Selling Toyota Corolla KE 30

At present, my Toyota Corolla KE 30 is being used by one of our staffs. The car is still under my dad’s name and my dad is bugging me to change to mine. Since we no longer needed to use that, we offered to sell it to our staff by installment since he just started work with us. We told him to discuss with his dad. I hope they will agree to buy and I do not have to go through the hassle of changing it to my name then to his if he decides to buy it one day. The price? Enough to buy a few grams of sterling silver jewelry. :)

Ancient History for 10 years old

My 10yo daughter is a bookworm. She reads all kind of books. Recently she told me she wants to know more about the Ancient History. She wants to read about the Trojan War in detail! Buying more books for her, bring her to the library (no time for that) or ebooks. I chose ebooks! I just downloaded “An Ancient History for Beginners” by George Willis Botsford. Let’s see whether this book can satisfy her curiosity about ancient history.

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