Bong Family Photo 2011

family photo 2011

This is my big happy family which consist of 51 members. MIL, her 3 daughters followed by 8 sons, their spouses and children. Only the youngest son is still single. MIL has 29 grandchildren and 2 more are joining the family next year. :D

Public Swimming Pool’s Water Makes Me Itch

2 weeks ago, I brought 4 of my children to a public pool. I have not been there for years. The last time I was there, I will surely be scratching away after coming out of the pool. Even after I had a good scrub at home. The water has not change since 7 years ago. This time it is even worst, I started scratching while I was dipping in the children pool. They should invest in a better pump so that the water can be clean all the time. I am sure they can afford to get those good quality discount pool pumps. My children are pestering me to bring them there again but I am kinda reluctant. Thank God for the monsoon season. I got an excuse for them. ;)

David Bong’s Sweet and Sour Fish

Look! Hubby even cook Sweet and Sour Fish for dinner.

sweet and sour fish

I just sat on the chair beside him and tell him the ingredients, how to prepare them and how to cook the dish. All because he made me more sick. :P

Family Photo shoot at 730am!

Talking about The Walking Dead!

Most of us slept after midnight yesterday and MOST of us are still asleep at this hour. And we are supposed to be awake by now to get ready for the photo shoot.

Even if all of us get ready by then. All of us will be like a zombie. Thank God we just need to stand still and smile but can we smile when we feel so sleepy and tired?

Just wait till I post up our family photograph that will consist of 22 adults and 29 grandchildren.

The Walking Dead

This guest post from Mickey Garza

We just got our Expert Satellite TV set up and I am loving it! A few years ago we had turned off our cable to save money so that I could be a stay-at-home mom. We had decided that it was more important for me to be home with the kids while they are young and that if we had to have a few sacrifices it was worth it. When we sat down to make a list of what we could cut from our budget, TV was at the top of the list. Well, my husband got a promotion last month and we are adding satellite TV to our lives! I am loving all the channels and the ability to watch all these shows and sitcoms that all my friends are always talking about! They have been talking about this show The Walking Dead. It sounded crazy hearing it from them. I mean, who wants to watch a show about zombies? I watched the other night and I actually like it! My friends will be so proud of me!

10 Cute Puppies

12 puppies

7 months ago we were surprised with the birth of 12 puppies from one mother. From the 12 puppies, we only kept one of it.

10 puppies

9 days ago we were surprised with 10 puppies from the same mother. Wah! Very fruitful eh, the mother. :D This round the puppies’ “print” aren’t that nice compared to the first birth. We were expected some “Moo-Moo” print but all came out brown, dark brown and black. Looks like the father’s gene is stronger this round.

Air-Cond Switchbox Out of Order

It was very hot 3 days ago and I need to take a good nap. So I tried to switch on the air-cond in my children’s room but the switch is out of order. I told hubby to change the switch box, maybe we can get a metal switchplate, which is of better quality but until today he still has not find the time to go to the electrical shop.

The family are back and one of the in-laws will be using my girls’ room. Look like they have to sleep without air-cond this trip. Thank God the weather isn’t so hot these few days. It is cloudy and very windy.

Papaya Grow Abnormally

This is how a normal papaya grows from its tree.

normal papaya

And this is what we found growing 6 feet from the normal papaya tree.

abnormal papaya

I wonder the reason behind this abnormal growth.

Melaka Indoor Swimming Pool

Melaka indoor swimming pool is located at Stadium Hang Jebat, Krubong, Melaka near Tesco Cheng. It is open to the public now. The opening hour for this indoor swimming pool is 9am-12noon, 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm. Melaka indoor swimming pool is close every Monday but do call before you go there because it will be closed to the public when there’s training in session and during competitions.

I have never been to an indoor swimming pool except the heated indoor swimming pool in Genting Highland. So I suggested to hubby that we go there during the hottest time of the day that is between 2pm-4pm so that we can enjoy the cool water without being sunburn. Unfortunately, the water temperature did not meet my expectation. It was way too cold for me and my skinny son. I think the water is even cooler that those used to detox opiate addict. I just dipped half of my body inside and I started to shiver and get the itch on both my palm. I dare not swim as I worried that I will get leg cramp. We left in less than 1 hour time.

There goes the nearest swimming pool for us. :(

Holiday for Mommy

A holiday for Mommy is a day or a few days (if possible) of waking up not having to think of doing chores and what to cook. Praise God I had the chance to enjoy that even for only one day.

On the 28 Nov, we checked into Tiara Beach Resort, PD for a night stay. I was not able to join hubby and my other 4 children in the man made beach because my 10mo baby is still having stuffy nose and cough. I did not mind at all. I just sat by the pool and became their cameraman. I am happy when they are happy.

my 10mo swimming

My 10mo did get to go in the pool for a few mins on the 2nd day when it was not drizzling.

Best of all, I have no chores to rush to when my 10mo naps. And I woke up the next morning without needing to think of what to cook, floor to sweep and mop and laundry to wash.

Hubby did mention that we could go there again before this year ends if hubby’s part-time can work during those days. I think I must not think so much of the $$$ that will flow out and just go and have one more day of holiday before next year come. The next family holiday can only be made possible in year 2013!

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