Killing Germs with Clorox

Almost 2 weeks ago, I shared about killing germs in the air using vinegar. Today, I want to share about how to kill germs on the floor using Clorox. There are many floor cleaners that claims they can kill 99% bacteria/germs. No harm trying but killing bacteria and germs using Clorox is a cheaper. I am using the Giant/Tesco floor cleaner (one of the cheapest in the market). I add to it around half a capfull of Clorox into my pail of water. So far, so good. This tips was shared to me by my Singh BIL. :D

Repairing Leather Sofa

If I have my own home, I wouldn’t buy a leather or pvc sofa. Once it got torn, the leather upholstery repair is quite costly. They may look nice but in long run, it is not that practical unless you have lots of money to repair it or buy a new one. I’ll go for fabric sofa which can easily take off to wash. With many children, cloth sofa is more durable and and practical.

Kuih Dadar or Kuih Ketayap

kuih dadar or kuih ketayap

This is my first time making Kuih Dadar / Kuih Ketayap. I used the simplest recipe for this Kuih Dadar / Kuih Ketayap.

The ingredient…Wheat Flour, Pandan Juice and Salt. As for the filling, grated coconut with Gula Melaka and a pinch of salt.

Kill Germs with Vinegar

Since 2 days ago, all of us living in this house except my eldest daughter are sick. Everyone caught the flu and cough bugs. Myself just recovered from fever. My 6yo son is still feverish. My 6yo kindy teacher told us to boil some vinegar and walk around the house with the steamy vinegar to kill the germs in the air. Will try that later.

Dusty Ceiling Fan

As I look up on the ceiling this morning, I saw thick cluster of dust on the ceiling fan’s blade. I can only sigh because I can’t climb up the ladder to get it clean and I am not allowed to either. Unfortunately, the person that refrained me from cleaning it is so busy with work that he has no time to clean it. Maybe I should secretly clean it by myself soon.

David Jr.


We have always wanted to name our son David Jr. Till now, none of them really look like their daddy until recently. My last baby is looking more and more like his daddy. Many who have seen him recently said so too. His tan skin, his eyes, his hair, his smile and his build. Instead of calling him Sefy Boy, I should start calling him Jr. ;)

Artistic Talent

I noticed that most homeschoolers are gifted with artistic talent. Either they are good at music, singing, dancing, writing, photography, teaching or drawing/painting/design. Why is that so? It is because when homeschooling those children can have more time to discover their artistic gift/s? Does that mean that all of us are born with a Mozart or Picasso in us? I have yet to find out because we will be starting to homeschool our children soon. :)

Bersih 3.0 Concert in Melaka

At this hour, hubby has the privilege to become the Co-MC (more of a translator) in the very first Melaka’s Bersih 3.0 Concert. He gets to shake hands with Datuk A.Samad Said, Ambiga, Wong Tack and Hishammudin Rais. Cool! I want! Unfortunately, I’m stuck at home with the kids wondering how the MCing went well. Let’s wait for update from hubby when he gets home soon.

Puppies for Adoption


These are 2 out of 12 puppies that got adopted today. Unfortunately, out of 12 puppies, only 3 puppies are male. It is easy to get the male to be adopted but not the female no matter how cute they are.

Free Slurpee

I just found out that today, 11th of July which is also read as 7/11 is a special day for 7Eleven. I read in FB that their outlets are giving free Slurpee on this special date. I was at 7Eleven getting some holiday cards but I didn’t see any sign about the free Slurpee. Maybe it only applies to 7Eleven based in US only because the link that I saw through FB was a US website.

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