Organic Water Spinach / Kangkung


We harvested the first veggie from our mini farm last Saturday. Yes! The Kangkung or the Orang Putih calls it Water Spinach. No, we did not cook Kangkung Belacan with it. All my children can’t enjoy the first fruit of their labor if I cook Kangkung Belacan coz it will be spicy for them. So, I just stir fried them with garlic and ate them with Nasi Lemak. We had Nasi Lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner last Saturday! :D

Indoor Water Fountain for Home

The first time I see an indoor water fountain in a home is at one of my church friend’s house. They are rich of course. :P Living in 3 storey bungalow with a swimming pool. They also have jacuzzi in their master bedroom. If I remember correctly, next to their master bedroom is the room that has the indoor water fountain. They even have a pond with Japanese Carps at below the water fountain. And that room is their prayer room. The room is very cooling and cozy. I wonder whether they went to for water fountains.

Drinking Coconut Water in a Wheelbarrow

coconut water

This 19mo girl of mine enjoys nature to the max. More than her brothers and sisters. In the above pic, she just came home after helping daddy and Uncle Ann plucked some coconuts. She helped carried a few coconuts into the wheelbarrow. As a reward, she got to drink one young coconut all by herself.

Meeting New People

Festive season is one of the ways to meet new people. Since being married and live with hubby’s family, I got to know quite a number of interesting and friendly people. They are the faithful CF members from my SIL’s polytechnic. Year after year, they will come to visit when my SIL comes back here. They are a great helper when we have our BBQ night.

This Hari Raya, I met a lovely Punjabi couple who is yearning to have kids of they own. Order already but not yet arrive. ;) The husband is working in one of the industrial supply companies in Ipoh and his wife is a kindy teacher. Besides them, there are 3 more single but not available young chap. ;)

Mini Veggie Farm

When I started FB-ing, Farmville is the first game that I played. I love the planting and seeing the plants grow and of course making lots of money from it. :D Unfortunately, I do not have the privilege to play any more game on FB after I have 6 children. Since the love of seeing plant grows is still in me, I got my children to plant the real thing instead. Actually, it was hubby who got them started. My initial plan was to put planting as one of my homeschooling curriculum next year but hubby got excited after I told him the idea and brought the children to buy veggie seeds when he isn’t working at his shop and started the planting with the children without me. Now I helped watering them. ;)

Here’s a glimpse of our real life farmville / mini veggie farm.


Daddy’s Kangkung


Barnabas’ Okra


Belle’s Sawi

long beans

Clarissa’s Long Bean

The above photos were taken when they were a few days old. I think by next week, we can harvest the Kangkung. :D

As of today, I added 2 more veggie and a herb plant to the mini farm; Bird Eye Chili, Daun Keledek and Daun Kesum (used in cooking assam fish, assam laksa n tomyam).

I’ll post more picture when they are all grown up.

How wonderful if the grow by the hours just like in Farmville. :D


Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 21

I have been waiting for Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 21 for a few hours already. I am sure Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 21 has been aired. How come today they upload Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 21 so slow one? All glued to the TV watching the Olympic games I guess. Faster lar upload Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 21 with Eng Sub coz I very kuncheong to know what happened next. :D

Log Furniture for Our New Home

If ever we need to move out from the family house and if we can afford to buy a small piece of land to build our dream house, I want to furnish it with log furniture. You asked me why? Just check out the link. I fall in love with the log furniture featured in the website at first glance. It is so country like which I like. Must hang a deer head on the wall and play Kenny Roger’s song in the house. hehe.

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