Update on the Sun Tzu’s Art of Diet – Attack on the Middle Kingdom

Two weeks have passed and there is no sign of any weight or size reduction on my hubby. I think dieting won’t work for him because he has good appetite. He needs the best appetite control if he really wants to loose weight through dieting. The only time I saw him loose weight is when he was really stressed up due to studies and examination (that was when he is in the varsity) and when he does regular exercise like cycling or running. However, due to his nature of work now, he hardly has time for regular exercise that is the reason he tried dieting. Well, only 2 weeks have passed. Let’s see what happened in another 2 weeks time.

Human Bolster

human bolster

I left the two of them in bed to prepare breakfast. When I am done, I found them in this position. I am amazed that the little one can continue sleeping with the weight on her body. She became a human bolster that morning.

And this is not the first time I witness sure cute sleeping position. It happened to the rest of my children when they were younger. Once I am not sleeping in between them, the smaller ones will become the human bolster. :D If not, my legs will be their bolster.

Special Home Facial Treatment for Busy Mommies

My last trip to the beauty saloon for a facial treatment was more than 3 years ago. Once I got pregnant with my 4th child, I do not have time to visit the beauty saloon. More like, I can’t leave my fully breastfeed baby at home for more than 2 hours. When I finally can leave my baby home, I got pregnant with my 5th child. Looks like I won’t be able to have a proper facial treatment for another year or two! I should start pampering my face with good skin care products eh? But expensive lar.

It would be wonderful if they have special home facial treatment for busy mommy like me. Instead of I go to you, you come to me. Got or not? Price must be reasonable lar. SAHM like me no income one. ;)

Weekend Maid

Thanks for my youngest sister, I got a maid for the weekend. I managed to rest more with her around. She helped to do the extra cleaning that I as not able to do like scrubbing the single bowl undermount sink, wash the bathrooms and toilets, wipe the windows and wash the floor mats. She even helped me ironed my hubby’s and children’s uniforms. It would be wonderful if I can have her every weekend. ;)

And You Shall Rest…

Two days ago I was completely knock-out. All I wanted to do was sleep. All I did was lying down in bed sleeping. That morning, I woke up with a funny feeling. I felt that something is going to happen to my body. I shove of the feeling because I have my daily chores to do. I sent my children to school, I wash and I cook. Once I am done with the basic chores, I vomited the fried bee hoon I ate for breakfast. After that, I felt so sleepy. Fortunately, my eldest was off from school on that day and she helped me to look after the babies while I take a quick nap. Then I drove all of them to my mom’s and I continued sleeping. I got a headache too. Hubby said that it must be food poisoning. I have no appetite to eat so I did not eat rice/noodle except 2 slices of guava and water that whole day.

The next day, I can’t even get up to send my children to school or do any house chores. Thank God that my parents live nearby. My dad fetched my children from school and they stayed with him till evening. I only have to mind my youngest with the help of MIL when she is awake and I need to sleep some more. It was like I was jabbed with a sleeping potion.

Praise God that the day after, I woke up like nothing had happened the past 2 days. I quickly do my daily chores and after I am done with them, I started to feel the left-overs from yesterday. So I rested.

Well, I guessed that is the only way my body can get some rest.

Sun Tzu’s Art of Diet – Attack on the Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is expanding and he could no longer let it reign. He is determine to destroy the Middle Kingdom with a new war strategy; Sun Tzu’s Art of Diet – Attack on the Middle Kingdom.

sambal belacan

Below is the list of strategies that he is taking to attack the Middle Kingdom.

1 – Never go visit people’s FB who always talk about food.
2 – Never think of what you want to eat for the next meal.
3 – Don’t walk through Chinatown. Too much temptation there.
4 – If ever you have to eat unhealthy food, eat in moderation.
5 – Always chew slowly your food. Don’t just swallow like a pig.
6 – Always brush your teeth after meal. That way you will have a little bit extra resistance to eat more food coz your mouth is already clean.
7 – Never force yourself to abstain from what you like to eat.
8 – Always eat in moderation especially the food you like to eat.

That is my husband’s diet plan. As I can see it, he will take longer time to loose weight.

As for me, I will not waste time. I will get myself yoga blocks and go on a fruit and veggie diet. I will loose weight in no time. :D

mix veggie

Rusty Pipes

Even though I have installed a water filtration system after the main water meter, the water that comes out from my pipes is still brownish. So for our drinking water, it has to go through another micro filter to really get a crystal clear drinking water.

It is not that the main water filter is not working. It is the pipes that leads to our sink that are rusted. I told hubby about it but we just don’t have the finance to change the whole piping in our home. If one day the pipes burst, I am sure we would be have additional cost that is the water damage clean up cost austin. I must check out http://www.thesteamteam.com/austin-restoration-services/water-extraction.shtml and write them for a better quotation so that we can prepare for the future.

I once was lost

Exactly a week ago, my 7yo daughter informed me that she couldn’t find her spectacle. She told me that she left it on my car before she started playing water balloons. On that day itself, hubby and I drove the car out. None of us see any spectacle on the car’s bonnet. Eye witness also told us that there is no spectacle on our car. So, we were hoping that the spectacle will appear soon. This is not the first time she forgets where she left her specs you see.

Sunday come and go and still no sign of her specs. We decided to not wait any longer because her power is quite high so we went to make a new pair for her on Monday. Come Tuesday, she told us that she and her cousin found her old specs at a neighbour’s house. I asked as to why she did not bring it home. She said that it is too broken. I was hoping that we could still salvage it and make it as her spare specs.

Yesterday, hubby made her to go back to the neighbour’s house to find the broken specs and bring it home. She told us the truth, just take a look at her specs. It is beyond repair. :(

Broken Spectacles

This proved that she did place her specs on the car that we drove out that evening. Only that none of us noticed it.

Cool Trade Show Flooring

You know what attracts me when I go to trade shows? Not the colourful banners but the trade show flooring, trade show carpet and logo mats.

I may miss looking at the banners because they are too common already but I will surely not miss looking at something that I stepped on! It is not a common thing for us to step on something nice. Do you step on flowers? No right. So, when we are “forced” to step on something nice, we will take time to look what we are stepping at. I think this is a genius way of advertisement.

I think I should order one logo mat for hubby’s internet cafe. ;)

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