Source of Blessings and Prosperity

Do you know who is the source of our blessings and prosperity? God is the source of our blessings and prosperity and we are the river where God’s blessings flow through. Once the blessings start to flow, you can even own restaurants lehigh valley. Can I hear an “Amen” to that? :D

We are exercising our faith right now. And we are very excited to see how God works through us. He has blessed everyone of us who put our trust in Him. It is up to us to claim His blessings.

Listen to Andrew Wommack’s teaching and you will understand what I am talking about. :)

House Hopping

MIL has gone to live with her other children in KL. She will be house hopping for the next 4-5 weeks. She has 5 sons living in KL now. 4 with a family and one still single and available. :)

This is not the first time she left us at home for more than a month. Since we are often at work, we do not miss her presence much. Only when I need to send my girls for piano lesson and Chinese tuition, I have to bring everyone with me and not leave them at home. Quite inconvenience when the babies are napping at that hour. So, we’ll be at my parent’s house on piano lesson and tuition days. That is 4 days a week.

New Season in My Life…again

I do not like change but change has come to my life often. Oh well, if there is no change, life would be very monotonous and boring.

Just when I am about to settle down with my newborn, homeschooling starts. Before I really establish my homeschooling schedule, the only staff in our CC resigned.

After working there for a few times, hubby offered me to manage the business. Right now, I am training my niece who is waiting for her SPM result to run the business for us till her uni intake.

I am a businessmom!

Come June, there will be another change in my routine.

God sure knows how to keep me on my foot. ;)

Violin or Ukulele

Two of my eldest girl are learning the piano. Which musical instrument should I let my 7yo son learn. So far, he has not shown any interest in any, unlike my 4yo son who loves the drum. My 7yo son has a very high pitch voice. I’m thinking, maybe I should let him try out the violin. Then he will realize how his high pitch voice hurts our ear drums at times. But then, violin lesson is expensive too. :( Ok lar, let start him with something smaller and less expensive. Let him learn playing the ukulele. :)

How to Get Rid of Nappy Rash Fast…Try Olive

olive nappy rash cream
Olive Baby Nappy Cream and Baby Moisturizer Milk

When I received both products, I have no idea how to review them because I do not need to use nappy rash cream on my baby because he is on 99% cloth diapers. Cloth diaper = no nappy rash. As for the moisturizer milk, I am not into putting any “chemical” on my baby soft skin except for the Sebamed soap for bathing. But we’ll see. Read on. :)

Thanks (no thanks) to Chinese New Year, I have to wear my baby disposable diapers because we are out of the house frequently and for long hours. After 2 days on disposable diapers, I saw my baby scratching his bum bum. When I check, lo and behold, there are some rashes there. My poor baby.

Aha! My opportunity to test Olive’s Baby Nappy Cream. After 2 days of applying the Nappy Cream after each wash, his bum bum is as good as new. :D I am a happy mommy. No need to borrow my sister’s nappy cream. I have one which is better than hers. :)

Just a few days ago, another type of rash appeared due to wearing soiled diapers. This time it took longer for it to go away because he was purging for 2 days and a few times, he was left soiled un-noticed. :( After the purging stopped, I applied the Olive Nappy Cream religiously for 3 days and now my 11mo is nappy rash free.

As I mentioned, I am not keen in applying any “chemical” on my baby’s soft skin but I give it a go with Olive’s products because it is made of natural plant extracts and extra virgin olive oil. Apart from that, their products are:

* pH balanced

* free from mineral oils and propylene glycol

* free from petroleum by-products

* free from synthetic preservatives or parabens

* free from sodium laureth sulphate

* free from irradiated ingredients

* free from artificial colourings

* free from dioxane

* free from ethoxylated surfactants

* fast absorbing, non-greasy

* nutrient rich and concentrated

* suitable for all skin types

* pleasantly scented using hypoallergenic fragrances.

More than enough to convince me to apply the cream generously on my baby skin.

As for the Olive Baby Moisture Milk, I have not tried on my baby yet. No reason to BUT I tried it on my crack fingers just before the CNY while I was having a baking Nyonya Pineapple Tarts marathon. I thought, my fingers are made of iron so I did not bother to wear glove when cutting the pineapples. The acid from the pineapples sliced through my fingers like a sharp knife. Apart from that, my fingers became super dry. I need fast healing because I have hundreds of pineapple tarts to bake. Then I remembered the Baby Moisture Milk. If it works on my skin, I’m sure it will work on my baby’s soft skin. So, before bedtime, I applied a tiny dropped on the cut and pampered my hands too. The next morning, amazingly, the cut is healed and my hands stayed soft. I managed to bake pineapple tarts without ouching away. :)

I am only giving you a glimpse of 2 of their products. You can check them out on their website and facebook page for more info on other products, reviews, as well as promotions and contests or directly go to their stores to sample them yourself.

Old Acoustic Piano

God has been very good to us. Again He is our Jehovah Jireh. As you all know that my girls are taking piano lesson and their teacher informed us that we need to get them a piano for them to practice at home. She can even help us to get one on installment. We can’t afford to pay the down payment for a used car, what more for a piano. We told our children, for the time being to be contented with just a battery operated keyboard and pray, in due time God will bless them with a real piano.

Just last month, my girls told us that they can no longer practice on their 54 keys keyboard. Not enough keys! I told hubby about it and knowing our financial situation, I agreed with hubby when he told his children to imagine the keys are there when they practice. ;)

God saw and God bless! My eldest BIL recently moved to the city from living in an estate bungalow. He decided to give away his old acoustic piano because it is big and heavy. He offered it to us and we said “Yes!” immediately. :) We need only pay for the transportation cost. Isn’t God good! From spending RM5-7k, we need only come out less than RM500.

Next in our prayer list is an 8 seaters or more MPV.

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