Mother of 6

6 kids

These are all mine. :D 3 girls and 3 boys, aged 9yo,8yo,6yo,3yo,22mo and 7mo. I raise them up with the help of my husband, MIL, my parents and no maid. :)

It is VERY challenging, VERY stressful at times but I am VERY blessed to have all of them. They made my life VERY colourful.

All 6 have very different personality. One will help me with the housechores, one can babybit, one can play with the younger ones, one very joyful, one reminds me that i was once a tomboy, and one for me to adore and sucks the fat out of me. hehe.

On good days, I feel I want to have another one! Crazy me. :lol:

Reading while Eating is a Bad Habit

belle reading

My eldest daughter, 9yo loves to read while she is eating. She told me that she enjoys her food better when she is reading. Unfortunately, eating while doing other activities is a bad habit. I read that, you will tend to eat more because when you read, you are too engross with the story that you don’t remember how much you have eaten. Now I know why my 9yo eats more lately! Must stop her from reading and eating at the same time! Respect your food! Give them your utmost attention. hehe. :)


Look, who picked up the bad habit…

eka reading

My youngest daughter, 21mo!

Measles or Heat Rash

sefy at the beach

My youngest baby has tiny read spots all over his body. He refuses to eat his solid. He drinks less milk too. His stool is watery. He had fever 2 days before the rashes appear. His fever was very mild. I gave him some barley drink on the 2nd day of his fever. The next day, I saw some rashes appeared on his tummy. My mom told me that his body is heaty. The next day, I gave him some fresh young coconut water to cool him down. The day after that, more rashes appeared all over his body and face. No more fever though. I had measles before. It looks like measles to me. As I am typing this, the rashes are lesser now. Praise God for His healing touch.

Part and Parcel of Growing Up

injured face

When you see the above picture, you feel pain right? More for the mother who gave birth to this child. But it wasn’t as painful as the first time I experienced similar incident about 5 years ago. My 2nd daughter, now 8yo fell from the swing and had a bad scratch on her face (right side too) coz she felt on the stoney ground. I felt her pain. And I was so worried that it will leave scar of my girl’s face. Earlier, there was a scar. Thank God, there is no sign of it as of today.

So when this 3yo of mine fell on the tarred road while playing with his cousins last Saturday, I did not panic and I have no worries too. I calmly told him, it is ok, you will be fine in no time.

This is part of growing up. Someone commented in my FB that “tak jatuh, tak besair.” ^-^

Good Quality Motorcycle Jacket

This morning when I was taking the laundry to wash, I found a torn motorcycle jacket. It must be hubby who placed it in there coz he wants me to wash it before he wears it when riding motorcycle. I wonder where he got it from. Torn (at the elbow part) already still want to wear. That is how spendthrift my hubby is. If I have money, I might want to shop for motorcycle jacket for him. Birthday present. :)

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