Time for prescription glasses

These days, I have to remove my glasses when I need to read, eat or do sewing. With my glasses on, my vision is blurry. Looks like my eyes are aging faster than my body. :( Soon, I would need prescription glasses to read! By then, you can call me “Auntie” I won’t scold you. hehe. I went here for prescription glasses. They have quite a collection of great looking glasses at a very affordable prices. I just hope the postage isn’t costly to my side of the world. ;)

No Birthday Lunch nor Dinner this year

I thought I won’t have any birthday lunch or dinner this year because hubby has to work full day on that day. I almost has to work too on my special day. But thanks to a 3 weeks only part-time worker, hubby managed to leave his shop for a few hours just to dine with me. :D We had a very late birthday lunch at Kensington. This is the only time hubby would be willing to spend dining in a fancy restaurant. ;)

Shopping at AEON

I was out shopping at AEON with my eldest (9.5yo) and youngest (8.5mo). My intention was to renew the AEON member card but since we are already there, we decided to shop for hubby’s birthday this Sunday. :) I managed to buy something that he needed but I got the wrong one and more expensive one. After paying for it then only I found one that he would want and it was cheaper too. That is the disadvantage is you have limited time to shop. I grabbed the first thing that I see. :( I was so tempted to buy the other one and keep the wrong for dunno who but that will be a waste of money right? I just hope he will like the one I chose lar. My eldest said that it is nicer than the cheaper ones.

Anyway, on the way back to the car, my eldest stopped at the $5 shop to find something for her daddy. She found one and I helped her pay for it. She also spotted some holiday wreaths and with her puppy face, she asked me whether she can have 2 of it to decorate her room. Since it is only $5 for 2, I bought it for her. There goes another $10.

Flexible Sleeping Position

flexible baby

I have 6 children and I have seen various sleeping position. However this is the first time I see my baby sleeps this way. He must be very tired after coming home from church that he just fell flat on his face while sitting on daddy’s lap. He was in that position for quite a while until I told hubby to put him down on the bed then he woke up. Babies are so flexible eh. :)

Flat Screen TV

By now, most families who can afford a flat screen TV have upgraded theirs to one. Not my family though. We hardly watch TV so we do not see the point of change our current one (which was bought by one of my BILs) to a flat screen. My parents have upgraded theirs. My youngest sister bought it for them and the rest of up chipped in some. With a flat screen TV, the panel stand must change too. So, my mom went to buy a flat panel stand with her own savings.

Apam Berkuah with Pengat Durian

apam berkuah

Found some durians but the flesh is not sweet enough. It will be a waste to just throw it away. It is good for making kuih or pengat. Just for the smell. So I opt for Pengat Durian since it is the fastest and easiest to cook. Pengat Durian is not nice to eat by itself. So, I asked my mom to help me make the Apam. I still have not learn how to make the Apam. It was a nice tea time we had that day. Apam Berkuah with Pengat Durian n Banana.

Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas is just around the corner. Since we do not celebrate Christmas as in having a Christmas tree at home or opening our house on Christmas day or even having a roast turkey for our Christmas dinner. We just go to church and praise God for sending His only son to this earth to rescue us from eternal death.

Anyway, on Christmas night this year, the church that I’m attending are going to have “makan” fellowship and gift exchange. My children are excited about it. We are done with that Christmas gifts shopping. Since Christian are not encouraged to smoke, we did not buy camacho triple maduro cigars for an uncle who does smoke. Must buy Hacks for him to help him stop smoking. ;)

Baileys Irish Cream with Ice Cream

bailey's irish cream

A few days before my birthday, my sister came home from her China trip with a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream for my brother and I. I posted about it in FB and a friend commented that Bailey’s Irish Cream taste great with ice-cream.

So, I tried…

irish cream with ice cream

The verdict. Okay lar. Too sweet for me. I still prefer my Irish Cream on the rock. ;)

VBS Rock!

My 3 older children attended 2 VBS this year. This is their first year attending VBS and they enjoyed it so much that 5 days were not enough for them. Thank God through a friend’s friend, I managed to sign them up for another VBS 2 days after the first one ended. They enjoyed the 2nd one much more that the moment they came home they can’t wait to present to us the dance that they learned. They are anticipating for the next VBS this coming June.

I am glad that I managed to persuade hubby to let them join VBS. They are no longer shy to worship, praise and dance in a crowd. They learned their ABC – Admit, Believe and Confess. And they made new friends. :D

Even though it was a tiring week for me, chauffeuring them, working at hubby’s cc and chauffeuring a staff to the cc so that I don’t have to work there, it was worth the trouble seeing my kids changed for the better.

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