Started Sewing Again and Crocheting too!

Like I do not have enough to do, I started sewing again and just a few days ago, I re-learn how to crochet. I really cannot sit still eh. No wonder cannot put on weight. hehe.

So what I am doing now? I’m a full time mom, full time teacher, part-time working at my CC and whatever spare time I can get, I sew and crochet. As you can see, the time gap between this post and the last. I have been very busy. MIL just came back from 5 weeks of house hopping, so I have more free time now coz she does the cooking for hubby now. So, I use that time to sew. ;)

Actually, I did not plan to sew any bags yet but someone on FB asked me to sew (but she not yet buy any of my bags yet!) and other FB friends started buying, I got excited and motivated to sew more bags.

Then comes the crochet to teach my 2nd girl who loves craft work. Soon, I might crochet some bags to sell too! ^.^ I was looking at wide selection of burlap gift bags, not bad the design. Simple and practical. Might crochet one or two for my girls to use. :D

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