Children’s Room is Ready

Today, we were told that my BIL that is helping me out with my CC that he got the job that he applied and he can start work any time. So, he will try it out this Monday. Looks like we (my 6 children and I) will be working every day from opening till closing!

We need to make the CC as “home” as possible for the children since they will be stuck there the whole day. So, after church, we went there to clean up the store room into their playroom, bedroom and study room. We found some brown wire christmas lights and a few other broken electrical items that can be recycled.

We laid a fruity and a checkered rubber mat for them. Tomorrow, I’ll bring in some storybooks to keep them occupied and toys too.

They requested for a TV. Hmmm…I don’t think so! :P

Coconut Sunday

Every Sunday is a hot Sunday here and coconut is a MUST to cool our body. One of the advantages of living in a kampung is I get fresh young coconut FOC. I just need hubby’s help to pluck it down and I’ll do the rest.

young coconut

That’s me, cutting the young coconut.

coconut flesh

I love this part the most. To scrape out the flesh of the young coconut. And my 2.5yo will be waiting next to me to eat some of it before it goes into the jug. Of all my 6 children, she loves coconut juice and the flesh more than the rest.


And this is mine, with ice. :D

TV in Our Cyber Cafe

I am considering whether I should put a TV at my cyber cafe. Since I need to bring all 6 to work with me, I need some entertainment for them besides the computer for that many hours of working there. I have a few educational DVDs for them. Not only I need to look for mounting brackets at standandmounts but I need to buy a DVD player too!

Let’s see how the income will be for this month. :D

A Banker works in a Cyber Cafe

Praise God for his perfect timing. One of my BILs resigned from his banking job a month ago. So, we asked him to help us out by working at my cyber cafe while waiting for a better job offer.

And I started work again. It is tiring but good to be at work, serving the customers and seeing the sales increasing. No more worries of loses due to giving wrong change.

Guitar Tuner

One of my nieces who is studying in UM visited us with a boyfriend. Yay! She has a boyfriend. And he is a Malaysian Chinese. Well, my niece is a Punjabi. ;) He is good with the children and my children loves him. Thank God that he plays the guitar too. He has the jay turser guitar. So, my 2nd daughter took this opportunity to get him to tune our guitar and teach her a few notes.

Staff Resigned

The staff that I lend my car to and asked to consider whether he wants to buy over my car has resigned. I am happy that he resigned but upset by the way he left us.

On the last day of work (yesterday), he emailed hubby to inform hubby that the car cannot start and do not blame him if he does not turn up to work because he has informed hubby about the car’s problem.

So, I went to his house to take the battery to be charged, thinking it is the battery problem. The next day, with a fully charged battery, the car still cannot start then we realised the petrol is way past the E sign. The petrol tank is empty. No wonder cannot start. After filling it with some petrol, it starts.

Not only that, we discovered that their is a big dent on the car too.

We took back the car feeling very upset with him. Thank God he was not there. If not, I might scream at him, if I loose my temper.

Why lar he is so ungrateful?

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