Baby Yosef

baby yosef

This lil cutie is my 6th, my 3rd son and youngest in the family. :D

He is born via c-sec on the 27th of March 2012 at 1.18pm, weighing at 2.6kg. He is the tiniest amongst his siblings but I believe he will out-grown them in no time. :D

I praise God for a healthy and perfect baby even though we encountered some problems throughout the pregnancy.

I thank those who have prayed for us too. We need prayers to move God’s hand.

Yosef is a Hebrew name which means God shall add/bless.

Registering My No.6

Many of you have been informed through my FB that I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 3 days ago. He is my No. 6 and last baby. :D Phew! kekekeke. Anyway, hubby wanted to register his name at JPN today. He got all the documentation needed but left the JPN form on the dining table. Too excited I think. I tried to call his hp but he did not pick up. Must tell him to get a bluetooth motorcycle helmet. That way he can answer any phone call while riding. :)

Digital Camera Batteries

I have been using a Canon digital camera for more than 5 years already. Still using the same one but I have problem with the canon camera batteries. I am not so sure whether it is the batteries or the connection in the batteries compartment. I just batteries are fully charged but after snapping a few pictures, it asked to be changed batteries and shut down. When I pressed the batteries compartment to a certain extend, the power supply came back. But then I so lazy to send the camera for service/repair coz I hardly have time to snap pictures of my children like last time.

Buying New Printer

Last week I tag along hubby in search of a new printer. It is not easy to find a printer that is refillable, cost effective and durable. There are different brands, models and types of printer. They even have the receipt printer, printer that specialized in printing photos only, laserjet, inkjet etc. Hubby ended up buying a refillable inkjet that is able to print A3 paper too.

The House Needs Me

That’s what hubby told me when I was in the hospital. I was joking with him that he must be having a good time at home with no wife and kids around. He can play his computer games and watch Korean drama without any interruption. Surprisingly, he did not do both! Too lonely without his wife and children to enjoy his games or watch his favorite Korean drama. Well, you can’t have the best of both world. ;)

The day I came back from the hospital, I went back home instead to my parent’s first. The floor not swept and the clothes not folded. I came home almost every day for a few hours to get the house cleaned and the laundry washed and folded. I do not want MIL to get a shock of her life when she returns this weekend. I don’t think she knows I was admitted coz the email hubby sent to his family went to the wrong email address!

Bed rest for 6 days

I wanted rest and I got it for 6D5N! From Monday night till Saturday afternoon I was holidaying in the Melaka General Hospital. Yup! I got my bed rest. No stress, no tension, no housework but I can hardly sleep there. Anyway, I praise God that I am finally back home but not really staying at home. I’ll be staying with my parents’ till I am fit enough to go back home and handle the household on my own.

Studying Medicine in Russia

One of my cousins wanted to study medicine but she did not get 4.0 in the recent STPM result. For a Malaysian Chinese, if you don’t get straight As, don’t hope to get any place in the local university to study medicine. Next option is to study in private medical colleges and that will cost quarter of a million ringgit for a degree. Thanks to Russia, you can study medicine for half the price and that is where my cousin is going in 5 months time; self sponsored though. I heard that she is going to use hers and her sibling’s education insurance to realise her dream of becoming a Pediatrician. That’s a good way since 2 of her siblings got full government scholarship studying in the local university here. If any of my children wants to study medicine, I don’t think their education insurance is enough to cover all the expenses, not even the wholesale life insurance that I got for myself. We need to sell our apartment then only can afford. ;)

Never Ending Tiredness

Every day I feel tired. Every day I feel sleepy. Every day I have no chance to nap unless hubby is around. Hubby hasn’t been around during the day for more than 2 weeks due to work.

Before my youngest turns 1yo, I do have time to nap almost every afternoon. Now that she is older, going to 14mo she naps later in the day. So during the time I am most sleepy, she is wide awake and I have to keep an eye on her.

Unfortunately, now is the time I need the most rest and I am not getting any. :(

I must get use to this because in a month time or less, life will be more hectic.

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