Motivated to Homeschool

Ever since hubby told me to really consider homeschooling our children by next year, I have been Googling about homeschooling programme, talked to my SIL who homeschool her 5 children, talked to her children about what they have learned, got some AOP books from my aunt who homeschool both her children, took a look at ACE workbooks and met with a mother who just started homeschool this year using the Sonlight and Noeo Science curriculum.

Meeting with some of these mothers motivated me to start homeschooling as soon as we could. But finance is the obstacle now. We need time to raise up the fund for it. We weren’t prepared earlier for homeschooling so we did not have any education saving for our children.

We wanted them to go through what we went through; government school then to local university with scholarship or government loan. We need not save for their education cost, just like how we got our degree.

Unfortunately, due to the deterioration of Malaysian education standard, we see the need to homeschool our children. We see the need to put character first before academic excellence in which the government school does not emphasize.

We are praying that God will bless us with more than enough to finance our children homeschooling needs.

Out of New T-Shirts

My girls are out of new clothing to wear today, the 3rd day of CNY. All because I only bought 2 pairs of CNY clothing for them. Thank God today hubby started working again and we did not go for any visitation. So, I just let them wear their old funny tee shirts at home. One of my nieces thought that my 2nd girl is going for a swim because she was wearing a short tights and her body hugging funny t-shirt. :D

Happy Draco Year

Am here to wish all my readers a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. :D

My house is filled with in laws, out laws and their children. Not forgetting FOOD!

Unfortunately, I am coughing away right now so I have to be picky about what I put in my mouth. :( Anyway, I am ok with it coz I do not have much appetite to eat for months already. :P

I hope all of you eat and drink everything in moderate ya. Stay healthy!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Backache is better than tummy cramp

I have been having backaches for more than a month. With a backache, I still can walk around but not do any vigorous work or carry heavy stuff. Yesterday, my backache has been replaced by tummy cramp (lower abdomen cramp). I can hardly walk, stand, bend or carry my 1yo baby for long. No pain when I am seated down.

For a SAHM without any helper this is not a good condition. I have to stand by a chair beside me when I cook. I walk like someone who has just gone for a tummy operation/given birth.

My 1yo is napping right now. I am supposed to continue wiping the window panes but I need my tummy rest, so that’s why I am here for a while. I will try to attempt wiping the windows and walls after these.

I pray everything will be well come this Monday. I want to celebrate CNY without any pain on my body.

Reverse sensor for Trucks

I know some trucks are equipped with gps tracking for trucks but do they have reverse sensor? I think they must. I just read on the news this morning that a 5 tonne truck ran over his friend who were fast asleep behind his truck. It seems that the friend was drunk and fell asleep right behind his truck. With a reverse sensor, I think he would still be alive now. So unfortunate and sad too.

CNY 2012 Preparation

Coming Monday is CNY already. CNY comes way too fast this year. I still have not got over our family gathering and Christmas. The CNY mood has not set in yet. Anyway, I have done a few preparation for CNY though. New clothing has been bought except Hats for Men. My hubby is not a hat person. Baked 3 types of cookies and bought some Nyonya pineapple tarts from my mom and stocked up some basic needs for cooking. The only thing that I have not do is complete the minor spring cleaning. I am doing it bit by bit coz of my backache and now tummy cramp and my “help” from my lil ones. Hope to complete them by Friday.

Need More Time for Quality Time with Children

Day in day out I rush through the day chauffeuring my chidlren to school and back, do laundry, cook, clean, mind the lil ones, assist the school goers with their homework, take a short nap if time permits, get the children to bathe, eat their dinner and get them ready for bed.

I just realised that I did not really spend quality time with each of my 3 school going children. This just struck me yesterday when I told my 9yo that we might have Congkak competition this CNY and she wants me to practice with her to prepare for the day. I told her that I will when I am free. Her replied was, “Mommy, you do not have free time. Even when you have free time, you would want to rest.” It is so true!

I feel so sad for her. She longs for my time for her. Time I spend assisting her with homework does not count. It is “work”. I know that the other 2 feels the same. I don’t even have time for myself. How to find time for each and everyone of them?

First Roast Chicken in 2012

jamie oliver's roast chicken

Thanks to a friend, we had our first roast chicken for this year last Saturday. The taste is better than the roast chicken that I roasted last year. My friend and I ate straight from the baking tray coz we were left with the breast meat. The children took the thigh part and the wings away. Lazy to grab a plate, we just dig in and dip our meat into the gravy left on the tray. Fingers licking good. :D

It is Jamie Oliver’s recipe which you can get from this link

Happy Roasting!

Happy Frugal Year!

It looks like I am not the only one declaring this year of the dragon to be a frugal year. My reasons for being more frugal this year is because there will be another addition to our family soon. Meaning more mouth to feed, more body to cloth and more books to buy. Talking about books, am actually looking at ereader reviews to see whether it can help me save more money than buying the physical books.

Apart from that, hubby plans to do a complete upgrade to his CC which will cost him at least 15k. Well, we need money to make more money. The business has been running for 5 years and it is high time we do some upgrading before the customers hop over to newer CC.

With the additional family member soon and the ruling that requires all passenger in the car to wear seat belt, we have to get an 8 seater vehicle sooner or later. We need to save for that too.

And we also plan to homeschool our children by 2013 which means we need USD! Time to save my Paypal money; no more buying things online. Hmm…maybe one more batch of cloth diapers. ;)

And my children are growing up FAST! They eat more now. Less eating out then. :P

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