Declaring Tomorrow as Family Day

Since one of hubby’s part-time staffs resigned, hubby hardly have time for us. Yup! Even on Sunday coz most Sunday night, there will be meeting in church. Morning to church for Sunday service, then rush to lunch and rush back home for a short nap. The day gone just like that.

Tomorrow is going to be a public holiday here and hubby’s eldest brother has requested him to take the day off from work to help him re-build the tree house (will blog about this later). Thank God that hubby managed to get his “resigned” staff to work for the day.

Another staff who is working at another cc is also taking the day off. I wanted to work there but hubby said no coz it is rare occasion to get the family together the whole day.

We are praying that God will bless us with more sales on other days to cover for the one day loses.

SO, Family Day it is tomorrow. I want to cook/bake something special. :)

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