Apartments for Rent

Another school holiday is here. I am sure some of you have already gone for your school holiday vacation.

As for me, I am stuck here again in my hometown. Hubby said, our home is the best holiday spot. Enjoying the evening breeze until the rambutan trees and sipping fresh pluck young coconut. That is holiday to him. I want more than that though. I want to go some where cooler, some where new and some where further from home. I want to experience new environment and new culture.

Anyway, if any of you looking for apartment for rent in my hometown, give me a buzz. I’ll give you good price. ;)

Eldest and Youngest

eldest n youngest

My eldest is 8+ years old and my youngest (so far) is 7 months old. In this picture, they do look kinda alike even though my youngest look more like her 2 years old brother. Personality wise, they are the opposite. My youngest is another smiley baby, just like her 2yo kor kor and more. She smiles more often than her 2yo kor kor. And she adores her daddy very much. You should see the way she looks at her daddy. She melts her daddy’s heart with her adoring stare and smile. Daddy often tells her, “Your mommy also never adore daddy like you do. ” :D Good also lar. I can channel my attention to my 2yo Baby. ;)


After more than a month living without a helper, I am exhausted. Even with hubby’s help, I get tired easily doing housechores and minding my children. Lack of sleep could be the main reason of my being lethargy.

I have to find a way to pump in more nutrition inside my system. Eating more is NOT an option for me. :P So, I am depending on USANA essential to keep me kicking.

I am also surrendering to God and asking Him to keep me healthy all the time since He has put me in this situation.

I hardly have time to FB and even update my blogs regularly. :(

From 12 Puppies to only 3

We started with 12 puppies 3 months. Now we are left with only 3 male puppies. From these 3, 2 will be taken by a relative soon. Where are the rest? Well, 1 died 2 days after she was born due to cold (it was raining heavily on the night she died). 2 males given away to a family friend. 1 male, the cutest and fattest was stolen. 1 female was run over by BIL when she chased his car. He only realised that the puppy was under his car when he counted them while feeding them dinner. Yesterday. We threw away 4 female puppies at a farm because we can’t stop the ringworm from the puppies from infecting my 2yo son’s head. It is so difficult to stop my son from touching the puppies then his head. I can’t be following him outdoor all the time and he is smart enough to sneak out whenever MIL or my other children go out.

Laptop in Workshop

Since hubby is hardly around these days, I can get to use the desktop more often. So, my laptop has been abandoned. Since it is lying in the box collecting dust, I sent it for repair. I hope they can get good laptops batteries for me and the cover can be fixed. The thing is, when I have assignments to write and I am not busy, the desktop is being occupied by my hubby. When I am free, I am nothing to do on the computer. :(

Taking Care of An Old Folk

MIL is back from her eldest son home after living with them for about 3 weeks. The family maid is schedule to return tomorrow. If I did not receive any sms from her to inform that she has board the plane to KL by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll assume that she won’t be back. Adakah when I sms-ed her requesting her to sms me once she board the plane so that we can arrange for someone to pick her up from the airport, I did not received even an “Ok” or “Baik Mem or Baik Sir” from her. Instead, I received a reply asking me to send her money coz her family is in need of money. I also need money leh. Who can give me?! I ignored the sms. You think I chop note here kah?

Anyway, if she did not return, I would be glad to take care of my MIL. My children would be happy to share the responsibility with me. With a pair of eyes to watch over my babies, I can do more things in the house. Maybe I can start baking or sewing again. :)

Need Cash for Insurance

My apartment is still not rented out. It has been 2 months we have been short of a few hundred RM to pay the apartment’s home loan. This month, my old junk road tax and insurance has expired. More money is needed. Next month, my life insurance is due for payment. Where to dig for the extra cash? An advertiser made a good offer for a link in this blog but after I agreed, no reply from them. :(

Genting Highland at Home

We have been staying at my parent’s place for almost a week. It used to be my home but not anymore. I can’t sleep well there. I can’t wait to sleep on my own bed tonight. :)

That’s not the case for my 3 older children though. They are enjoying themselves there. My eldest told me that she feels that she is in Genting Highland. It is because she gets to sleep in an air-cond room every night and play in the air-cond room every afternoon too. My parent’s house is very warm, be it in the afternoon or night time so we need the air-cond to stay “alive”. :lol: My children are so used living in wooden house surrounded by trees all around. Living in a brick house is like being in an oven for them.

My 2nd and 3rd gets to cycle, fish, catch tadpole and play “masak-masak” with my cousins (aged 9 & 8yo) from 7am till 7pm during the weekend. They live less than 100m away from my parent’s house.

All 3 of them wish that their daddy won’t come home today! Macam ini punya anak pun ada eh!

As for me, I want my hubby home ASAP. I miss him so much this time around. Dreamed about him every night since he is away in Medan.

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