Neat French Braided Hair

french braided hair

This is my first time having my hair braided/plaited the French style. My helper braided it for me. After seeing how neat she French braided my 2nd daughter’s hair, I got her to do mine. It was so tight that I feel my face was really stretched up. Kinda good right? Killing 2 birds with one stone. I got a neat braided hair and also a face lift! :lol: Next, I’ll get her to bun up my hair. :)

5 Months Old Baby

5 months old baby

Time really flies. As I am typing this, my 5th child is more than 5 months old. In less than a month time, I’ll start her on solid food. We will start with fruits puree first then slowly to veggie with organic millet. No meat or fish till she is over 8 months old. I want to raise another veggie lover in my family; just like my 4th child. :D

I introduced the walker to all my children at 5 months old because I want them to get use to it and sit upright by the time they reach 6 months old. I prefer to feed them when they are sitting upright and not lying down in a bouncing net or baby car seat. I will also teach them to drink from the bottle with straw. Since she is still breastfeeding and I am lazy to spoon feed her water and I don’t intend to introduce the puting to her, drinking using straw is the best way to get more liquid into her body. :)

I know some doctors don’t encourage letting our babies sit in a walker but it is the most convenient and hygienic way for my children to grow up. I live in a kampung house remember? And it is difficult to keep my floor squeaky clean especially with 4 other small children, 9 puppies (2 puppies given away) and a maid that sometimes walk barefoot outdoor and then comes inside the house without washing her feet, so does my younger ones!

Civet Cat / Musang Pandan

3 days ago a baby civet cat (musang pandan) came into our house. All this while we only hear them running on our roof chasing after rats. I guess that day this baby civet cat got scared when the coconut plucker plucks the coconut and disturbed his home. After coming into our house, the civet cat couldn’t find the way out. The civet cat ended up in my bedroom. Hubby managed to catch it with a fishing net. Unfortunately, hubby’s finger got bitten by the civet cat when trying to grab hold of it.

civet cat

Hubby managed to transfer the civet cat from the fishing net to a big plastic bag then into a cage. One of my SILs told us that a restaurant might want to buy it. After a phone call, the restaurant chef didn’t want a baby civet cat. I posted about it on FB and a friend is interested in it; he wants to cook herbal soup with the civet cat!

musang pandan

The next morning, the civet cat was no longer in the cage. It escaped through another door which we did not notice. The door was close but not lock. Well, not his fate to end up in someone’s bowl of herbal soup. I did tell hubby to let it go but hubby worried that the civet cat will eat our puppies. I hope he won’t.

Forgotten Birthday

It is ok to forget anniversaries but it is not ok to forget your own flesh and blood birthday. I was very upset for forgetting my first born son’s birthday. Thank God he is a very understanding boy. He even told me that since it is his birthday, he is not angry at me for forgetting his birthday. In his own words, “Mommy, I cannot get angry on my birthday.” Throughout the day, when I lost my temper, he will remind me this, “Mommy, today is my birthday, you cannot get angry at me also.”

A few things happened a week before his birthday that took my mind away from remembering his birthday. First, I got mastitis. That got me worried sick coz I do not want to go under the knife again to remove the puss. There was fever for a few days, swollen breast, headaches and backache. I am not completely healed yet, my MIL was admitted to the hospital due to appendicitis and a day after that, one of my nieces got admitted to the hospital to get her nose bridge stitch by a plastic surgeon due to a fall. After each trip to the hospital, I fell sick again. I figured that my immune system is not strong enough to shield all those viruses that are floating around in the hospitals.

On the day that my MIL got discharged from the hospital, hubby came home wishing his son, “Happy Birthday”. I was busy helping one of my SILs in the kitchen preparing lunch. I was baffled. “Really arh? Today is his birthday meh? Today is June 12? OMG! I totally forgotten that today is his birthday.” I left the kitchen, brought my 5yo son along with me to buy a birthday cake for him. That is the least I can do for forgetting his birthday. I actually planned to have a birthday party for him months before his birthday. Sadly, when the day come, I did not buy any cheap gifts and gift baskets also.

To compensate my forgetfulness, we brought him to McD for dinner that night and the next day, we brought him shopping to pick toys of his choice.

