One Month, One Thousand

Today is the last day of September. Today is the first month that I worked for a full month since I resigned from my office job 5 years ago. And the salary that I received is NONE!

One thousand is my profit for this month and that is my so-called salary that I did not have.

Praise God that with that one thousand, I can pay my dad for my car loan, I paid my mom her monthly allowance and my children swimming lesson fee.

That lessen hubby’s financial burden. :)

2.5yo Hacker

My routine when I arrived my workplace is to login my FB and Gmail. Then I’ll leave it idle when I attend to my children and customers.

Recently, my 2.5yo daughter discovered the function of the “ENTER” key. When I am not looking, she’ll go to the computer to see what she can do! She started sending message to hubby on Gmail chat and even left comment on my FB.

She even went to and almost purchase a safety equipment for me!

I posted a special message on my FB to ignore any unreadable comment from me, telling that my 2.5yo hacked my computer. ;)

Learn Free Style and Breast Stroke in 12 Swimming Lessons

I started sending my 3 older children for swimming class about 3 months ago. They started with free style. My eldest, 10yo managed to swim free style after 8 lessons and my 2nd girl, 9yo after 10 lessons. My 7yo is a slow learner, he can only float and kick at the 11th lesson.

Just now was their 12th lesson. My 2nd girl progressed faster than her older sister. She can swim breast stroke too. She has better stamina and can swim farther than her sister. My eldest can swim back stroke too.

That was the promised given by the swimming instructor. They (husband and wife) us that most of their student can swim by 12th lesson.

We will continue so that my children can perfect their strokes. :D

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