall sick for often than my car. ;) We do take good car of the car like frequent engine oil and filter change. It was a blessing working in a lubricating oil manufacturing company, I did not have to spend much on the engine oil. ;)

We do plan to buy an MPV since we are a family of 7 now. I don’t think we will sell our Toyota Corolla; it has no more market value. I think we will use it till it kaput for good and sell it as old junk. If there is an 11 seater MPV by Toyota with affordable price, we would consider buying it since we know its quality and durability.

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Still producing for TWO.

My last post on breastfeeding was in February. Since then, nothing has change much about my breastfeeding journey. My 4th child turned 2 years old last month and he hardly drink formula milk. The most he will drink is an ounce! Whenever he sees that I am free from nursing his baby sister, he will hop on my lap and request for mommy’s milk. Even when I am still carrying his baby sister, he will ask me to put his sister down! At times when I am nursing his baby sister, he will help himself with the other boob if I allow him.

I think I “spoiled” him. During the first few days after giving birthday to his baby sister, every time my breast is engorged, I get him to suck it. Sometimes 2-3 times per night. He got so used to it and now he still wakes up 2-3 times every night to have a dose of mommy’s milk. Even though my newborn sleeps through the night for at least 8 hours before looking for mommy’s milk, I still can’t enjoy sleeping 6-8 hours straight. I have to wake up for my 2yo. If I don’t he will cry till he gets it.

I thank God that my body can still produce breast milk for 2 until this day. Never once my newborn did not have enough because her kor kor is drinking at the same time. The more kor kor drinks, the more milk mei mei will get. My newborn often cry not because she does not have enough but she is getting more than she wants. After she is full, she just wants to suckle to sleep but milk is still flowing out. She will cry out loud because she does not want anymore. At times, I was so tempted to give her the pacifier but I did not. What I did was, I get her kor kor to almost empty the side she wants to suckle then pass back to her. No more fast flowing milk and she will be happily suckles it to sleep.

I have no intention to wean my 2yo. As long as he wants my milk, I will let him drink. Breast milk is the best medicine too. When he had fever recently, he refused water, don’t even want 100Plus and hardly eat any solid. All he wants was my boobs. With some paracetamol syrup to bring down his temperature and breast milk almost the whole day, he got better the next day.

I got the feeling that he will “hang around” as long as I have milk in my boobs. ;)

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