T-Shirts from Down Under

MIL is back. Yay! After more than 2 months away from us, it is good to have her back especially with my health condition right now. For the past 2 months, she has been to KL, Sydney and Queenstown. She went to stay with her other children in KL and Sydney except Queenstown; she went there with her youngest son for a short holiday.

She brought back some souvenirs for all her children, in laws and grandchildren too. Isn’t she generous and thoughtful. :) We got some chocolates and “Australian” t-shirts too. She should get custom design t-shirts that prints “My Mother/MIL/Grandmother Went To Australia and Got Me This T-shirt”. That will be cool, right? :D

2 months old baby

My youngest child turns 2 months old today. To make this Mommy happy, today he decided to smile more than crying. He is the only baby with 2 dimples so when he smiles, awwww…he looks so adorable. He almost chuckles too. Maybe I look funny to him with my messy hair. Haha!

I thank God for his growth and his health. He is like any other normal baby with no sign that he was diagnosed as a IUGR baby. I pray that he will continue to grow strong and healthy. He will grow up to be a cheerful and joyful boy too. With 6 children, I do need more children to cheer me up. :D

Need More Bedsheets

With a newborn in the house, we need more bedsheets! Why? Because newborn often vomit, PU and poop. He often vomit because he drinks more than his body required. The bedsheet gets wet because at time, I just wear his cloth nappy. The bedsheet gets poop on it when he poops while I am changing him. Not only the bedsheet, I also need changing. Of all my 6 children, he pooped me the most! Thank God he is on 100% breastmilk, his poo-poo does not stinks like adult’s poo. Oops! To much poo-poo in this post. Sorry ya. hehe. I better head to bedding from DayBeds.com to check out their bedsheet.

Confinement Officially Over

Day 44.

My confinement is officially over. Supposedly I can eat all the food that I enjoyed but due to c-sec, I have to refrain from certain seafood like prawn, crab, scallop, squid etc and certain type of fish.

I started eating some chicken and duck meat after 40 days. Praise God so far, no negative effect on my wound.

I even accidentally ate Kaya (lots n lots of eggs in it) with Pulut Tekan last Sunday before going to Church. I only realised it when I took the 2nd bite after coming back from church. I was like “OMG! Kaya = Eggs!” I prayed hard after that that it won’t effect my wound, no puss please. Thank God, He answered my prayer. Quickly swallow all my supplements and drank a bottle of Ikan Haruan Essense that day.

I started doing more house chores at home, drove my dad’s Saga a few times and started screaming raising my voice again. ;)

Stress does cause me pain but not as bad as before. But I still dare not carry my more than 10kg 16mo baby. Poor baby. I have to depend on hubby and my eldest daughter in that area.

I hope in another month, the pain will completely go away and I can carry my 16mo again. I miss carrying her.

Video Conferencing

I have more online friend than offline friend. When I was still working in the office (i’m still working now but not in the office. hehe) I often chat with them thru MSN or Yahoo Messenger. Back then, no Facebook yet. Sometimes, I caught then at the wrong time that is when they are having a video conferencing with their client or bosses. I wonder why they keep their status online during the video conferencing. You don’t want others to bug you, make your status offline or invisible lar. Anyway, I have no time to bug anybody now. I miss my online chatting days.

Baby and Mommy Check-Up at 1 month old

I brought my 37 days old baby for his first monthly check-up at the clinic just now. Praise God that he is growing well. He is at 4.06kg today. The doctor was surprised that he was diagnosed as IUGR baby when he was still in my womb at 35 weeks. He does not look like one now. Praise God for answered prayer. He is getting chubbier each day with 2 hourly Mommy’s milk; day and night. Thank God I am used to staying up late and not getting enough sleep during the night. I tried to nap in the afternoon for an hour or two when possible. ;)

As for me, I am standing at 49.5kg. So happy! I am still eating as often as I can (i’m a small eater, you see) and drink hot chocolate or Milo to boost my milk supply. As for the c-sec, it is healing but slow. I braved myself and started drinking fish essence with dunno what Chinese herbs, not so bad. I hope it will speed up the healing process.

I still can’t cope taking care of 2 babies at the same time without any helper so I resorted to seeking my mom’s help again to mind my 15mo when hubby has to work night time during school nights. If it is not school night, my eldest can help. Thank God for daughters. :D

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