Orders for Reversible Bags

Yes! I have 3 orders for my reversible bags and 1 for a sling bag. But only 2 of them will bring me income because the other 2 are for my daughters. ;)

I am so excited about it. I have reason to start sewing again. I might even learn how to sew swags while I’m at it.

Unfortunately, many things came up recently. Kids got 5 days of VBS, we are short of one staff at the CC which means hubby has to go to work every day from morning till after dinner and I have to come in the other CC when the staff is on leave, like today.

So, the orders are kept on hold till…I dunno when. :(

Mother of 6 Working in Cyber Cafe

Today is the 3rd time to many of times working in a cyber cafe. The first time, I brought along my 7.5mo, 22mo and 9yo. It was a bad idea to bring my toddler along. Not easy to handle an active toddler who wants to do everything with you. If possible I do not want to bring my 7.5mo too but I can’t because he is still on 100% Mommy’s milk; direct feed. The rest of my children, I left them at my parents’ house because they have their cousins to play with. 2nd and 3rd time, I left my toddler under the care of her older brothers, sister, cousins and her grandparents.

I have to bring my 9yo with me because she can help me carry her baby brother when I need to entertain the customer/s like printing, photostating and binding.

To keep my 9yo occupied, I got her to start doing Grade 3 AOP subjects. One unit completed, she is allowed 2 hours of computer time. One unit contained 46-52 pages. So, she’ll do half of it for an hour computer time and another half for another hour.

That’s how a mother of 6 can work. With many helpers in hand. :D

Cycling Adventure

cycling adventure

The school holiday is here. I can choose to sleep in till 8am or wake up at the same time when it is school day to go cycling. My eldest likes the idea of going cycling with mommy because all this while she cycled with daddy.

On the first day, we cycled for 3km only as I fear that I will exert my c-sec scar. On the 2nd day, we cycled to the beach and back home the same way. We cycled for 8km. On the 3rd day, we tried cycling further. We made one big round to reach home. From home to the beach to Pulau Gadong, to my parents’ place and back home. It was about 13km ride. My c-sec area hurts.

So, we decided to rest till this day. Might try again tomorrow. :)

Public Speaking for Children

When I was in secondary school I was so impressed at how good this Remove Class (from SJKC) girl can tell story in Malay so well. I still remember the title of her story “Si Luncai dengan Labu-labunya” and how she took out a hanky from her pocket and squeeze out the water from it.

Now I know how she can be that good. She was trained well by her teachers during her primary school years. How I know? My girls are studying in SJKC. During the BM and English week, the teachers will pick a few of them from each class to go up the stage to speak. Std 1 and 2 got a simple ones, like reciting short rhymes. Std 3 onwards will tell stories they memorises from the storybooks. The main intention is to get them up the stage to speak; public speaking.

I still remember how my eldest, then in Std 2 refused to participate in the Storytelling competition. Come Std 3, she was forced to participate and after that first experience, she wanted to do it again. She was nervous and yet excited about standing infront of others to speak. She did once in Malay and once in English.

Recently, her school was asked to send representative (Tahap 1 student) for inter-school Storytelling in Malay. Her teacher chose her classmate but she declined. My 9yo daughter told me that the moment her classmate declined she quickly raised up her hand to volunteer. I was very surprise to know what she did. Wow! My daughter is so brave. Even before the competition we are already proud of her.

Well, she did not win any price for her school but she gained much experience from it. We are still very proud of her. I heard there were about 50 students participated in the Storytelling competition and only 15 were chosen to go to the next stage.

We rewarded her by bringing her out for dinner. She chose dinner over gift coz she wants us to be treated too coz we helped her prepare for the competition. She is so thoughtful. Her school will reward her for participating too. :D

p/s: she does not allow me to upload her video during practice here. :(

Looking Good Again

My youngest child just turned 7 months old. I was expecting that I will go back to my pre-pregnancy weight and shape in 6 months time but I am being disappointed this time. Even though I am a SAHM to 6 young children with no maid to help me, I am still not losing enough weight. I long to look good again in my tight jeans.

What and where did it go wrong? It could be due to c-sec that I was not able to do heavy work in the earlier months that hindered the weight lost. I am still fearful to do sit ups. Worrying that it will triggers the pain at the c-sec area. I shall be patience and wait till my baby turns 1yo. Till then, I shall be content with my shape and weight. ;)

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