Jun 26
Staff weak in Maths
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After thinking hard about this month’s sales, I realised that one of the reasons the sales is low could be due to miss calculation. Hubby did inform me that one of our staffs is very weak in Math. To me, weak in Math normally refers to difficult Maths problem not the simple plus and minus. So, I went to test him a few days ago. To my surprise, even with using the calculator he can get the wrong amount. :(

I trusted them, so I was not strict in making them enter every transaction into the system. Yes, they are trustworthy but they make me lose due to simple calculation, no more leniency with them anymore. Every transaction must be entered into the system. The system will serve as the POS for them. No need to press, press the calculator to get the sales amount. Key in every type of sales, the system will give you the exact amount to be charged to the customer.

I hope and pray that next month’s sales will increase.

Jun 22
How to increase Cyber Cafe’s Sales
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This month, my cyber cafe’s sales is not looking good. I’m left with 6 days to get RM600 to breakeven. That is RM100 per day. I need miracle coz this month, the sales has been less than RM100 on most days. :( Unless someone come to my shop asking for local brochure printing, coloured for 500 pieces. Then I’ll have some profit for this month. Then, I can use the money to pay my dad for the loan he gave me to buy a used car. So, how to increase cyber cafe’s sales? PRAY and BELIEVE that God has answered my prayer. :D.

Jun 22
Nyonya Chang and Pineapple Tarts
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My mom and I are going to be super busy tomorrow. I have an order of Nyonya Chang and Pineapple Tarts to be collected on Monday. It is a bit rushing for me coz I just received the order yesterday.

Immediately, I went to order pineapples to make the pineapple jam. Went shopping to buy flour, sugar and eggs. Went pasar malam to buy the chang’s leaves and string.

This morning, I went to collect them, then my mom skinned them and my dad got his friend’s favor to grate it using his coconut grater. This afternoon, my mom cooked the jam.

My mom will be making the Nyonya Chang early tomorrow morning then continue with the pineapple tarts till I come to help her after church.

You see, she is the superwoman, not me. ;)

Jun 20
New Speaker for Mother’s Room
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I have been stuck in the Mother’s Room in church since I gave birth to my first child. More than 10 years already! I’ll still be there till my youngest is old enough to join the Sunday School; that will be for another 3 years.

The church that I am attending now really need a new speaker for the Mother’s Room. How I wish I have money to buy one for it. It has this buzzing and echoing sound; very irritating. I rather it to be switch off than on.

When God bless us…we will buy one for the Mother’s Room.

Jun 19
Delicious Nyonya Chang for Sale
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This is my mom’s Nyonya Chang. Authentically Nyonya. Of course lar hah…we are from the Baba Nyonya clan. ;) My mom started making Nyonya Chang daily so that my brother can sell at his Nasi Lemak and Cendol stall.

So, if any of you are coming to Melaka and looking for good Nyonya Chang, buzz me at cencalukbelacan@gmail.com.

Jun 10
New Knobs
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I need to buy 2 new knobs today. One of for my bedroom and another for the children’s room. Both are rusty and my children’s door knob can’t be locked anymore. I must find knobs that can be easily turn/open so that I don’t have to get out of my bed early in the morning to open the door when my 2yo knock on our door to snuggle with us. She an early riser. :(

Jun 10
Simple beanie for 1yo
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beanie for 1yo

My first beanie was quite big for my 2yo n the colour is brown! I wanted something girlish so I crochet a maroon ones for her. Even though I used the same pattern and size, it turn out smaller than my first. It can’t fit her head but fits nicely on my 1yo but the colour is not for a baby boy. :( So, I’m just gonna keep it as a newborn gift.

Jun 2
My Income for May 2013
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Since I started working “part-time” at the cyber cafe, I managed to claim some income to call my own. Last month, I work for 57 hours and my pay comes up to RM200++ but I claimed RM200 only. Well, it is my business after all. :P But it feels good to receive salary again. :) I can do whatever I like with the cash with no question asked my hubby. hehe. I can invest it, I can spend it buying clothes, I can spend my children etc. So far, I have not spend my RM200. Maybe, I’ll give hubby a McD treat later. :)

Jun 1
My first Crochet Beanie
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This is one of my crochet products. I started with a bracelet, then to hairhand, a small flower and this is the latest, a beanie.

The tutorial for crochet beanie mostly are for those living in cold countries. I doubt my girl would want to wear it in our tropical climax. So, I modified the pattern to suite our hot weather here. I crochet more “holes” in the beanie. And above is the result. Have yet to attach a flower to it.