Scaling Back

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

I used to be a real estate broker, but I had to get another job when the real estate market crashed in 2008 I hadn’t sold a house in six months when I decided it was time to call it quits. I went from working for myself and making about $100,000 per year, to working in a cubicle and making $35,000. When I found my current job I felt lucky to have an income since things were getting so bad. Even though I was working, the kids and I had to get cutting back on many luxuries we were used to. It killed me when I had to sell our home and move into an apartment. The kids didn’t mind that so much, but they did mind that I could no longer afford to have cable TV. Once I got back on my feet and saved a little, getting that back for them was one of the first things on my agenda. I decided to get Directv through tvbydirect and the kids were so excited. I surprised them right before Christmas, and they were definitely happy with that gift!

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