Baby Whisperer

Baby whisperer is my 2nd daughter, Clarissa. She is truly a blessing to me. She maybe the attention seeker when she was younger, almost every day made me climb the wall but she grew up beautifully. She is cheerful, caring and helpful too. She loves to sing and she can even put her 3 younger siblings to sleep by singing to them. Ahhh…one challenge taken up from me. PTL!

I Can’t work

After more than a month working, I decided that I really can’t work, be a mom and a teacher at the same time! I get stress up easily and I snaps easily at the lil mistake than my children do. I became a shouty mom and my children picked it up and started being shouty at each other especially my eldest.

Since I can’t find any suitable candidate to take over my job, I put my business up for sale. So now, it is either a worker or a new owner.

I can’t jeopardize my children’s future just for some extra cash.

Dah Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga

That was what I felt 2 days ago. Hubby was not well to the extend that he told me to close my CC and help him manage his.

The sales were slow during the hours we were there. In a way, it was good because it give hubby more time to rest and I was not so kelam kabut.

Minutes after we left the shop, hubby received a phone call from our night staff that there was a power failure. By 10pm, we closed the shop coz the power supply was still not back yet.

The sales, was very minimal that day. And no sales from my CC coz it is closed too. :(

Heated Bed

I know there is heated cat bed. Do they have heated bed for human?

Even though we sleep without air-cond, most of us at home still coughing away, having runny nose and feeling chill at night and during the wee hours.

It will be nice if we have heated bed with remote control or temperature detection. When the temperature drops below 26′C, the heater will be automatically switched on. :)

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