Tree House in Malaysia

The West used to think that Malaysian still lives on tree. We have not been living on trees for ages. My great great great grandfather came from China also never live on trees. Maybe they are referring to the Aborigines.

But we do have a tree house. And it is right at my backyard, on a Rambutan tree. :)

tree house

My children spends most of their time up there now. They play, learn, eat and sleep there. We even camp a night on the tree house a few days ago. Yup! All 8 of us, slept on the tree house; with two mosquito nets. :D

camp on tree house

Come visit us and experience the fun playing on a tree house. :)

Hectic Week

It has been a very hectic week for me, juggling between family, homeschooling, work and baking Nyonya Pineapple Tarts for sale. On the days I have to work, I pack all my 6 kids and their books to work. On non working days, I’ll be busy baking Nyonya Pineapple Tarts and running errands for hubby. Once my tarts order is fulfilled, I am left with only one day to do spring cleaning. Thanks to one of my brother in laws, I only need to spring clean the toy room, empty my children’s room to make way for other family that will be returning for the CNY celebration, my children’s study area and my own room. Tomorrow is CNY eve already. After CNY is over, I wish to be able to relax in a heated pool where the pool heat pumps is working.

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