No Famous Five, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys in Melaka Public Library


Can you believe it? The famous adventure books like The Famous Five, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys can’t be found in the Melaka Public Library. They only have those super old Enid Blyton’s Rewards series. Very brownish and dog eared.

When I was growing up, I remembered reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys in my primary school library. Some of them were even translated to BM! And I went to a very ulu kampung missionary school. The school now is no longer there and the building has been taken over by The Monfort Boys.

I bought a few Famous Five and Nancy Drew for my 8yo daughter a few months back but I stopped buying coz the price has increased to almost the same price as our local bookstore. Furthermore, I need to save for the coming school holiday and Christmas. So I thought, maybe we can borrow them from the public library.

I wonder whether Kampung Buku has the collection. I’ll find out and let you know. :D

Unique Job Advertisement

marriage proposal

The above was posted on the STARJOBS: Saturday 22 October 2011.

You can see it as a unique job advertisement or a unique marriage proposal. And I wonder how many blur blur people out there will actually apply for the above job. You know lar, some people arh, couldn’t be bothered to really read through the job advertisement before applying. There are many Application Development Jobs out there but I am sure there are others apart from Elaine Yap LL who will response to the above advertisement.

Ignorant is a Bliss!

Watch my 2.5yo catches fish (grass carp). He knows how to stop the fish from moving and he dares to hold an alive fish. Dia belum kena cucuk, dia belum tau lagi.

He has been following his daddy fish at the pond numerous time. After observing how his daddy handles the caught fish, he wanted to try it and he has been doing the above since then.

A few days after the video is taken, he finally got poke by the fish’s side fin. After that, he dare not hold the fish anymore but he still dares to step on the fish’s tail for daddy to remove the fish hook.

Knowing him, I am sure, he will hold the fish again soon. Once the pain is gone, he will surely take his chances. Fun mah. :D

Sewing as Side Income

Before I got pregnant with my 5th child, I pick up sewing again. This time, I tried sewing bags and many of my friends in FB like them and started ordering from me. The profit is very little but the satisfaction of being able to produce something that others like kept me sewing for more designs.

Unfortunately, after having my 5th child and after the maid ran away, I have no choice but to halt it completely. My time is now occupied with really being a HOUSEWIFE and a full time MOMMY. Recently, out of the blue someone asked to add her as friend in FB telling me she is interested in my bags. Unfortunately, her request is too much for me to handle that I have to disappoint her.

Maybe, if we hire a maid again, I will take up sewing again. Maybe I’ll sew iPhone cases like otterbox iphone 4 cases. Just maybe. By then I’ll have 6 kids!

Debt Crisis

Thanks to Wm Rowe

Today I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition and they were airing one of their stories about the debt crisis. I feel like NPR is taking over my brain, and they have really come to shape my understanding of our nation’s financial crisis. I have not lost my job or been significantly set back by the debt crisis, but constantly hearing about the effects of the debt crisis on our nation as a whole and on other’s people’s lives have really gotten me in mindset that I need to be spending as little money as possible. I decided that I needed to examine every aspect of my life and manage my spending as much as possible. I decided that one easy place to start saving was on internet. I went online and did some research and came across I found that I could get the internet I was used to for a better price and wouldn’t have to even pay for installation. I went ahead and signed up, and I honestly was proud of myself for beginning to take proactive steps to better manage my money.

Baby Ate Shit!

Today is the very first time I witness with my very own 2 biji mata (eyes) my almost 9mo baby eating shit. Shit squeezed tight in both hands, mouth smeared and stuffed with her own poo-poo; sticky, yellow orchre poo! Am I making you gag already? :P

It was my mistake of changing her into her lampin (cloth nappy) before she poops. She normally does her business a few minutes after she wakes up. But today, there was a delay for a few minutes and I wanted to make her feel comfy and removed her soaked cloth diaper. She pooped a few minutes after I changed her into cloth nappy. Hubby pulak asked me to pack his lunch and dinner so I just left her to crawl while I get hubby’s food ready. Mana tau, while I was busy packing, her poo-poo dropped and she helped herself to this new found breakfast!

I left hubby’s half way packed food on the table and quickly carried her to the bathroom to clean her. I lost count how many times I gag! I scolded her, I gag, I scolded her I gag. She even have the guts to look up at me to show me her shit smeared mouth! I gag again of course. And I have to dig out her poop out of her mouth a few rounds. Dig, dig still got somemore…gag…dig again, gag. Still got some more…aiya…spray with some water lar…eat shit already mah…drink some pipe water won’t cause any more harm.

She still chewing something in her mouth. I made her cry so that I can really see inside. Got shit stuck on both side of her langit-langit and her tongue too. With a hanky, I korek the shit out. Cry, cry lar, easier for me to clean her mouth. You know what, I was so tempted to pour some of her baby shower gel inside her mouth!

After we are done, she can even burp while I was drying her up. Not once but 3 times!

This is even more gross that having to clean the vomit from the floor. That was yesterday. Another daughter. Thank God I did not vomit my breakfast. Did you?

Yes! We are going to have No.6

…and No.7 if God blessed us with a set of twin. Happy now? :lol:

As of when will he/she/they will join our family of 7, only God knows. We will surely announce to the www when the time comes. ;)

As for now, we are busy living our simple life. I still have not gotten used to not having a helper around especially when hubby is at work which is very frequent long hours of work like from the moment the children woke up to the moment they go to bed. But I MUST get use to this because next year life will be more hectic.

I wonder whether I can cope. I am NOT a Supermom you know. As I am typing this, my eyes are almost closing. I better go take cold shower now. Got to send food to my girls before their after school activities. Till then…be good ya. :)

Not even a wedding ring

I have not been wearing any accessories on my body since I gave birth to my first child more than 8 years ago. No necklace, no bracelet, no wedding ring, not even an earring. Before I was pushed in the labor room, I was told to remove all jewelry and since that moment, they never seems to return to their place. After I have my precious baby in my arm, all my jewelries are no longer precious to me. Furthermore, they might scratch my precious baby.

And after I became a SAHM more than 3 years ago, I don’t even wear any of my watches. Time is at my dispense! And who needs a watch when you have a hp. ;)

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