Family Gathering 2011

This coming 15th to 18th December will mark another memorable event in our family history. This will be the first time we are going to have family gathering with all the 11 siblings, their spouses, children, in laws plus close relatives. We are going to have a feast on Nyonya delicacies, BBQ night, Pre-Christmas celebration, fun at A’Famosa Waterworld and a picnic at the beach.

It will be wonderful if any company can sponsor us logo canopy for shelter if it rains during any of the event. If they can sponsor trade show flooring, trade show carpet and logo mats even better. You’ll never know who will sign up to purchase their products since there will be more than hundred people from all walks of life will be at my place during those few days.

I so look forward to that day. I just came up with a list of names for the pre-Christmas gift exchange. :D

Homework during the school holiday

My girls’ school gave each of them a school holiday homework book that contains all the subjects. My eldest, Std 2 finished the whole book in a day. She hates homework and she does not want the homework to spoil her school holiday. My 2nd girl, Std 1 couldn’t be bothered. I have to encourage and bribe her to do those homework. So far, she is taking 2 days to finish one subject. Up till today, she is done with Maths, Malay, English and now in the process of finishing the Science subject.

As for my eldest, I can’t let her brain go rusty during this school holiday so I planned to buy some Std 3 exercise books until I discovered she brought home all her Std 3 text and exercise book. Save money, we shall use the books then. I managed to persuade her to do some Maths exercise; 3 pages a day. After we have completed the whole syllabus which we could, we are going to Malay then English. I can’t teach the rest coz they are all in Chinese.

My 2nd girl did not bring home any Std 2 textbooks nor exercise books. Not a problem coz she needs to brush up on her reading in Malay and English. So, we will read, read and read this school holidays. :D

It’s The Time of the Year again

Oh no! It is the time of the year again. Not school holiday, not my birthday, not hubby’s birthday and not Christmas too. While all those requires money. This one requires more money! It is the time to renewal insurance policy. sop, sop, sop. There’s medical insurance, life insurance, education insurance, rv insurance etc. Thank God my cars insurance is somewhere in the middle of the year if not. No Christmas gift for anyone every year. :P

Tips to get your baby to start walking early

I really praise God for allowing Rebekah to start walking way before she turns 10 months old. Now at 10 months old, she is able to take more than 10 steps. The best walking moment so far was when she “chased” after her daddy the moment she sees her 2.5yo brother runs to the door to greet his daddy upon his arrival home from work. That was the first time she walked all by herself (she stood up by herself and walk without me asking her too) and also more than 20 steps.

Being the 5th child, she gets to spend her time on the floor more than in my arm. She did not start crawling faster than a normal baby. She started crawling about 8mo but once she can crawl, she does not want to sit in the walker anymore so we just let her roam freely on the floor. The more she crawls, the stronger her legs grow. At the same time, she could pull herself up by holding onto the furniture and walk with support. Seeing her brothers and sisters running around the house is another motivation for her to walk. At times she forgotten that she can’t run, let even walk. She stood up, took her first step (to chase after her bro) then fall on her knees. :D

Labor Room too soon

It is all still very clear to me. The green hospital nurse uniform, the pink lady’s patient uniform and the handsome doctors in their doctor lab coat which I think they bought it from here: The heartbeats, the feeling of the warm liquid from rupturing of waterbag, the labor pain, the urge to push and the crowning, the baby’s cry, the leg cramp and the tummy cramp. That was 10 months ago. Hey, I can still vividly remember all my birth experiences before the 10 months ago. And soon, I’ll have another one to brave through. This shall be my last time lying in the labor room welcoming a new life into this world.

No Maid, No Earpain

I dislike hearing complaints from maid especially when I am being too lenient with them. If I give you lots of work and no rest, always scold you and didn’t compensate for your hard-work then you go complaint about me I don’t mind.

Ini, I only give a few chores like sweep and mop the floor, wash toilets and bathrooms, wash my children’s school shoes and iron their school uniforms, she started “hinting” to my mom that I should employ a maid (you want to pay for me arh?), my children made the floor dirty again after she just mopped (kan dah nama children), why I must have so many children (my children does not call her for help when she’s around, so why bother) and if possible she does not want to come help me anymore (lazy mah, my mom’s house smaller).

Itupun, I did not open my mouth to her about how she sweeps the floor; she only sweeps the open area, under the cupboard and cushion chairs not swept at all. She did not do dusting at all; lizard shit on the chairs, under the window panes and tv cabinet untouched. She mopped very lightly, dried lizard shit and stain on the floor did not go away. She used too much Clorox and toilet cleaner; 2 times came, almost one bottle finished! Never put back the things that she used back to it’s place. Did not scrub the school shoes sole clean. Missed a few window panes when wiping them clean and did not wipe all of them clean; sure got some part tak kena wipe. That was the first time, when she came again the 2nd time, I did not ask her to wipe the windows.

Why I still want her to come help me for the 2nd time? Well, at that time, better than no help at all coz I have no energy to do all those.

Now that I have gained back my energy, she will not step foot in my house again. I penat tak apa, asalkan kuping gua tak sakit dengeh her complaints to my mom.

Deduction of RM50/month for Bankruptcy

I thought once you are declared bankrupt you do not have to pay anymore debt. Well, I just came to know last Sunday that a bankrupt person has to pay RM50/month as long as he has income that is being bank-in into his account. The bank will automatically deduct his account balance every month. This saves the collection agency the trouble of chasing the bankrupt person for that RM50 every month. I heard from hubby that this will go on for 15-20 years!

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