Baby Sleeps in a Hammock

sleeping in hammock

This is what happened when daddy put his youngest baby to sleep. To make him fall asleep, he took him for a walk outdoor. When he is asleep, instead of putting him in his bedroom to continue his slumber, he just drop him into the hammock and use a cloth peg to secure the hammock. Mosquito? What mosquito? Getting bitten by mosquito is part of growing up in a kampung.

I Love Hiking

I love hiking and I miss hiking. The last time I had the change to hike up a hill was when I was in USM. Almost every evening, I will hike up Bukit Jambul. I wanted to hike up Penang Hill but I have no hiking partner then. It is dangerous to hike up there all alone.

I hope in another 2 years time, when my youngest is more independent and can be left at home with his siblings, I want to resume hiking. I am going to drag hubby along this time. As an incentive, I’ll buy for him the Garmont Zenith hiking boots.

I came to know of a SAHM of 6 too who love hiking and camping recently. She did not wait till her youngest to grow older to hike. Children were never a hindrance to her passion to hike and camp. She packed her youngest into her backpack and hike with the rest. I don’t think I can do the same. No stamina lar. ;)

Snake Hole

This happened a few weeks ago.

I was standing on a pile of broken cement and rocks near our farm looking for coconuts. Just when I was about to turn around to head to the house, I saw a black coloured snake (cobra, i think coz i didnt see the head) slithers the other direction a few inches from my foot! It gave me a fright and I ran for my life. Thank God it did not bite me when he passed by my feet.

After that day, I did not go to that spot for about a week.

A week later I went there again to collect the coconut that has fallen from the tree. I even say it out loud, “Snake, you don’t disturb me arh, I am passing by here to collect the coconut.” I was carrying my 5mo at that time and my 6yo came with an old stroller to help me wheel the coconuts.

I braved myself and look around the piles of broken cement and rock. I saw a hole, a snake hole! I have seen snake holes many time but it was always empty. I went nearer to get a better view of it. It looks different that the normal holes that I’ve seen before. There’s something shiny and silvery there. Then I see the snake’s eyes. Apa lagi, told my son to leave the stroller and ran for our life! Hubby wasn’t around that evening.

The next day, I showed hubby the snake hole. We came with bamboo sticks this time but the snake was not in the hole. So, hubby just demolish the snake hole.

I hope, I don’t have to meet his again.

Hope of Jubilee Celebration in Melaka

I was privilege to be able to join the Hope of Jubilee Celebration that was held at Dataran Pahlawan last Sunday, Sept 16 2012. On that day, we celebrated Malaysia Day; the 50th. I was there with hubby and my youngest baby who slept in my ring sling.

Thank God for the great weather. We had a good time of praise and worship, and prayer too; pray for Malaysia. There was cultural dance performance too. At 7pm sharp some of them blew the shofar (spiral ram’s horn) as announcement of the Jubilee year.

We left while a group of ladies were doing some exercise presentation though coz I got 5 more kids waiting for us at home. :)

21st Century Babysitters


I miss having my nieces cum babysitters. With them around, I got a breather, I got some me time and I could get mote things done.

Thank God my baby is not picky. As long as you are fleshy and comfy, he is happy to be plod on top on their body while they FB, Youtube-B or taking pictures with their smartphones. ;)

My First Harmonica

My first harmonica was given to me by my dad’s asst. manager. Even though I do not know how to play it, I brought it every where I go. There was once I misplaced it, I cried the whole night until my mom found it in the laundry basket. It was so dear to me because it was a gift from someone. Those days, I hardly receive any gift from anybody. Once I get one, I treasure it a lot.

Korean Drama Madness

While I was pregnant with my last baby, I got hooked watching Korean drama due to my hubby. He started it. One of our favourites at that time was Baby Faced Beauty. Then I stopped for a few months before and after giving birth to my 6th baby. Life is too hectic for me to be glued in front of the computer screen.

Lately I started again because my baby wants to latch very frequent. If I nurse him laying down, I will end up sleeping which I couldn’t at times coz I need to keep my ears open to hear what’s happening to my other 5 children.

So I switch on the PC and look for movies or drama to watch while he latches. At present, I am following Arang and the Magistrate, To The Beautiful You and Faith aka The Great Doctor. :D

10k Contract for Scrub Nurse

My SIL got an offer to sign a 3 years contract with the private hospital that she is currently working at. If she agrees, she will be given 10k upon signing the contract and of course a few pairs of new nursing uniforms and nursing shoes. Here’s the catch; during that 3 years duration, she will be on-call every day. Due to this, my SIL gave a pass to this offer because family comes first. Furthermore, my brother started working outstation and will only be home during the weekends. No easy to get “easy” money eh. ;)

Rebekah at 20 months old


This sweet girl of mine turns 20 months old today. I raised up yet another independent child. Maybe she’s the 5th child, unintentionally forced to be independent coz she has a baby brother who is only 5 months old.

Update on her development…

She weighs about 11kg. Loves to drink soup. Loves drinking milk too; 8oz. Refused to be fed. She will even take her own plate and spoon when she wants to eat. If I am not there at that moment, she will scoop whichever food that she wants to eat from the dining table into her plate and eat!

She is no longer sleeping with Mommy and Daddy. She has been upgraded to sleep with her brothers and sisters since 2 weeks ago. No fuss. :D

Speech wise, she started calling me, Mommy…finally and loves to hear herself calling Mommy. So, throughout the day, I will hear “Mommy” from her many many times for no reason. Other than that, she can say a few more words…mostly in BM! Coz she is Grandma’s girl too.

Most of all she is very helpful. :D

Oracle OCP 11g Certification

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