Teach Me How To Be Rich

I have enough of having just enough every month and sometimes, not enough. I want to be rich. Can someone teach me how to be rich? To start with, I have none. You need money to make more money. It is kind of impossible for me to be rich coz I am a SAHM. I don’t even buy lottery. One thing that I notice in those rich people is that they are very stingy. Even one cent counts. Maybe I should try this method in my quest to be rich. Save as much as I could with the little that I have.

How To De-Stress The Girlish Way

How to de-stress the girlish way? I’m sure all of you know the answer without me needing to tell you. Yup! C.R.Y.

And I just did that yesterday. I am not ashamed to tell the www. I am no superwoman or supermom. I am just an ordinary person living life. I tried doing the breathing in and out thingy to cool down but it did not help in my situation.

Imagine having 5 children aged 8, 6.5, 5, 2 and a 5mo baby. The baby is crying for milk and sleep. The 6.5yo trying very hard to keep the 5mo baby from crying. The 8yo was too engross with her book. The 5yo accidentally spilled his Barley drink. The 2yo accidentally spilled his barley drink and the barley beans all over the floor. Next the Mommy who just came out from the bathroom saw her 2yo shaking his cloth nappy to get rid of his poo poo. The poo poo dropped on the floor on a few spots. Told him to stay put but to no avail.

Floor in a mess, toddler needs to be washed and a screaming baby needs milk. This is easy peasy when the Mommy is not sick. Unfortunately all this happened when the Mommy is still in pain due to mastitis, still feverish and having a bad backache; she can’t even bend down to lift up her 6.75kg 5mo baby.

After cleaning her toddler, instructed the 3 older kids to clean up the floor and while breastfeeding her 5mo, she breathed in and out but it did not release the stress that has built up. She cried. She felt so much better after that.

The hubby came home to a peaceful home. Today, the maid is with the Mommy almost the whole day and everything went about smoothly. Why lar trials come when she is all by myself with her 5 children?

Too Engrossed Watching Korean Drama

My hubby loves watching Korean drama because of their pretty and sweet actresses. Recently, he got me to join him watching Baby Faced Beauty on Direct TV that made me all emotional and softy. I cried so much watching Episode 11. I got hooked to it due to the suspense and drama. Now, I am a Korean drama addict too! :lol: I can’t wait for Episode 12. ;)

When I am too engrossed watching the Korean drama, even my children’s call I can’t hear. This is dangerous eh. What if someone breaks into the house while I’m watching the Korean drama? What if someone kidnap my children during that time too? I better call the home security to check their home security system package. I can watch my favorite Korean drama with a peace of mind that my home and my children is safe.

Appendix Ruptured

Can anyone survive when their appendix ruptured? From what I heard from the people around me, many died hours after their appendix ruptured. One of my mom’s neighbours who was also our close relative died when her appendix ruptured during surgery. Praise God the same did not happened to my MIL.

She complained of severe pain on her abdomen early this morning and we admitted her to the hospital. After CT scan was done around 12noon, the doctor told us that her appendix has ruptured. Thank God the surgery went well and she is still alive and kicking recuperating in the ward now. :D Thank you to those who have prayed for her.

I was there at the hospital with my youngest baby, hubby, BIL n SIL to admit her. Cute babies always get attention from the young nurses in white nursing scrub tops. I think my baby likes the uniform that they bought from She kept smiling at them and wanted to grab their uniforms.

Recipe for Sey Ark is Online Now

Have any of you tried the Nyonya Braised Duck which we call it Sey Ark? I tried Goggling for it in a few different spelling like Sek Ak, Say Ark, Sek Ark and Sey Ak but no recipe for the Nyonya Braised Duck appears. My BIL the Chef, also tried the same but he couldn’t find any recipe online. So what he did was, when he was here, he bought a duck and some pork belly and get my MIL to help him cook the Sey Ark (Ark = Duck in Chinese). He and his 3rd daughter jotted down the recipe and how to cook the Sey Ark.

Then come my part, I placed the recipe online at my Simple Recipe blog.

sey ark

Click on the picture for the recipe. :D

The Boys are Back

It is a week into the school holiday now. Yesterday, a family left in the morning and 3 families arrived in the afternoon. They are hubby’s brothers and their family. When the boys come together, the cutting tools will be fully utilized. They will find something to cut or something to build. Boys will be boys, they just loves cutting tools. This is also the time for them to bond again as brothers. My youngest son would be very happy coz someone is “playing” with the forbidden tools. This is the time he can get his hands on them. :)

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