Nyonya Chang and Pineapple Tarts

My mom and I are going to be super busy tomorrow. I have an order of Nyonya Chang and Pineapple Tarts to be collected on Monday. It is a bit rushing for me coz I just received the order yesterday.

Immediately, I went to order pineapples to make the pineapple jam. Went shopping to buy flour, sugar and eggs. Went pasar malam to buy the chang’s leaves and string.

This morning, I went to collect them, then my mom skinned them and my dad got his friend’s favor to grate it using his coconut grater. This afternoon, my mom cooked the jam.

My mom will be making the Nyonya Chang early tomorrow morning then continue with the pineapple tarts till I come to help her after church.

You see, she is the superwoman, not me. ;)

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