Cute Custom-Made Dolls

Still remember my cute Mr. Plattie? That is the first and last time I make custom-made dolls. I planned to make more custom-made dolls like penguin, owls and piglets but with 5 children who still need all the attention that I can give, I can’t find time to sew again. :( Right now, I am ogling at the custom-made dolls knitted by Samm. She is so creative. Anyway, do check out the link in this post. Their custom-made dolls are so adorable. Go see for yourself. ;)

Holiday Invitations

We often receive birthday invitations, wedding invitation, engagement and baby shower invitations. Anyone received holiday invitations before? An invitation to join your friend or family members on a holiday. It is something like church camp. We have to plan months ahead and the organizer must work really hard to make room reservation, transportation and the itinerary.

The school holiday is coming soon. If I plan for a kampung holiday for a small fee, I wonder how many would come. I opened up my kampung house for this weekend at a very low fee but only 2 responded. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes shared them off even before they step foot here. :lol: Kampung, sure got mozzie lar. :P

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Weaning Gradually with Love

My 4th child is now 27 months old. Recently I got tired of breastfeeding 2 babies (my body can’t take it anymore – am listening to my body) and decided to wean my toddler. He wakes up 2-3 a night to nurse unlike his baby sister who wakes up only once after 6-8 hours of sleep. Due to it, I have been sleep deprived for more than 2 years.

How do I wean my toddler from breastfeeding? Well, I don’t like the old fashion way of weaning like putting ointment, spicy or bitter stuff on the nipples. I don’t like the idea of physically “torturing” my child. I want it to be as natural as possible and with lots of love. So I wean my Baby (I still call him Baby!) gradually. It takes time. Hey! I am not rushing to go anywhere, anyway. ;)

So this is what I did and still doing. I try to distract him with food, toys and activities. When he is occupied with those stuff, he doesn’t think about mommy’s milk. At night, before bedtime, I normally give him 6oz of formula milk and sometimes, we ate supper together. When his tummy is full, he can sleep through the night.

He does wake up in the middle of the night, looking for mommy’s milk. Sometimes, I sternly tell him to go back to sleep. Sometimes, I tell him that his baby sister wants to drink at that time (you see, he loves his baby sister and always give in to her) and sometimes, I just let him nurse for comfort.

Now it is down to once a day, maximum. Last week, he didn’t even look for my milk for 3 days in a row. He was too occupied playing with his cousins for morning till night.

Last Sunday, when he sees another toddler his age drinking her mommy’s milk, he asked for his too! :) Even though I tell him “No”, he insisted because he sees that I am not busy with his baby sister. We were in the Mother’s Room in church you see. So, I gave.

I will still nurse him from time to time. Just to lepaskan gian. ;)

Truly Blessed

I am so blessed. I may not be blessed financially but I am blessed with things that money can’t buy.

I am blessed with a very loving, God-fearing, patience, soft-spoken, and good looking husband.

I am blessed with 5 beautiful and perfect children. They are very obedient too. I thank God that their temperament is more like their daddy’s. :D This is main reason taking care of 5 children is kinda easy for me.

I am blessed with soft-spoken, caring and gentle MIL. The hubby sure got this good quality from his mom. ;)

I am blessed to be able to stay near my parent’s place. They are always there when I needed them. Even when they are not there, I have a younger sister who will come to the rescue. In one of the coming weekends, I won’t have hubby, my mom and sister around to help me but my sister will bring her kindy’s maid to come stay with me and my dad at my parent’s place. I am truly blessed.

Even when I do not have anyone to help me. God personally helps me. He will give me extra strength and patience to go through the weeks when I have no helper at all. Even when I was in my early days of pregnancy, I can carry heavy stuff and do mopping. I am truly blessed.

Durian is Fattening!

You know what? I don’t think my desire to fit and look sexy in skinny jean will come true by end of this month. The last time I was helperless, I lose 5kg. So I was thinking that I can loose 5kg this time around too. Unfortunately, my mom has been feeding me with all types of durian every day. Today, she even made “pengat durian” to be eaten with steamed glutinous rice. There goes my 5kg. Instead of loosing 5kg, I put on 1kg in a week time! :( I should have not learnt how to eat durian again. 8 years ago, I don’t eat durian at all. Just the durian smell can make me gag. *sigh*

Homeschooling Scholarships

Homeschooling here is quite costly because it is still new here. Only a handful parents homeschool their children. We do not have our own homeschool syllabus. Most homeschoolers here follow the US, UK or Australia’s homeschool programme. So you can imagine how much we have to pay for the books, tuition and exam fees. It is not so costly if you have many children though; some programme is based per family basis like ATI but when it comes to high education, I don’t think I can afford to send them to overseas university unless we can get scholarship.

One of hubby’s nephews who is a homeschooler is considering studying at Hillsong College in Australia. He just got his SAT result. He told me that there aren’t any course here that he is interested in. You see, not many colleges accept SAT result.

Looks like I have to reconsider homeschooling my children unless in 5 years time, God really blesses us with more than enough income which is more that just enough to cover our monthly expenses.

Living without a Maid

Our family maid left us last Sunday to visit her terminally ill mom in Indonesia. We let her go for a month. Whether she will return or not, only God knows. We have nothing to hold her back because she just worked for us for 8 months. Anyway, this is not the first time, I am maidless. I had it tougher when I only have 4 children coz at that time, I do not have a single helper. Not even my mom. This time, I still have MIL, SIL and BIL with me. Even though they are not well (both just after surgery), they helped a lot in keeping an eye on my children when I am busy with housework and homework (my children’s).

The first 3 days was very tough for me. I almost broke down but thank God, He strengthen me. With only 4 hours of sleep on Sunday, followed by 5 hours on Monday and finally I got my 6 hours on Tuesday, I almost fall sick due to lack of sleep. When I need my husband the most, he is always not there. Why lar? I am not a superwoman you know.

One More Paper to Graduation

How I wish I am talking about myself. Too bad, I can only afford to study for one degree. After 10 years of signing up for his 2nd degree via correspondence, he is finally down to one paper. I hope he will be able to finish his last paper by this year. Then he can graduate and we could take a family photograph with him in his graduation wardrobe and hat.

Something about The Book Depository

A friend introduced this online book store The Book Depository at The price of their books at The Book Depository are very competitive and on top of it, the provide free shipping worldwide. This free shipping offer is hard to resist since I live on the other side of the globe. So I took this opportunity to buy a few Enid Blyton’s books for my girl. They are cheaper than buying from MPH or Popular.

From time to time, they have additional 10% discount on their books. And yesterday, when I was about to buy another Famous Five book, I noticed that the price has increased compared to when they did not offer any discount. Last month I bought a Famous Five book at $6.68 with no 10% discount during that period. Yesterday, the price has increased to $7.23 and after 10% discount, I paid $6.50 for one book. See how they trick us with their additional 10% discount. Anyway, it is still cheaper than buying from MPH online. ;)

And I also read that Amazon has bought The Book Depository. The first question that most of us asked is, will Amazon continue with the free shipping? If not, it is not worth buying from them anymore. :(

BBQ Birthday Party

I love BBQ Invitations and I just received one yesterday. :) It is going to be my brother’s only son 2nd birthday. Since that handsome lil boy is his only son, I am sure it is going to be a grand BBQ birthday party. Hoping to see crabs and XXL prawns on the grill that night. ;)

I hope this time I can really enjoy the food being served. During previous birthday parties, I was not able too because I was carrying my newborn. This time around, my no more newborn will be cruising around in her walker and this mommy can really take time to enjoy every bite of the BBQ-ed serving. :D

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