Civet Cat / Musang Pandan

3 days ago a baby civet cat (musang pandan) came into our house. All this while we only hear them running on our roof chasing after rats. I guess that day this baby civet cat got scared when the coconut plucker plucks the coconut and disturbed his home. After coming into our house, the civet cat couldn’t find the way out. The civet cat ended up in my bedroom. Hubby managed to catch it with a fishing net. Unfortunately, hubby’s finger got bitten by the civet cat when trying to grab hold of it.

civet cat

Hubby managed to transfer the civet cat from the fishing net to a big plastic bag then into a cage. One of my SILs told us that a restaurant might want to buy it. After a phone call, the restaurant chef didn’t want a baby civet cat. I posted about it on FB and a friend is interested in it; he wants to cook herbal soup with the civet cat!

musang pandan

The next morning, the civet cat was no longer in the cage. It escaped through another door which we did not notice. The door was close but not lock. Well, not his fate to end up in someone’s bowl of herbal soup. I did tell hubby to let it go but hubby worried that the civet cat will eat our puppies. I hope he won’t.

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