Kids Sleeping in Church

sleeping in church

This is the first time all 3 of my babies sleep at the same time in church.

Every Sunday we try our best to be in church by 9.30am for the 10am service because sometimes hubby preach, songlead, backup or videoman. On other days, those 3 younger children of mine usually wake up after 9.30am. On Sunday, we have to wake them up earlier. That is the reason they will knock out by 11-12noon in church.

My 3yo was so sleepy that he slept the other way round!

Homemade Bak Chang and Nyonya Chang


My mom with my youngest sister’s help made the above. They look tasty ya. They are. Unfortunately, they aren’t my favorite, so does my hubby so I don’t bother learning from my mom how to make them. BUT my children loves Nyonya Chang. They love anything Nyonya. ;) The thick Baba Nyonya blood flows in them.


My mom made quite a lot this year because my sister posted the picture on FB! Even a famous blogger from Singapore ordered from me but have to cancel last minute coz her FIL passed away yesterday. :( Next year then ya.

Even though I don’t fancy eating Chang, so far I have eaten 2 Bak Chang (my mom specially made without the mussels in it for me) and 2 Nyonya Chang. Kalu dah lapar, semua pun hentam. :D

Cheap eReaders

This year, I know what to buy for hubby on his 40th birthday. Half time, the big FOUR ZERO. Must make it a day to remember. I hope Google would be kind enough and sponsor my birthday gift for hubby; an eReader. He told me many times that it would help him preach better. No need to flip the pages of his bible or concordance. There are so many e readers to choose from. I have till end of this year to survey the market and choose the best gadget for him. :)

Broken Mug

broken mug

My 17mo baby girl took away my mug which I left on the computer table which I was busing FBing. ;) A moment later I heard something broken and my eldest screaming at her baby sister. I went out to save my baby girl because I know my eldest would be furious about the broken mug because she gave that mug to me on my birthday by exchanging her Sunday School coupon for it. Before I can even take two steps out of my room door, my eldest gave a tight smack on her baby sister’s hand. My poor baby!

I wasn’t sad about it. It is just another mug to me until my eldest reminded me that she bought it for my birthday. Forgetful Mommy. She even comforted me by telling me that she will get another one from Sunday School. Such a sweet girl eh. :D

Insurance Policy Payment

The Government said that one person can only hold 2 credit cards. I have 3! One of it is a forced to have when I applied for my homeloan. In the first place, I thought I have to hold on to that card as long as I still owe the bank but that is not deal after checking with the homeloan officer recently. Thank God! If not I will have to use the card for another 9 years! So, I know which card to cancel but I have to transfer my affordable term life insurance and my children’s education insurance to the other card. ;)

Forgot to Fetch Son from School

It is definitely not me! Read it here -> Forgot My Son

And I just found out about it a few days ago when I was browsing hubby’s blog. He didn’t tell me about it on the day when it happened. Takut gua melenting kot. I wonder what was in his mind at that time until he can forget to fetch our son. Poor boy.

First Day of School

Today is not just another first day of school. Today is the first day of being a driver and a cook again after more than 2 months break with a 2mo newborn.

Today’s schedule wasn’t so hectic but I do hope that MIL would be able to relief me from cooking for another 2-3 months.

Newborn last feeding b4 I wake to start my day was at 5.45am, I doze off till my alarm rang at 6.30am. I have 2 hours to do as much as I could before he wakes up again for his mommy’s milk.

1. Wake up school going children.
2. First load clothing (children’s) went into the washing machine.
3. Make sure they really wake up and starts changing.
4. Boil water.
5. Fill up children’s water bottle.
6. Bring out fish from freezer to thaw.
7. Tie girls hair.
8. 7.15am – Send them to school.
9. Back home around 7.30am. Starts preparing and cooking at full speed.
10. Put in 2nd load of laundry – towels.
11. 8.30am – Baby woke up for feeding.
12. 9am – 3yo and 17mo woke up too. Milk for them.

One of them poo-poo. Baby crying at the same time. 2 more laundry loads to go; mine n hubby’s clothes and diapers. Done laundry not hang yet. I started to stress up coz I am doing all those alone. I need to go to the bank too and buy milk. I ended up hanging the last batch of laundry at 12noon, under the hot scorching sun. I no like.

Must adjust my schedule so that my laundry can be done by 10am.

Why is the Lorry here?

BIL has been parking his company’s lorry in front of our house for a few days. He did not inform us why he did so. I know he can’t park at his house because there is no parking space there but what happened it’s previous parking spot? Since our house is also his family house, we did not ask him. On the fullmoon celebration night, hubby called him to re-park it at our neighbour’s house because we needed the space. Maybe he is helping to buy then fix the truck accessory onto it.

Baby Yosef Belated Fullmoon Celebration

I have 6 children and this is the first time we have a fullmoon celebration for our baby. That also, it is a belated one, Baby Yosef is already 2 months old. Better than none at all. :) We didn’t want to have it on his actual fullmoon day because MIL is still in Australia so we waited for her return. Furthermore I was not fit enough to prepare for the makan-makan n cleaning up.

Thanks to my Singh BIL and his girls, he cowtim the BBQ for us. We had BBQ chicken, lamb, pork ribs, stingray and prawns.


I am also so grateful that a few Indonesian mommies from church and a FB friend helped to prepare a few dishes for us.



The turn out was good. Almost all invited came. Even our church pastor came. :D
yosef fullmoon makan2


We had a short testimony from myself then hubby and sang “Jesus Loves The Little Children” too. We even got Pastor Lee Neo to pray a prayer of blessing for Baby Yosef.

Btw, Baby Yosef is not in the picture coz he was sleeping during the feast.

You know what, I even forgotten to appoint one of my nieces to become the cameraman. The above pics was taken by one of my guests!

Praise God everything went on well. :D

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