How much does it cost to replace tablet’s screen?

Last week, I bought a made in Taiwan tablet for RM235 only. It was a bit hit amongst my children. 5 of them taking turns to play it. On the 1st day, the screen got so many scratches. Thank God there’s a layer of protection on the screen; it can be replaced for about RM10.

On the 3rd day, while I was bathing, I heard my 2yo telling me that battery finished. I told her to get her sister to charge it but she did not budge from the bathroom door. The moment I opened the bathroom door, she dropped my tablet and the screen cracked. I tab on it to check whether it can still work, another crack line appeared then another.

I was furious. RM235 is a lot of money to me, it took me quite some time to finally decided to get a tablet for myself. I actually wanted to buy a bigger Android phone which will cost me around RM800 but after thinking that I only want it to surf the net (FB, Youtube, Candy Crush!) so I opt for a cheaper option, that is buying the tablet.

A friend told me that it is better to buy new ones coz the screen is very expensive. If I have to get a new tablet, that’s it for owning a tablet. Can’t afford to buy another tablet.

I gave a call to the shop that I bought the tablet from and she told me that the screen can be replaced and it will cost around RM80. What a relief! My eldest daughter beg me to use her CNY angpow money coz she felt it is her fault for not keeping close watch on her baby sister while she plays. I did remind her to keep an eye on her while she plays coz she often drop my phone.

Yesterday, I went to collect my tablet n it is brand new again. And I’m hiding it from my 2yo. Can’t afford to waste another RM80. :P

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