On Baby Yosef Fullmoon

Baby Yosef, my 6th baby turn 1 month old yesterday. The first thing I did was to bathe him for the very first time.

baby yosef 1mo

I enjoyed cleaning him up. Hubby said I was too gentle with him. Of course lar right? He is still a baby.

This is him being bathe by his daddy for the very first time at 4 days old.
baby yosef 4do

And this is him at 1mo. See how he has grown. Mommy’s milk is the best. :D
baby yosef

After eating “healthy” food for the past one month, we went for some “unhealthy food”, McD! I kinda regretted having McD for lunch coz my milk supply did not come in in time. See, see, how un-nutricious their food is.

And lunch, we headed to my parents’ place and brought everyone home for good.

Then I have my first bath after a month. Banyaknye daki. hehehe.

In the evening, hubby brought all of us to the beach. He went jogging, my 5 older children played with the sand and my youngest sleeping soundly in the ring sling.

Our Gazebo

Few months ago, hubby told us that he wanted to build a gazebo for us. This is what I imagine our gazebo will look like.


And this is the actual gazebo that is built for us.


It may not look nicer that what I imagined it would be but we have more things in our gazebo. We have the hammock and a pangkin for our children to play. We even have a gate to keep it close when we are not using it so that the dogs won’t destroy the hammock and dirty the pangkin.

Fish is friend, NOT food

Remember this line from Nemo. The sharks were chanting “Fish is friend, NOT food.” I am doing the same starting today.

Due to c-sec, my confinement food is only limited to fish (fried, steamed and masak taucu only) and pork. After 3 weeks, I am so sick of eating fish almost everyday. I just can’t swallow it anymore.

I want to eat beef steak!

Piano, Drum and Guitar

Piano, drum and guitar. These are the 3 musical instruments that my 9yo girl told me she wanted to learn to play. We started her with the basic first that is piano. She is attending piano class now. At the same time, she is so eager to learn how to play drum and one of our church members is offering to sell to us on installment her son’s drum set for RM1k only. Good deal but we have to pass because we need to save money to buy a piano first for our girls to practice at home. As for guitar, we do have a guitar, not one of Godin Guitars though but not a kapok one either. We bought the guitar for more than RM300 using my eldest fullmoon “angpow”. So it is her guitar. :) We will teach her or send her for class when she is big enough to hold the guitar. ;)

Going Vacation with 6 Young Children

The thought of going on a vacation with 6 young children aged “newborn” till 9yo shudders me. We do not have enough hands for each of them especially for the 3 younger ones. With 5 children, it was still manageable. The 3 older ones can be hands-free and the “babies” hubby and I take one each. Now we have 3 “babies”.

Looks like there will be no family holiday till next year. Must wait till my No.4 baby is another year older and my no.6 can walk steadily. Then we will go somewhere near and not crowded. So that we can easily keep an eye on all of them.

Kitchen Helpers

Hubby has started asking our 9yo and 7.5yo girls to help wash the dishes. But they can only do the chore one person at a time. It will be faster if we have the double bowl sinks. One person wash and the other rinse.

Even if there is one person doing the washing, I still prefer if we have the double bowl sink. Especially at my parent’s place. The kitchen is small with only one bowl sink and no place to put the soaped plate. So, I have to soap, rinse and place in the drying container then repeat the same for the other plates, one at the time. Wasting time!

Tesco, Pizza Hut and Econsave

Out of the blue, hubby suggested that we go out shopping tonight. I never say NO to shopping! :lol: Day 20 of confinement, I get to go shopping again. :) We went to the main Tesco because we have not been there for quite a while since Tesco Cheng opened.

On the way home, we stopped by Pizza Hut to claim our RM1 for one personal pan pizza. How to get this deal? Buy 2 RM15 Hot Ticket lor. While waiting for it, hubby wanted to buy french fries from KFC but I suggested that we walked over to Econsave and buy one packet of frozen french fries and fry them at home; way cheaper.

I wonder whether he is treating me for giving birth to our 4th child 3 years ago on this very day. :D

Lose Weight By Eating More Chili

I just read at http://www.dietpillsideeffects.com/chili-burn/ that chili powder does create a stimulant-free thermogenic fat burning effect. If that is true, I am sure my husband would be slim and slender, like me. *ahem* He eats more chili than me. Unfortunately, eating chili by itself does not help you lose weight. Chili does help burnt some fat in your body but you have to exercise and maintain a healthy diet to stay slim and slender.

Quiet and Relaxing Confinement

This is how a confinement should be like. Just me, baby and hubby in a quite house. Even with my firstborn, I didn’t get to experience the same. I was at my parent’s without hubby with me when I needed him most.

Since this is my last baby, I am going to enjoy this time alone with baby and treasure every second of it.

Due to c-sec, I can’t be in my 14.5mo presence because she will ask me to pick her up every time she sees me. My almost 3yo loves to hug me and accidentally hit my c-sec area. Ouch! I get easily stress up/tense with my older 3 when it comes to their homework, studying for spelling and when they fight too. Those hurts my tummy also.

I have no choice but to leave them all; day and night with my parents at their house until my confinement is over and fit enough to mind them all by myself. God bless my Papa and Nya Nya.

The Most Expensive Dog in World

I just came to know that the world’s most expensive dog is the red Tibetan Mastiff. It was bought for 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) last year! It is one of the world’s oldest breeds, Tibetan mastiffs were traditionally used for guard duties and it is now known as the “oriental holy dog” in China. Genghis Khan is believed to have kept them.

One of Malaysian tycoons bought 11 of them! On top of that, he has 6 Siberian Samoyeds and several Shih Tzus. For that, he hired 2 maids to help him take care of the dogs. His dogs live in air-cond room and even bought the dog exercise equipment for them. He spends RM10k-20k per month to take care of them. What a privilege dogs. More privilege than us human.

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